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By: merlin1234 on 13 Jul 2014
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merlin_c | map | [Suggestion_7147]


This map is from merlin1234's map update pack. From the "challenge" section.


13 Jul 2014 [comment_44202]
Very nice! the first couple of screens are almost like puzzles.

15 Jul 2014 [comment_44226]
Not very challenging. Giving the player a lot of invincibility in each room with powerups makes it much easier.

It was a fun small map to play through, though! Looks like something between 10-25 rooms is pretty optimal for Created, seeing how saving doesn't exist yet. I'll have a go at the second map next.

Gotta love that energy blast!

15 Jul 2014 [comment_44230]
I know this was made a very long time ago and it was very hard to me but its such a cake walk now.
That's why I'm making the much harder version of Merlin open modifying everything! (that i can)

16 Jul 2014 [comment_44234]
If the new maps rely on a changed engine (or data) to run I won't be able to add them to "created" yet. I'll happily put them in the download section though. Just wanted to make sure you're aware of that.

16 Jul 2014 [comment_44238]
Yes i know that there only going to be downloadable along with this new MR open I'm making.

17 Jul 2014 [comment_44243]
cool :)

17 Jul 2014 [comment_44244]

19 Jul 2014 [comment_44265]
The first 2 maps are warmups sorta meant to put you into a false sense of security the rest of the maps are pain-o-meter 15-40 or so

Were danmaku bullet hell pain-o-meter = 25

(that's what I'm hoping for

21 Jul 2014 [comment_44267]
I wonder what the 40 pain-o-meter maps are like if the Danmaku maps are almost a piece of cake to you. Here's hoping to seeing more soon!

21 Jul 2014 [comment_44268]
Oh no danmaku maps are not a piece of cake that's just what I'm expecting. I'll test a level 15-50 time tweaking till the difficulty is just right.

21 Jul 2014 [comment_44269]
Oh forgot The levels will challenge every play-style i can think of healing the army if they die it becomes impossible but still healing yourself using arctic blast to control speed so you can escape death from a quick moving enemy all kinds of strange enemy health management puzzles if you dont react fast or do it right you will die over and over and over again
(i dont think i put enough periods in this)

21 Jul 2014 [comment_44270]
It's definitely good to get creative - I think that's one of the most important things in user generated content. You get to see all sorts of interesting and novel creations.

22 Jul 2014 [comment_44271]
Yes this is excellent stuff!

23 Jul 2014 [comment_44272]
Yayayaya 4 of 9 maps are complete the 5th one is about 40 % done.

23 Jul 2014 [comment_44273]
Will you be posting them as one big pack again?

I also think that a difficulty scale from 1-10 would be better; it's more understandable. For example, in my notes Danmaku is rated as 7, the Created version of Descent into Darkness as 8/9 (I can't beat it lol), MR1 as 5 and MR2 as 4.

Speaking of beating maps, gathering some sort of stats would be swell. Just having how many times people have played, how many times they've quit midway (with an average of rooms beaten), how many times they've been wasted and how many times they've cleared the map might be sufficient. It'll help tremendously knowing which maps are too easy or hard for the players, and which are interesting. Actually, pretty much the same kind of thing as in Evolution, except that I don't know if the actual rankings are necessary; storing just a few numbers per map would be fine.

Determining the overall "fun" would be neat though. Then again, I don't think it's very high-priority; just doing something like adding MR2 scoring type scoring into Open would instantly increase replayability.

23 Jul 2014 [comment_44274]
yeah the maps depend on a modified version of Mr open or they may be too easy/too hard, So they'll all go into the Mr open maps section.

Yeah i guess it is a bit easier to just do 1-10

so i will release the first 5 map names and there difficulty with 1-10

Easy.txt difficulty >1
Medium.txt difficulty >2
Positively_painful.txt difficulty >3
Hard.txt Difficulty >4
Not_Easy.txt difficulty >5
There are going to be 5 other maps
not 4 anymore the last one is 10

23 Jul 2014 [comment_44275]
A did a small bit of addition and came to realize in total I'm making 1218 rooms in Merlin open.

23 Jul 2014 [comment_44276]
That's quite a few rooms for sure!

I'm eagerly waiting for your modified MR Open :)

Unfortunately I don't have too much time on my hands during this or next week, but things'll start looking up after that, I hope.

23 Jul 2014 [comment_44277]
Yeah i hope so too its almost sad when a few days go by and nothing has been said.

I re counted and i have 5 done and the sixth is about 60 or so % done now!

And most of the spells are changed so you may want to load up the 'Practice map' first

and play around a bit!

23 Jul 2014 [comment_44278]
I'm looking forward to see this too.
All the stats you are talking about are being recorded. I just need to get around to displaying them for each map.

24 Jul 2014 [comment_44279]
Oh ok... those are still just estimates i need to thoroughly play all of them a bit more and probably tweak some areas!

24 Jul 2014 [comment_44280]
Yup, no need to rush! A polished work always feels better, not to mention everything being available for an eternity!

24 Jul 2014 [comment_44281]
Yeah i know.

24 Jul 2014 [comment_44282]
Absolutely. No rush!

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