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By: merlin1234 on 13 Jul 2014
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merlin_c | map | [Suggestion_7142]


This map is from merlin1234's map update pack.


13 Jul 2014 [comment_44201]
First one I've played from your new batch - loved it!!

14 Jul 2014 [comment_44203]
When i first saw 11 new suggestions i was like

WHAT... but this is cool!

14 Jul 2014 [comment_44205]
Yeah, I was like "whaaaat suddenly TMB is alive!" after being away for just a weekend. :)

14 Jul 2014 [comment_44209]
Yeah it brings me back seeing that.

its almost sad ; ;

14 Jul 2014 [comment_44210]
Oh neat, it looks like Shockwave is working with Chrome again! (It did install an awful lot of sticky borderline malware proprietary applications, though - maybe getting rid of them and DRM could be a Design Pattern?)

And lo, thus my sight feels renew with seeing the MR menu screen after an undescribable period of time!

14 Jul 2014 [comment_44215]

14 Jul 2014 [comment_44219]
yeah it's great to have some new content to share. thanks again merlin1234

15 Jul 2014 [comment_44225]
By the way, are this and the hard one just different versions of the same map?

I loved how powerful Merlin became near the end! :D

It was almost sad to see him move so slowly when starting the next map... ..And looks like he can still exceed navMode speed with potions. Dunno if it's that bad of a thing though, clipping through walls or other oddities don't really happen.

15 Jul 2014 [comment_44231]
That's what easy is like on hard + enemies

- potions and med-kits

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