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By: megaman4ever on 9 Sep 2013
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Danmaku - the bullet hell (pulse)

Among doing my big map project, I have been working on other smaller maps as well.. Here I present to you the Merlin's Danmaku series, a pair of difficult linear maps that are as close to a shooter as a MR game can get.

The enemies in both maps are completely the same, but the difference in your spell makes a huge impact on the strategies available. It's important to master both of these in order to become a master of MR - the map is (barely) beatable with both of the weapons, although I found the Pulse version to be more difficult.

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steve says this suggestion is based on Danmaku - the bullet hell


18 Feb 2015 [comment_44385]
Wow, there is one person (out of 233 plays) who actually beat this map. Whoever they are, they deserve my props for being awesome at this game.

23 Feb 2015 [comment_44386]
It wasn't you???

23 Feb 2015 [comment_44389]
I got to the last level on beam but lost to those stupid ochres...

24 Feb 2015 [comment_44391]
Nope, I only ever played this map offline, apart from a couple of tries back when it was published.

Since the beam version is far easier, it astonishes me that someone has actually beaten this one - I personally haven't been able to, despite making it.

18 Mar 2015 [comment_44395]
It is astonishing. I couldn't get very far at all myself.

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