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By: on 30 Aug 2013
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Wizard summon

Works like army summon, but brings out a wizard instead of an army member.

Larger charge -> Wizard with a stronger spell.

Would be classified a a summon spell.
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30 Aug 2013 [comment_43897]
It's s good logical fit with the way summoning works in the rest of the game. But I just find summoning one unit at a time too slow in the 'late game'.

30 Aug 2013 [comment_43900]
I think the advantage of being able to summon all of the wizards to the same room will more than make up for that.

Teeeheeheee, what if 'f' summoned ALL of the wizards at once! Insta-win! Of make that a cheat key:P

31 Aug 2013 [comment_43901]
Actually, a "summon all wizards" cheat would be pretty neat :P But I think that it should be located further away than "f"..

31 Aug 2013 [comment_43904]
"G" then, lol

1 Sep 2013 [comment_43906]
hows about )? is that even a real button?

1 Sep 2013 [comment_43907]
That's kind of confusing, due to the differences in keyboard layouts.. I don't even know why it would be ) out of all possibilities. Anyway, close to the other cheats could be good - something like "j" or "o", maybe?

3 Sep 2013 [comment_43912]
Im siding with how wizard summoning works as it is now. IMO I dont see any hassel with how it works, and I like that its different from how army/monster summon is. And the treasure hunt of finding each wizard also adds to the mix.

"But I just find summoning one unit at a time too slow in the 'late game'. "

Late game wizards could have new abilities (shields, re-summoning itself when hit, turning invulnerable for x time when hit etc..(I dont know if thats even possible to implement though.. just throwing ideas into the air.)) or just add a passive spell that allows the player to summon another wizard

6 Sep 2013 [comment_43916]
The main thing I find with the current system is that its really hard to control and discern who is being summoned.

It takes a fair bit of focus to identify which wizard you have currently, then still more to scroll through the available ones, and during that time you can't effectively dodge or attack.

On the other hand, while summoning by spell might be slow, you at least can tell what you're getting easily, and maintain the usual split focus of targeting and running.

7 Sep 2013 [comment_43918]
It also seems that since you have to allocate casting time to get a wizard out, we could just as well remove the limit on how many wizards can be on the screen at once. The quickly summonable wizards should have a lower durablity to compensate, or the spell should have some time before you are able to choose anyone. Either way, I feel that not being able to unsummon your wizard is a good thing. Ulin can take care of healing anyway.

8 Sep 2013 [comment_43949]
The limit is built in to summoning via 'f'

Any other method, without code changes lets you do whatever you want.

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