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By: steve on 16 Aug 2013
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merlin_c | map | [Suggestion_7115]


This map has been added by a script and was almost certainly not really made by Steve. If you know who actually made this map, please let us know in the comments. If you can write a better title/description for it, please let us know that too so we can replace this [chocolate fudgecake] with something good :). Many thanks - TMB Robot 033


11 Sep 2013 [comment_43969]
Wait, WHAT?

....Looks like Merlin somehow got himself to three screens at once? After beating the first screen and drinking all the potions, I went up (to an empty screen) and the screen started to glitch frantically! It started to, kinda, scroll through the whole column of screens at a really huge pace!

Even though I actually tried to replicate this for some time, I wasn't able to. Maybe it has something to do with the extended loading time due to the size of the map (look at all that grass!!), or something. At any rate, it's apparently a very rare glitch that seems to only happen after moving to an yet unexplored non-populated room in a huge map. I wish I could've recorded it, but I thought that it would be easily reproduceable. Merlin was totally messed up!

11 Sep 2013 [comment_43970]

12 Sep 2013 [comment_43971]

This is what made me have to optimize the minimaps for the map maker and open

I settled that it was kinda silly with how the map would be showing up and left it at that, but i think I had plans to make teleporting, and showing only a portion of the minimap at a time into things, such that a super duper huge map could be made to work.

12 Sep 2013 [comment_43978]
Well I don't mind the size of this map, but if it got big enough to go off the screen edges it would be a problem alright!

However three Merlin's!!!

12 Sep 2013 [comment_43979]
It froze the map maker iirc, leaving many merlins from trying to get it to close or something..

13 Sep 2013 [comment_43981]
Maybe something went wrong with the map then, but having many Merlin's won't cause a problem. I regularly did that myself so I could test different parts of the map by changing the start room.

13 Sep 2013 [comment_43987]
Yeah - the map doesn't have many Merlins actually placed on the map. Rather, it seems like the game couldn't keep track of the room I was at when I went to a screen with enemies during the aforementioned glitch of scrolling the rooms really fast. Or something.

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