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By: megaman4ever on 16 Aug 2013
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merlin_c | map | [Suggestion_7112]


This map has been added by a script and was almost certainly not really made by Steve. If you know who actually made this map, please let us know in the comments. If you can write a better title/description for it, please let us know that too so we can replace this [chocolate fudgecake] with something good :). Many thanks - TMB Robot 033
Roadmapped by steve

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megaman4ever says this suggestion is based on Merlin Open 18 - Invasion from ♪ and DiD from megaman4ever


19 Aug 2013 [comment_43799]
Hmm don't think I should have uploaded this one. Think it has the wrong tileset.

6 Sep 2013 [comment_43914]
Yeaah... ...Something really weird definitely happened with those tiles. Some of them look like they shifted a third of a tile forward and some spaces up/down in the list.. How that's possible is beyond me. The map didn't have that much testing either.

But no worries, I'm on my way to make new and better maps, coupled with actual testing..!!

7 Sep 2013 [comment_43917]
It also seems that when I said that this is easily doable, I meant something more along the lines of "barely beatable with a very specific route of actions". :D

7 Sep 2013 [comment_43941]
Well I'm assuming the weapons are wrong as well as the background tiles - I think it uses the old mrOpen tileset. IIRC note reorganised it for the mr4demo map, so pre-existing maps no longer work correctly.

I just need to dig out the old version give it a new name and change the maps accordingly. Not a big deal.

8 Sep 2013 [comment_43943]

Here's the rebalanced version. Map editor loads it up fine, so it seems that the tiles' version is indicated in the map. It's still not easy, though!

8 Sep 2013 [comment_43945]
ah cool ok. I have downloaded the map will check it out when I next get a chance, thanks!

9 Sep 2013 [comment_43960]
Fixed the tiles the merlin4Active image had just got messed up (I probably accidentally drew some white pixels at the border somewhere). Refreshing from the map editor did the trick.

Sorry note for blaming you!

12 Sep 2013 [comment_43972]
It was probably my bad in there somehow anyways.

What likely happened is that some image got pasted into there, changing the height slightly, and it wasn't fixed back to the normal size.

12 Sep 2013 [comment_43976]
Well either way its fixed now, and if you get the same prob in mr open you'll know what to do.

12 Sep 2013 [comment_43977]
Well either way its fixed now, and if you get the same prob in mrooen you'll know what to do.

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