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By: crazymerlinman321 on 16 Aug 2013
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merlin_c | map | [Suggestion_7109]


Now this is Scarlet's castle. It also has the ruins of Kolfon in the map. It also has a forest to get you started. I also made my own tiny ending.


23 Aug 2013 [comment_43844]
I neat map! There were some inconsistencies in the walls, though, as in, some screen edges didn't have wall but you couldn't pass through due to the next screen having some.

Overall a fun play! :) Those black mages are relentless, though! At least energy blast is actually viable in comparison to the beam now that it also disrupts summoning for quite a while.

23 Aug 2013 [comment_43851]
Speaking of energy beam it seems to be less accurate than it used to be. Might change that.

23 Aug 2013 [comment_43852]
There might be a value setting that in the beam's definition.

24 Aug 2013 [comment_43856]
That only seems to happen with the gmg - and it balances things out that way - I wrote a bit about it on the Evo suggestion, though. Non-gmg beam might need a buff, though, since it shoots so infrequently and is not pin-pointed.

24 Aug 2013 [comment_43857]
Yeah I remember making the map. I can't even beat it myself, those damn shrouders.

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