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By: merlin1234 on 22 Mar 2012
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mr_open | map | [Suggestion_7067]

My map 2

Here is my map that i just made (finished)
download this:

Dowload this:

(NOTE:it may be hard to some peaple you may need to use k or m)

and in case you missed my last map :


22 Mar 2012 [comment_42797]
i dont know iff ill work o any maps other than this soon busy with some other things ok :)

22 Mar 2012 [comment_42798]
Wait i forgot to say It May LAG!!!

on some computers.

24 Mar 2012 [comment_42800]
Oh boy!

I still haven't found the time to play the first one yet!

24 Mar 2012 [comment_42801]
near end
i tend to make overinsane battles ok well not that much but still it could lag a bit depending on what system you have

but i looked back and and scaled down some battles some.

as a spoiler the first level i mad was:12,5

and the second is this: 16,6

atleast that is a spoiler if you know how to make maps on mropen and change there size.

29 Mar 2012 [comment_42802]
Nah, instead of spoiler, I think it's basic info which is cool to know.

The second one is 96 rooms, that's quite a bit. Good job? I'll have to see myself :p

Lag isn't an issue, I consider it being the game slowing down to compensate for the dramaticness of the more dramatic battles.

5 Apr 2012 [comment_42803]
ok but i think i may make another bigger map maybe 18,8 or 17,7 not sure it takes a week or two to make a map if you only do about 30 minatesd of work on it each day

6 Apr 2012 [comment_42804]
i run out of idea's for levels fas so near the end it may get repetitave sorry if i mest up on spelling im not the best with that

9 Apr 2012 [comment_42805]
I can see you're not the best with spelling, or grammar either. But don't worry, it's cool.

If you get a lack of creativity, you should probably take a break. Sure, playable content is awesome but only as awesome as the most boring area. You should always thrive to do as good as you can, instead of starting working on the next thing right away.

That's what I think about making creative work, at least.

Well, I don't think I exactly followed that when making Team Battles, I guess.. But! Now I feel like playing good ol' MRopen, and finish those awesome maps I had in the works. Even now when just writing this post, I came up with three terrific ideas!

Unfortunately, time. That's all I lack.

9 Apr 2012 [comment_42807]
You and me are broken records:P

No time. Ever.

I might put a focus on mr once I'm done with my exams though(that's the 18th!) I'll put in a good effort, at the very least.

11 Apr 2012 [comment_42808]
Well i have got a lot of time on my hands so i like doing this stuff when i started making maps i kinda stunk at it but i soo learned new tricks i use now and other things im actully working on part 2 of this now

and im experimenting with making intro sequences

14 Apr 2012 [comment_42809]

Whenever it is that I get back to putting out mr4 demos and such, I will use those.

14 Apr 2012 [comment_42810]
Wow well that sound cool and i swear each time i see a new coment from you ♪
you have more yayayayaya kind of stuff

15 Apr 2012 [comment_42817]
It's true: my brain's a little fried as of late.
This has been one incredibly work loaded semester, quite possibly the most difficult one I've done as of yet! Of course, I'm really stoked about having intros to use though, thus all of my hubbub;)

28 May 2012 [comment_42978]
The map, presuming that I get the html right, and that this is the right file:P

ID=merlin_engine_77 width=640 height=320>

type="application/x-director" pluginspage="">

28 May 2012 [comment_42979]
Attempt 2.

(If this doesn't work, the direct link is )

type="application/x-director" pluginspage="">

29 May 2012 [comment_42980]
Second time's kindof charm.

I think I should make a map select screen, and include all the maps in one go (as in, just upload the maps individually, and have one file that can grab them all)

Then I suppose I'll get steve to delete the contents of my last two posts here:P

29 May 2012 [comment_42988]
wow cool!!!

30 May 2012 [comment_42990]
I'll get the other ones up... sometime soon.

and maybe I'll get the embed code right on one of them.

31 May 2012 [comment_42997]
Ok this is so cool!

20 Jun 2012 [comment_43039]
Also, not sure if because embedded, but the difficulty selector is WAY fast.

20 Jun 2012 [comment_43040]
"-- "Oops! The game has crashed!"
-- "To file a bug report please go to"
-- ""
-- "(You will need a seperate account)"
-- "Please give as much detail as possible as to how to replicate this bug when reporting."
-- "Additionally, please cut and paste any error message(s) that appear below the dotted line."
-- "Thanks! Steve"
-- "---------------------------"
-- "Script runtime error Three parameters expected. Error in script"
-- "frameTime: 472 maxTime: 472"
-- "
-- < end of movie >

Also, instead of the difficulty selector being way fast, there seemed to be a hidden autoclick option which I in no way intended to put on. Or another quirk of being embed. Either way, more bugs to squash - but it would be awesome if we could pick between maps in a certain folder on the website, in-game. Wow.

Great work for all this past time, Note! And let's not forget to credit Steve either :) (or anyone else who has a spot on the Credits list, like me)

20 Jun 2012 [comment_43042]
This thread starts a download every time I open it. What's making it do that?

20 Jun 2012 [comment_43043]
It's titled "merlin_engine_77_merlin1234_2.dcr"

20 Jun 2012 [comment_43046]
That is happening to me too. I assume it's a picture as it opens my Windows Gallery.

21 Jun 2012 [comment_43068]
Its the shockwave plugin trying to open the location and your apparently-not-shockwave-supporting browser tries to download the file.

For me, at least, there's an embedded shockwave app in comment 42979, and it's apparently MROpen, loaded with merlin1234:s map.

21 Jun 2012 [comment_43069]
So I can't use Google Chrome?

21 Jun 2012 [comment_43078]
If it works while using IE, I suppose you can't.

21 Jun 2012 [comment_43081]
Just checked in IE, it's broken there too but it's not trying to download.

21 Jun 2012 [comment_43085]
Will try Firefox and Opera today.

24 Jun 2012 [comment_43107]
Any luck?

At any rate, it seems half-broken regardless. But playable.. least to some point.

It was actually kind of tough. Either I'm out of shape or I can call this map challenging. Probably a bit of both.

24 Jun 2012 [comment_43111]
Google Chrome is slow with Shockwave but Firefox works fine.

As for the map, I think there is a surplus of potions, though the toughness of the map cancels it out. The hardest part is the end, I don't even think it's possible. There are like 10 orc mages and 12 orc kings. I just pressed 'K'. If anyone can defeat it legit, I'll buy you cookies.
The caves of woe are also rather difficult.

24 Jun 2012 [comment_43112]
That's a deal then. I'll have another look at it now :D

If you ever visit Helsinki again.. prepared to buy me a bunch of cookies ;)

24 Jun 2012 [comment_43113]
Hmm, not a bad map.

Yes, difficult indeed. I'll try to play with MROpen in a jiffy and abuse everything I can to win the cookies.

Also, Note, it's very annoying how this takes up 100% of my processor time.. My computer is awfully loud, and everything else I try to do lags. Is there anything to do? I know that there's a reason for it doing that, but.. ..I can't recall what it was?

24 Jun 2012 [comment_43120]
How far have you gotten by playing not seriously?

24 Jun 2012 [comment_43126]
Third screen on Hard. (and not playing seriously doesn't mean slacking off - just not playing to my fullest either, I did have to restart twice though)

I kinda didn't bother trying yet, since my MROpen is outdated and finding the newest one wasn't a cake. It probably hasn't been updated in ages either.

At any rate, it's an interesting map from what I saw - since finally I have some time, I decided to play some games I haven't touched in a long time. All the MRs and MROpen maps included. (maybe I'll even finish making the maps I though I'd make)

Anyway, when I'm on a computer, it generally is around doing five different things at a time, then someone interrupting on MSN, then forgetting a few of the things, later noticing them and continuing.. Even during my free time, I'm quite busy. And then there are some time frames for making that game I want a finished beta of before holiday is over, practising fighting games, reading some loong articles on various stuff, studying and playing Go, teaching Go at a nearby library, spending time with friends, reading manga, ..

Even on holidays, I'm too busy to answer calls 96% of the time. It's odd, but my calendar is more filled up than it ever was during normal school weeks.

Railing the conversation towards the off-topic zone, yeaah :D

But at any rate, after I get some stuff done, I'll give this thing a shot, since the map seems pretty awesome.

26 Jun 2012 [comment_43158]
The reason for the 100% processor time is to get the best frame for your computer. If we ask for 999fps we may get 30fps. But if we ask the computer for 30fps, we only get 20. I know it sucks though especially on a laptop.

9 Jul 2012 [comment_43215]
For me it works in chrome. The first one doesn't work, and the second does.

@megaman4ever: That's an interesting bug. It's a pity I have absolutely no clue what it is:P

As far as I know, there isn't an up to date mrOpen zip on the website. I got caught up in how much work it is to prep those binaries, and lost the time to get them done

I can't fix the 100% processor time. I've got no real control over the shockwave vm.

@hobbes: incidentally, "merlin_engine_77_merlin1234_2.dcr" is the name of the embedded shockwave file. I probably used the wrong embedding html for it to work for you, in some way or another. Sorry:( Next time, I might get it right.

10 Jul 2012 [comment_43232]
My shockwave was just broken. It works now.

11 Jul 2012 [comment_43238]
Whoo! That's two bugs fixed without having to do anything!

I think I'll have to play test a bunch at some point to find the other one though

25 Oct 2012 [comment_43490]
Note said "I'm really stoked"

American pickers?

25 Oct 2012 [comment_43495]
Stoked, but engineering is the death of me.

8 Jul 2014 [comment_44187]
Amazing still cant get over how cool this is.

9 Jul 2014 [comment_44190]
What's cool? Do we have something cool on the site? Why didn't someone tell me???

2 May 2015 [comment_44401]
why do the games keep on freezing?

4 May 2015 [comment_44403]
I don't know.

7 May 2015 [comment_44405]
It's definitely not expected behaviour, but it might be due to Shockwave being a very outdated platform...

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