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By: Flaxicon on 21 Nov 2010
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mr3 | bug | [Suggestion_6905]

Berlin bug

I have 2 bugs to report

i crashed the game by using army capture on berlin(i think that who it was)

Roadmapped by steve


22 Nov 2010 [comment_40303]
Hmmm... when you wrote the message I assumed it was an MR4 bug you were reporting. I'll check this out, but somehow I'm guessing that this doesn't happen every time you use the army summon on Berlin.

22 Nov 2010 [comment_40306]
Erik Rodriguez
I agree with steve,MR4 is only a test,I have experienced few problems,but not to worry it is just a slight glitch.

22 Nov 2010 [comment_40307]
Please annotate any problems you find. Otherwise I won't be able to fix them!

22 Nov 2010 [comment_40308]
Oh, and I'll rack my brain for anything that might cause the game to crash when berlin(?) is unsummoned. Maybe it has something to do with spells finishing(turning themselves off/disappearing when he leaves the screen)

23 Nov 2010 [comment_40318]
Since this has been reported against MR3 I'm guessing it's pretty rare.

I'll check into it when I get a chance.

23 Nov 2010 [comment_40320]
Erik Rodriguez
I've never seen a MR3 glitch,I didn't join in that early for the test.

23 Nov 2010 [comment_40322]
There are plenty of mr3 glitches, many of which have been since solved(yay!) but there are a couple that are still around, that are cropping up, with using the engine in unexpected ways(such as having spellcasters stay onscreen after a room is cleared, ie. the friendly goblin mages)

Also, I think that in the original message, it was about the newest mr4?

24 Nov 2010 [comment_40337]
Well he didn't say which version he was referring to. I assumed it was MR4 since that is under development, but he filed it under MR3.

Sooo... I don't know. I guess we'll just keep our eyes peeled.

Basically, unless one of us can make it happen when the debugger is running, chances of fixing it are next to zero.

19 Apr 2020 [comment_44584]
Ok fully 10 years later, I have found out what this bug is, lol.

I was recording MR3 just now and went onto the screen where Berlin is. He was about to die from Quadranids so I tried unsummoning him with the Army Summon spell. It worked but then the game crashed.

So ok, that's the bug and it's consistent.

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