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By: on 8 Oct 2010
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Active (7 days)

It would be nice to be able to see who has been active in the past 7 days, in addition to how many people have been active. Maybe a link from the current box that would tell you?
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9 Oct 2010 [comment_38872]
Yes that would be nice. A nice addition.

21 Nov 2010 [comment_40266]
If you click on the number you'll see the people.

The page is also available at Workshop > Active Members you can the days value to other values to see what you get, but it will limit you to a maximum of 365 (otherwise the query is too slow).

21 Nov 2010 [comment_40268]
Bug: Firestorm was on today/yesterday, not 6 days ago. Days of the week problem?

21 Nov 2010 [comment_40269]
On the other hand, awesome!!!!

21 Nov 2010 [comment_40273]
Also, how do I change the day? I'm not seeing much for links or boxes to type in on that page.

21 Nov 2010 [comment_40281]
Not sure, firestorm is now showing up as today.

It's going on the last_login date but I think this may be one login behind.

21 Nov 2010 [comment_40282]
You can change the days in the url bar. days=7

21 Nov 2010 [comment_40298]

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