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By: steve on 27 Sep 2010
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member ids used in links

Member links work off username but ♪'s username doesn't work. I'll have to start using id's.
Roadmapped by steve (done)


27 Sep 2010 [comment_38379]
......That'll make things harder.

Then again, with the adding of links everywhere in CVs, I guess it'll be ko.

27 Sep 2010 [comment_38391]
Whoops, my bad :(

28 Sep 2010 [comment_38401]
Oh ya. When you click Musical Note it just shows ?.

28 Sep 2010 [comment_38408]
No it's my bad.

I should have member ids from the start. I just didn't know much about mysql when I started programming the site.

2 Oct 2010 [comment_38604]
I have done most of this now but just need to adjust the view my road map link (in the member panel), which is still using the username.

Presumably ♪, that link doesn't work for you.

If you spot any other links using member username instead of id, please post them here and I'll alter them.

2 Oct 2010 [comment_38614]
Will we still be able to use the member name parameter though, to navigate, say, CVs without IDs with just changing the URL?

2 Oct 2010 [comment_38616]
That is moste certainly correct!

4 Oct 2010 [comment_38671]
Yes the member_name parameter still works

5 Oct 2010 [comment_38711]
Ok I think I've done this now. If anyone finds any links using username instead of member_id please post here.

5 Oct 2010 [comment_38717]

6 Oct 2010 [comment_38772]
Ah, you are able to see your rather impressive roadmap?

9 Oct 2010 [comment_38897]
There's a stray collab bit link in the Workshop page, if you just click it from the left bar.

Also, you should make it so that also, when the suggestion DB is accessed from the Workshop, you will see all suggestions from all games shown on default, like with the member panel.

9 Oct 2010 [comment_38898]

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