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By: megaman4ever on 6 May 2010
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Limit name lenght

Steve, you should make a limit on how long names could be - the name 'TheMetalBoxIsAwesomeIReallyLoveIt' is messing up with the way the page displays on the sidebar.

Also, you should make a fake account so that the page would revert to be displayed normally or something.
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6 May 2010 [comment_32473]

6 May 2010 [comment_32491]
Definetly.That name is way too long.

6 May 2010 [comment_32495]
I'd go for making the sidebar add extra lines to fit the string.

6 May 2010 [comment_32498]
Nah it's better to make a limit.

6 May 2010 [comment_32501]
but then we couldn't have new names that are similar to gnorthan's!

6 May 2010 [comment_32503]
Ya but that's well i guess life but maybe we could change a few things note.

6 May 2010 [comment_32524]
I'd say a display limit, like this........

(Not necessarily that length, but similar)

That way ultra long names are discouraged but you can still have a name like Gnorthan's.

6 May 2010 [comment_32526]
Yeah, I agree with Hobbes' idea, it's neat.

7 May 2010 [comment_32542]
Ya it's a good idea.So it can just say"We recommend that you use a username under 12 letter" or something

7 May 2010 [comment_32581]
Yeah I'll clip it in the display like Hobbes said

7 May 2010 [comment_32587]

7 May 2010 [comment_32613]
is this

over the limit?

8 May 2010 [comment_32660]
Seems you made it work, Steve. That is aesthetically very nice lookin. Atleast much nicer than it was back then.

"Gnorthan, king o..."

Kind of depresing.

What is Gnorthan king of?

9 May 2010 [comment_32682]
Maybe just King Gnorthan?

9 May 2010 [comment_32688]
...I'd like an exception to be made for Gnorthan if this happens XD
The problem seems to me to be more that that...Louie bloke...'s name is one unbroken string of characters; Gnorthan's is much more aesthetically pleasing.

9 May 2010 [comment_32691]
I have an alternative solution! Turn up your resolution, I did it and now I can see everything just fine! No messed up displays or anything!

9 May 2010 [comment_32695]
But this is already made.
Is the new user 'anotherridiculoulylongname' or something else?

9 May 2010 [comment_32702]
you mean long names aren't fully showing on your guys screens? Mine shows them all full length..

9 May 2010 [comment_32704]
Mine shows : anotherridiculouslyl...

9 May 2010 [comment_32706]
It's clipped in the member panel only. Gnorthan will be seeing his name clipped in the panel when he logs on.

Perhaps I should further refine it to check for spaces every certain number of characters and insert them if they are not there.

9 May 2010 [comment_32715]
I see the whole name

10 May 2010 [comment_32768]
Yes, but you're not logged in as Gnorthan.

10 May 2010 [comment_32785]
gnorthan: why do you don't log on that much?

11 May 2010 [comment_32825]
Uh-oh!There is a name called "Anotherridiculouslylongname"
Why do people make such big names?

11 May 2010 [comment_32836]
That was me testing whether the clipping was working. :)

11 May 2010 [comment_32853]
Oh ok well phew!

12 May 2010 [comment_32945]
So wait what? I've read over this a few times and I don't quite get it...

12 May 2010 [comment_32955]
Because names are getting way too long so we have to come up with a limit for the names.
Welcome shmoopshybob!

12 May 2010 [comment_32965]
Unless I'm mistaken shmoopshybob is an older member who hasn't posted in a bit.

The name is rather familiar...

12 May 2010 [comment_32966]
Yup! He joined in 09, I remember now...

12 May 2010 [comment_32974]
I remember too. Welcome back, shmoop.

12 May 2010 [comment_32995]
Whoops sorry,welcome back.Anyways,I haven't from Megaman4ever for a while.

13 May 2010 [comment_33027]
Shmoop! Epic shortening!
And yeah, I remember that guy...existing. Can't remember anything else. I have a great memory :'D

13 May 2010 [comment_33039]
Ha ha, I never really did mcuh, I went one posted a few things then I did a "computer fast" for like um...a while, I can't remember how long, then I forgot about this place, then I remembered!

How did you remember?

13 May 2010 [comment_33047]
I actually don't remember how I remembered... shmoop... hm... I was playing a video game and "Shmoopshybob" did fit so I was going to type shmoopshy but it accidently came out as Shmoby some how. So I usually use Shmoby for short, but Shmoop works.

13 May 2010 [comment_33050]
Oops, I ment didn't not did.

13 May 2010 [comment_33051]
Oh ok cool.I hope that happens to the other people who don't go on the site.

14 May 2010 [comment_33146]
And I do not. While I like members who post, I wouldn't rather have 1500 comments per week. 500 is quite enough to read at tops, and 700-800 is still bearable, but that 'over 1000' incident was not anymore for me.

14 May 2010 [comment_33199]
Oh ya we had reached 1000.That was crazy.

14 May 2010 [comment_33220]
Now if only we could get... over NINE-THOUSAND

15 May 2010 [comment_33246]
Note,that would be incredibily hard because it is only the 12 of us.
If we have more members than it could happen but we would have to wait.But I don't want too many comments.

15 May 2010 [comment_33255]
Don't tell me you didn't get the joke.

15 May 2010 [comment_33259]
Haha, who wouldn't?

....Crazy, you did get the over nine thousand joke, right??

15 May 2010 [comment_33262]
I didn't get the joke...

15 May 2010 [comment_33270]
That's because you aren't young enough to cruise internet and find all sorts of cool stuff like this, also known as 'memes'. search for over 9000 and you should find it quickly enough.

15 May 2010 [comment_33273]
I didn't get it either... then I looked it up. I never liked DBZ.

15 May 2010 [comment_33276]
Me neither. It just keeps coming back up.

15 May 2010 [comment_33277]
Memes aren't jokes, though.
If you don't know them, they're nonsensical and stupid. If you do know them, they're still nonsensical and stupid, but you get the reference which apparently makes all the difference.

15 May 2010 [comment_33291]
I know memes aren't jokes. Many are, though.

...And what you said there is completely true.

18 May 2010 [comment_33327]
I love internet memes. They're so stupid and pointless.

string faves[3];
faves[0] = "It's over 9000";
faves[1] = "The cake is a lie!!";
faves[2] = "All your base is belong to us!";

good ones

18 May 2010 [comment_33331]
...the cake is a pie!

18 May 2010 [comment_33339]
The cake is a DIE

18 May 2010 [comment_33344]
The cake is some rye!!!

The cake is a tie!!

18 May 2010 [comment_33347]
I also like the Failboat and just failing in general. And many of the more weird google search suggestions.

19 May 2010 [comment_33359]
It's all your base are belong to us, not all your base is belong to us.

19 May 2010 [comment_33360]
I have failed.

19 May 2010 [comment_33365]
what is truth

20 May 2010 [comment_33377]
Quite weird...

20 May 2010 [comment_33407]
That site is cool! I had heard of All your base are belong to us, and The Cake is A Lie, but not the over 9000 one.

It was nice to get bit more detail on the cake is a lie as well. I think many of feel like that in our daily lives as well... :')

21 May 2010 [comment_33420]
Wait I don't get these "memes"!

21 May 2010 [comment_33428]
Don't worry about it. There just useless saying that get popular over the Internet.

But you have issues if you haven't heard of over 9000.

21 May 2010 [comment_33434]
So, you're saying that Steve, Crazy and I have problems? lol

21 May 2010 [comment_33438]
Didn't they just hear of it? :)

21 May 2010 [comment_33439]
Am I?

21 May 2010 [comment_33444]
Well, I just heard of it and I believe that this too goes for Steve and Crazy.

21 May 2010 [comment_33445]
Wow never heard a person say that Steve had issues.

21 May 2010 [comment_33452]
Steve has a pretty good reason for not knowing it.

21 May 2010 [comment_33456]
Oh I know it! Ha ha... memes are so funny/rediculous.

22 May 2010 [comment_33460]
I don't know what you're on about either...not sure I want to know XD

22 May 2010 [comment_33461]
Are memes supposed to be funny?

22 May 2010 [comment_33466]
My reason is that I never liked DBZ, and that I actually have a life! HA! ;)

22 May 2010 [comment_33467]
I actually hate DBZ too.

22 May 2010 [comment_33468]
At least it's much better than GT. Although the story covered in DBZ was better in the manga, but the anime was cool until the whole 'OMG HES SO STRONG' 'AFTER A YEAR OF TRAINING I FINALLY AM SUPER SAYAN N+1 AND TOOK HIM DOWN'!!

22 May 2010 [comment_33470]
To an outsider a meme isn't generally funny. They're usually funny as in-jokes really.

Meme question!
Recently I've seen a meme in which, basically, you say something untrue, then "LOL jk", then the opposite; usually as a joke. For example, (bad example)
"I love goblins...LOL jk I'm Merlin"

Question is, is that just a local thing or have other people seen it?

22 May 2010 [comment_33471]
I've seen it in Maple Story a few times, but I don't think it would qualify as a meme in the case of popularity.

23 May 2010 [comment_33472]
Actually a meme is a bit of a bigger idea than just 'funny things on the internet'. The concept was invented by Richard Dawkins to describe the way that ideas are passed around and kind of take on a life of their own.

Some ideas change and grow as they are passed on, others die out. So there is a kind of 'survival of the fittest' for ideas. Over 9000, the cake is a lie, all your base are belong to us are all kind of funny so perhaps that is why these particular memes are so popular. We could say that the population of a meme is how many people's heads it resides in.

Back in the 30s lots of film stars would be shown smoking in films, so we could say there was a meme that said 'smoking is cool'. Today nobody smokes or only the bad guys smoke, so we could say that the 'smoking is cool' meme is dying out and being 'out competed' by a more compelling meme 'smoking is for losers'.

It's an interesting idea, and can describe how societies change their minds about things. Also how a society can be described as having certain beliefs or views while allowing for the possibility of certain members of the society not subscribing to those views.

23 May 2010 [comment_33477]
Of course, Steve has to go and be all philosophical like that...

...And that's one of the reasons I love this site :D

25 May 2010 [comment_33530]
Fanks! And Soz!

28 May 2010 [comment_33678]
What's soz?

29 May 2010 [comment_33711]
Soz = sorry

29 May 2010 [comment_33738]
oh ok srry.

1 Jun 2010 [comment_33878]
You mean Soz.

2 Jun 2010 [comment_33922]
Yep soz.

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