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My new world map

I made a new mini map i know there are only very few maps but you should try it.Here is the link
Press save and save it somewhere and then put it into map_to_play and play it.
It has almost every map:Ancient ruins,winterland and frigid caves!And much more!
It's small but cool.
(im sorry but i cannot use the collabortaion bit place because i cannot make an account.)
Roadmapped by steve (done)


2 May 2010 [comment_32046]
I'll include this in the next MR_Open

2 May 2010 [comment_32063]
Thank you Steve!You how I love maps.

2 May 2010 [comment_32079]
Why can't you make an account?

Also, a map contains rooms, not maps.

2 May 2010 [comment_32091]
Ok and Immortal_merlin and here's why.Because it sends the rest of the info to your email right?Well when i try,it doesn't work.

2 May 2010 [comment_32122]
Spam blocking?

2 May 2010 [comment_32131]
Yep, try checking your junk/spam folder.

2 May 2010 [comment_32154]
Today during work i'll check it out.

6 May 2010 [comment_32513]
Should this be moved to mrOpen?

7 May 2010 [comment_32547]
I guess.

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