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By: on 26 Mar 2010
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mr_open | enemies | [Suggestion_6543]


a small angry croud of peasants. Maybe on the monsters team?

Attacks at the middle of the sprite(sprite appears overtop of just about everything)

reel-proof (when attacked only one member of the mob gets hit, and so attacking the mob doesn't slow it down)

grave: reincarnates as a couple regular peasants.
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28 Mar 2010 [comment_29578]
Love it, will require some extra code.

28 Mar 2010 [comment_29595]
It shouldn't take much, most of that is already there.

28 Mar 2010 [comment_29597]
ya it should be easy to do since we already have peasants

29 Mar 2010 [comment_29620]
I like this idea :)

31 Mar 2010 [comment_29649]
i could draw this but how many peasants should be in the mob?

31 Mar 2010 [comment_29651]
Well practically it's just copy-pasting existing peasant images and make each frame have other frames from each of the normal peasants, so that they don't move their feet or attack all at the same time, rather quite dispersedly.

I'd believe it's better to leave it to ♪ to do this one, seems he might've started it already too.

31 Mar 2010 [comment_29658]
k just tryin to help.:)

31 Mar 2010 [comment_29662]
Yeah, no problem, just pointing out that you should probably use your time on animating or making an image of something else I believe.

3 Apr 2010 [comment_29741]
I can't animate...just face it(talking to myself srry)

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