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By: on 20 Feb 2010
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mr_open | game_mechanics | [Suggestion_6436]

Multiple attacks

So I`m trying to think about how a multi-attack ennemy might work, for now, one that has a melee attack and a ranged one.

So the thought is that it checks the distance of its target, then decides whether to use its melee or its ranged attack based on the distance. It might also be interesting to get it to check the threat level of its target, like if targeting a melee enemy, it will lean towards using a ranged attack, ie the minimum distance that it will try to use a ranged attack decreases.

sound like it might work? would I make a module for it?

maybe draw up a spearman for it?
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21 Feb 2010 [comment_27776]
This was how I imagined it working.

21 Feb 2010 [comment_27777]
Sorry for double post

21 Feb 2010 [comment_27780]
How you imagined it working?

That means you dont imagine it so anymore?

Anyway, it seems quite good. It would make the AI more human-like, no?

21 Feb 2010 [comment_27800]
Steve!! A triple post!!!! You should be ashmed!!!!

21 Feb 2010 [comment_27819]
I hate double posts it is ridiculous oh well thats life man:(

21 Feb 2010 [comment_27830]
That was a joke, really.

22 Feb 2010 [comment_27848]
Still though

22 Feb 2010 [comment_27861]
Done! for two attacks at least... or it it at most?

There should now be 4 possible attacks to choose from, sorry 5, i forgot spells(which brings it up higher still than 5...), and currently it chooses between the first two weapons, the first(usually written in the character's act), and its weapon, thus, if someone was to draw berlin with a bow, he could become an archer close range, or a swordsman... whatever. Also, I haven't checked but energy punch might work now. (yay more than one natural typed weapon!)

That mostly made little sense to anyone, but I'm pretty stoked.

22 Feb 2010 [comment_27867]
Er, great work!

It made no sense to me, but it seems you managed to input a system that allows any unit to have multiple attacks.

9 Oct 2010 [comment_38906]
Good work on this - the shrouders work great!

10 Oct 2010 [comment_38925]
The shrouders are melee too?

10 Oct 2010 [comment_38927]
Ooops sorry I misread this. The shrouders do have two attacks but neither of them are melee.

10 Oct 2010 [comment_38943]
I think I allowed for both attacks to be ranged by the point of writing that comment.

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