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By: on 13 Feb 2010
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mr4 | general | [Suggestion_6418]

Now implemented: multiple reincarnations

Steve, I'll send you some casts once I've prettied it up a bunch. Right now, I've just copied all the references to ReincarnateAs and ReincarnateMe to ReincarnateAs2 and ReincarnateMe2. I'm thinking that I can merge functions so it checks if there's a second reincarnate (or more?), or overload?(can you do that in director?)

Otherwise, it works as it is now, at least for two reincarnates, and adding a third wouldn't be difficult.
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13 Feb 2010 [comment_27694]
Cool, this is so that an enemy can become multiple enemies when it dies?

If so, the best way would be to set a list of enemies, and loop over that list.

13 Feb 2010 [comment_27703]
That is indeed what I did!

15 Feb 2010 [comment_27709]

16 Nov 2010 [comment_40138]
hmm. I should fix this up a bit with an Ilk()

16 Nov 2010 [comment_40145]
You can't overload in Director. (Assuming that I have understood correctly what overloading is)

16 Nov 2010 [comment_40152]
I can however check the input type!

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