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By: 0224123 on 19 Jun 2008
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mr4 | enemies | [Suggestion_5996]


I made a caveman w/ spear. The B.S. found a time traveling spell :P.

Atk: like a skeletons
img src="">
HP: Like a skeleton but a little more(flesh gives u a little more protection rite)

Speed: slow or fast i can't decide which it should be.
[inserted text to stop clip in the HTML]


Team: He just follows whatevers 2X his size or more Ex: Golems, Ogres, Dragons, etc.

Spawn: I don't have a sprite 4 this but a cave or hole will do, that or he just pops up on random map blocks.
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20 Jun 2008 [comment_23994]
Lol, sry messed up on the atk animations link...

23 Jun 2008 [comment_24038]
The master of wizards
cool could you try to make it bigger though

24 Jun 2008 [comment_24045]

25 Jun 2008 [comment_24048]
me likey, there should be spear throweras too!!

Spritewise, if the spear jab goes a little bit further out, when he's fighting, it'll make for a more convincing attack as the tip of the spear will overlap more with the ennemy. Alonger thrust will also allow for him to have slightly better range so that he could effectively fight against the goblins, skelees, and warriors.

Colourwise(shading); really good job, I may be completely wrong on this, but I think that you could fit in one more shade darker on his left.

All of my annoying pickiness asides; however, I like him a lot :)

26 Jun 2008 [comment_24055]
Not bad at all. Good show. I would make him stab far past his body to give him more range and not look like he is ramming a door down as much.

27 Jun 2008 [comment_24059]
its so small i thing if the caveman is bigger that will be ok

27 Jun 2008 [comment_24060]
Wouldn't a caveman be the same size as Merlin? & ty Darren.

29 Jun 2008 [comment_24068]
The master of wizards
no one ever listens to me ever except lokey and sketch and when i shout

1 Jul 2008 [comment_24086]
Idk, i could make the spear go out further, but it mite make his arm look to stretched, plus i have trouble figuring out how to fix the frame size to fit in the spear.

1 Jul 2008 [comment_24087]
ok, well i moved the spear over a few extra pixels, but idk if it helped to much.

2 Jul 2008 [comment_24093]
Wuddya mean, i responded.?.?

4 Jul 2008 [comment_24119]
The master of wizards
yeah so the same way me and max did by saying it should be bigger

4 Jul 2008 [comment_24120]
The master of wizards
err if it attacks like a skeloton warrior wouldnt it slice its spear like a sword

7 Jul 2008 [comment_24122]
No i meant the damage dealt would be like a skelly warrior.

17 Jul 2008 [comment_24163]
Or to be random he could look like a normal every day run of the mill caveman, but when he gets close enough he could whip out his .45's and shoot you!!! Lol

18 Jul 2008 [comment_24164]
The master of wizards
why dont you just make him shoot the spear head then hobbes

23 Jul 2008 [comment_24178]
What????? Maybe if you'd use commas and other punctuation I would know what you meant more of the time.

P.S. I'm sorry bout sounding a little bit mean in this one, but it drives me insane when people don't use capitalization, commas, periods, question marks and/or exclamation points.

P.P.S. Yes I'm going to make fun of your misspelling and misuse of .s, ,s, ?s, ect. ect. just like Strong Bad does.

24 Jul 2008 [comment_24179]
Hobbes, u confuse me, who r u talkin bout??? lol

27 Jul 2008 [comment_24190]
The master of wizards
err i didnt make any mistakes you did well i said if you didnt hear the sharp point on the spear is called the spear head and the cave mab like the archer points it like a gun and shoots the spear head

29 Jul 2008 [comment_24213]
Yes you did make some mistakes! You said "why dont you just make him shoot the spear head then hobbes" when in reality you should've said (Corrections in parentheses)
"(W)hy don(')t you just make him shoot the (spearhead) then(,) (H)obbes(?)"! So you say I made mistakes? Well I'd be more than happy if you would point them out to me, if you can!

0224123: Yeah I tend to confuse most people... *Laughs to self*

30 Jul 2008 [comment_24227]
Hah, Hobbes etcetera' is spelled etc. not ect period, so rly ur even now... B-}

30 Jul 2008 [comment_24231]
The master of wizards
*cough* Hobbes:I'm sorry (a)bout sounding a little bit mean on this one, but it drives me insane when people don't use capitalization,commas,periods,question marks and/or exclamation marks.

Lokey Admin Reply: Oh dear, shall we look two comments up? :P, don't you start on me too...

1 Aug 2008 [comment_24237]
TMOW "Bout" is a word.....

0224123: Oops, Well I'll try to fix that next time I use it...

1 Aug 2008 [comment_24242]
The master of wizards
im not starting anything im just making a fact that he made some mistakes to since its not always great when he corrects my mistakes

2 Aug 2008 [comment_24251]
WOW u 2 got bout a 1/2 page spammin bout eachothers grammar mistakes, when rly, unless this is somehow an ultra secret important document, it doesn't rly madder... "why cant we be friends"

2 Aug 2008 [comment_24254]
Your multilations of the English language have eliminated my desires to even read the comment. And yes, I do prefer proper spelling and grammar. Less stressful for me to read/go over, so it DOES matter to a certain extent.

2 Aug 2008 [comment_24265]
*Ignores previous posts*

Very nice.. I can't animate worth crap, so I wouldn't have any personal experience on the matter.

Possibly, these cavemen could be Merlin and the other wizards' decendants, explaining the small size.

3 Aug 2008 [comment_24276]
The master of wizards
okay comparied to all our spelling you did the worst number boy

4 Aug 2008 [comment_24285]
ugh... is he really any harder to see than a goblin??? i mean the light yellow doesnt pop out now sure, but in the game it'll be on a green background, not white. I might just be saying this because i think the size is fine, but still i think its because the yellow is so close to the white background here your eyes just see it as a little blur...

4 Aug 2008 [comment_24287]
The master of wizards
what lokey why didnt you do my old one im saying now numbers is making mistakes

Lokey Admin Comment: What old one? All the comments that were pending approval that I received were validated. Must be your imagination? That or something screwed up during submission.

6 Aug 2008 [comment_24303]
Pst, its not just numbers, its 0 for O, 2, for Z's, and 4, for Y, then i just added 123. :P

So, now that thats cleared up, idc about grammar aslong as u can read it...

So, unless u dont get wut b4, idc, idk, the smileys, or any of that means, my spelling isn't to bad.

8 Aug 2008 [comment_24322]
The master of wizards
okay lokey your thing is screwed cause you didnt put up my last comment.

Lokey Admin Comment: Oh really? I don't ever recall getting such a comment :P, prehaps your internet screwed up? I'm getting everyone else's comments just fine. Or prehaps there's another reason for why your comments are "vanishing"?

17 Aug 2008 [comment_24369]
im te boommb ad spelirn anadpuncwation i dink i'tsstooped wenn ppple contrighyt ta poppor weey

Ok, really, I try to keep my posts legible and follow most grammatical rules, simply because it's easier to read for everyone. I don't think that Lokey wants to decipher runes for every comment.

All in all, keep it neat, and keep it punctuated correctly, so that everyone is happy.

(And TMOW, if you give me a reply that I spelled something wrong, I don't give a poop. As I recall, you're "correction" for Hobbes, stated-

..."capitalization,commas,periods,question marks and/or exclamation marks."

When his original was-

..."capitalization, commas, periods, question marks and/or exclamation points."

So, TMOW, don't correct others who do exceptionally well at their grammar when half the time you never use punctuation.


In other news, great caveman sprite!

Lokey Admin Comment: Thank you Roxblaster. You summed up everything I've been tempted to say the entire time...

17 Aug 2008 [comment_24372]
The master of wizards
1 word for you lokey....... jerk

Lokey Admin Comment: You really can't take a hint can you? I didn't want to be this blunt to you in front of everyone else, but comments that are blatant flaming towards others or myself will always have a tendency to "vanish". This is a site where people gather to have CIVILIZED (Well, about as civilized as you can get while being a bit silly at the same time.) dicussions about suggestions for games or make suggestions. If you're just going to flame people in your comments, I have no obligation whatsoever to approve them. As you can see, every comment in which you wern't trying to flamebait/flame people were approved, while the ones that were all "mysteriously" vanished. Try taking the hint this time, I myself dislike "censorship" but if its to stop unnecessary arguements, insults, and etc from making the suggestions DB a war zone, I'll gladly do so.

So in short: The more flames/flamebaits are tossed in, the less and less I want to approve the comment. Learn to be polite to other people, and you can be sure that your comment will be approved every time as long as they're not lost due to system error.

19 Aug 2008 [comment_24376]
Well, ummm...well...This is...ummm...akward...

Well, getting back to the caveman, does this mean ppl like it? And lokey, do u mean that wen i say: u, ppl, lol, and so on, that it annoys u, and presumably the others on the website?????? because i didnt really know it bugged ppl...people...

Lokey Admin Comment: I mainly refer to people that seem to only be able to type with that. I don't mind some chatspeak and etc ( as this is the internet after all) just don't send me comments like : "l0l i thik thi$h i a g00d ide@" Then I'll start being rather annoyed. But mainly I do enjoy posts in proper english better, I can just handle some less "formal" posts once in a while.

20 Aug 2008 [comment_24377]
The master of wizards
calling you screwed before was not flamingsp you made a huge mistake in your error

P.S. yes numbers we should get back to this suggestion

Lokey Admin Comment: And typing a comment in all caps screaming at me isn't flaming? I really think you should review the definition of what flaming is. -_-

27 Aug 2008 [comment_24394]
I am soooooo tired of having u guys make this suggestion a rant-page! if u rly wunt to yell at eachother, do it on your on suggestion.

Lokey Admin Comment: I won't be approving any more flames/flamebaiting. It's just that someone couldn't take a hint to stop. >_>

28 Aug 2008 [comment_24408]
Instead of having the caveman follow whatever is twice his size, how about he just joins the rock golems (and lava golems, and ice golems{?}) because they both could be from the stone age. (No pun intended) I think that the dragons should be in line with the Goblins, kind of like they have a secret weapon. After all, Skeles have the Skeleton Lord, Orcs have the Giant Orc, and Karate people have the Kung-Fu-Chicken. Of course, the dragon thing might already be the case...

20 Oct 2008 [comment_24628]
Y...y is it that no matter what, even if ppl like my suggestions, they never get looked at twice by ppl... :'[

22 Oct 2008 [comment_24646]
Like it :)

22 Oct 2008 [comment_24650]
YAY!!! thats a start... :P

22 Oct 2008 [comment_24654]
Range Caveman: (see i listen, im just kind-of bad and slow at it....)

Hp: 3 goblins hp put into 1


Walk: Slow, but not golem slow...

Atk:(damages you as much as a head thrower, just throws much farther, hence can't walk while throwing)
(i know it looks like hes dancin ><)


23 Oct 2008 [comment_24659]
Cool. But what's on his head?

23 Oct 2008 [comment_24666]
Nice work. It would be good for the golems to have a smaller units on their team.

23 Oct 2008 [comment_24669]
The master of wizards
mabye they should spawn from little stone caves and the spear throwers spawn from caves with the little green hats on them

24 Oct 2008 [comment_24674]
The master of wizards
its probally a turtle shell

24 Oct 2008 [comment_24679]
Yeah, ummmm the hats do kind of look funny, also i think photobucket made my bmp's into jpgs, so if i need to re-upload/email them to you, just ask...unless its not worth it.

9 Oct 2010 [comment_38879]
I think you should give it brown hair and do some shading on the skin a little. It is a little too pale. Also for the walk, I think it shouldn't stop. It is like a tiny lag.

9 Oct 2010 [comment_38880]
And Wow. Looks like Lokey and TMOW stirred up quite a fight.

9 Oct 2010 [comment_38885]
Yeah. Such happened in 2008.

And also, while you comment on old suggestions, keep in mind that most of the members don't visit anymore.

Probably the guy who made the images won't hear that and edit them. Also, if you want something to happen really hard, you should do it yourself.

9 Oct 2010 [comment_38886]
I might edit them though!

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