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By: evmatter on 9 Jul 2007
Rating: 5.00 in 10 votes
Status: used | *In Roadmap*
mr4 | map | [Suggestion_5593]

The Frigid Caves

I felt that this game needed some kind of a winter theme so I made an ice cave! I made it myself and it's not a recolor! Also, there's some ice on the ground and it would be cool if merlin could slip on it.

Picture of the frigid caves:

...and the tileset:
Roadmapped by steve (done)


13 Jul 2007 [comment_22210]
I can't tell you how chuffed, pleased, and generally happy I am with this.

Great stuff! These will be the first background graphics not drawn by me to be included in the MR series.

Well done!

13 Jul 2007 [comment_22225]
I guess you get the Arctic Blast here.

13 Jul 2007 [comment_22299]
Umm... Me?
There could be ice golems in these caves. And awesome graphics Evmatter well-done!!

14 Jul 2007 [comment_22312]
awesome! now all we need is frozen monsters =/

17 Jul 2007 [comment_22373]
Those are good!

You should definitely use them!

2 Jul 2008 [comment_24096]
Cool, i nvr thought about making map sprites. Those look like the stuff u'd see in a reg. gameboy game, nice work.

4 Jul 2008 [comment_24117]
this is awesome!!!

2 Sep 2008 [comment_24433]
It distantly reminds me of the wonderful Pokemon Red and Blue...

4 Sep 2008 [comment_24438]

(Bad punn intended)

4 Oct 2008 [comment_24531]
Mr. Merlin
chillin' (pun)
sweet stuff, maybe there could be parts to slide on and lose traction. hard to get out of

21 Feb 2010 [comment_27798]
this is really cool there should be some slippery floor on which if merlin steps on he will go speeding to the other side of the ice and ice monsters should be included into these caves as well

25 Jun 2010 [comment_35160]
What about ice pits and monsters?

25 Jun 2010 [comment_35169]
Slooowwwwwly working on the ice monsters side of things. Pits would be pretty easy, just needing a tile.

26 Jun 2010 [comment_35197]
For the tile, what color should the hole be? I mean if the hole was black then it would look like there is big black blob on the Frigid Caves tile.

30 Jun 2010 [comment_35454]
Nice! Good work=D

Thanks. Is there anything Gnorthan could fix with them?

30 Jun 2010 [comment_35456]
Make more transitions between different backgrounds? Such as into the mountains, snow, (...)

30 Jun 2010 [comment_35462]
Most excellent Colenel Gnorthan.

30 Jun 2010 [comment_35473]
Yes, awesome, indeed.

1 Jul 2010 [comment_35506]
@Immortal_merlin, I think you'll find that's King Gnorthan.

1 Jul 2010 [comment_35523]
Are you sure Darren. I thought he caled himself a colenel once.

1 Jul 2010 [comment_35528]
I assure, look in the spam page. I called him general gnorthan, and he said it was colonel.

1 Jul 2010 [comment_35538]
Ah, I knew it was at the Spam page but for some odd reason, I looked at the Metalboxian hall of fame place.

Gnorthan is every rank of his military.

except solder.

1 Jul 2010 [comment_35549]
Yes, Gnorthan is not solder. He is soldier.

1 Jul 2010 [comment_35558]
Lol. He is definelty not a recruit or a private.

2 Jul 2010 [comment_35573]
Gnorthan, king of the nylon green pig people.

King's in the name. Clearly that's at least one of his titles XD

2 Jul 2010 [comment_35575]
No queen? XD

2 Jul 2010 [comment_35596]
Gnorthan is both king and queen, I believe. He first became king, and then re-wrote the definition of queen.

Or perhaps he is a Magypsie.

2 Jul 2010 [comment_35600]
What's a Magypsie?

2 Jul 2010 [comment_35608]
Patabenda, I reckon. (that's Sri Lankan Sub-King for those of you who didn't study Advanced Wikipedia Module 5,699,104)

Gnorthan, king, queen, duke, archduke, leader, field martial, general, colonel, brigadier, leader, lieutenant, leader, president, prince, governor, supreme overlord, prime minister, baron, knight, earl, Marquess, and chief ice cream exporter of the nylon green pig people

2 Jul 2010 [comment_35619]

Nice one!

3 Jul 2010 [comment_35638]
So Gnorthan is a Gnorthan. Very interesting.

What's more interesting is that Gnorthan has to dictate his own dictations.

3 Jul 2010 [comment_35657]
Ha. Would it be possible to learn what you learn?

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