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By: on 15 Jun 2007
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mr4 | feedback | [Suggestion_5504]

skeleton artillery

i've noticed while playing the mr4 demo that the addition of the skeleton archer makes the head thrower somewhat useless as the archer is better on allmost all fronts in comparison to the headthrower. Therefore, as they basically serve the same purpose for the skeleton army, it would be better for balance if they were more specialised, like maybe the head thrower is a heavyweight ranged attacker(higher than current range, better armour, remains slow...), and the archer is a lighterweight for closer, speedier combat(less than current range, more kickback, lower armour...)


22 Jun 2007 [comment_21586]
Cool, that is what I intended for the two types. Maybe I'll tweak the numbers a bit more though.

22 Jun 2007 [comment_21656]
I suggested before, so now I'm going to put my comment in. I don't want to bother filing an official suggestion because it's rather tiny.

Anyways, before I have pointed out that when you were in MR2, being sniped at by the Orcs, there was a certain randomness that actually worked better than accuracy. Why? Because regular goblin arrows go directly to where you are... they are ace marksmen, but that means that you can dodge them easily. However, if they scatter in random directions, and there are several archers/bowmen, Merlin tends to find himself in a swarm of arrows of which he is entrapped in.

And think of skeletons. Their hands consist of bone only... no flesh to steady the aim. It makes sense for them to have some randomness of direction.

Also, it coincides with this suggestion, which is now in the roadmap... skeleton head-throwers were long ranged artillary, whilst skeleton archers were more of a light bowman. Often, the long distanced are quite accurate and and powerful... though quite vulnerable to attack (such as a shell cannon), and the light scouts were inaccurate and weak, but were quite effective in large groups... (like infantry).

If you have randomness in the skeleton archers, there really could be some big battles between goblins and skeletons after the alliance break. Think of the formations... goblin soldiers and skeleton warriors at the fronts, the archers behind them, and the longrange super cannons... AKA the head throwers and mages at the back... an organized Greek Phalanx!

Oh, and why did the goblins and skeletons cancel their alliance?

22 Jun 2007 [comment_21668]
ya, i just need to say 1 thing: can you improve the way the skeleton archers look, i think the stuff looks kinda...goofy.(no offense)

22 Jun 2007 [comment_21681]
well i think you should just get ride of the skeliton head throwers realy or make them sort of like a skelly make with flaming heads?

23 Jun 2007 [comment_21713]
i thought the head throwing skelly was sosposed to be like an archer for the skelitons becuase they didn't have that to even out the numbers of goblins and skeleton types. or something like that.

29 Jun 2007 [comment_21833]
Seriously, we need some screens where you can just sorta sneak past the battle (using that thing Steve programmed so you can leave the screen when they're fighting) or just stay an' watch!

29 Jun 2007 [comment_21855]
"Often, the long distanced are quite accurate and and powerful"

Since when did you hear of precision trebuchets? Over any appreciable distance, medievel-esque weapons were only so accurate. They worked, either by doing a lot of damage over an area with each shot (e.g. trebuchets), or, in big battles, archers worked just by the fact that there were so many footsoldiers for them to hit, they practically couldn't miss, so long as the arrow went in roughly the right direction.

30 Jun 2007 [comment_21884]
i think it should be or the skeleton head thrower or the skeleton archer not both

30 Jun 2007 [comment_21889]
maybe the head trowers got drunk on oil and attack some dragons and bang,flamming head thowers.

11 Jul 2007 [comment_22177]
And maybe the head thrower's heads could explode.

3 Aug 2007 [comment_22742]
I think that u should stay with the original head thrower cuz the archer looks funny (im talking about the hat if u no wut i mean).

12 Aug 2007 [comment_22893]
The hat is pimp (if "u no wut I mean")

17 Oct 2007 [comment_23098]
Mr. Merlin
Sounds like ghost rider

29 Jun 2008 [comment_24066]
Now that i look again it looks ok, but the hp bars still thrown off....

30 Jul 2008 [comment_24226]
Rabid Merlin
Owl, i like that exploding idea, cuz then they could be just as annoying as "rapunzel's escape"'s apple throwin witches. Steve, could you make the head throwers explode like that?

30 Jul 2008 [comment_24232]
The master of wizards
that be cool and after you kill them all the last head thrower will explode into fireworks

30 Nov 2008 [comment_25150]
Red Runner
Have you noticed how thrown objects seem to be more powerful than shot objects in this game?

1 Dec 2008 [comment_25158]
... Please elaborate?...

1 Dec 2008 [comment_25164]
Well, If someone dumped a 5-ton, flaming boulder on top of my head, I think I would feel more pain than if an arrow was shot into my shoulder...

Of course, I would rather avoid experience of any of the two options.

3 Dec 2008 [comment_25181]
Oh right, gotcha.

3 Dec 2008 [comment_25187]
Well, if someone dumped a 5-ton, burning boulder on top of your head, you wouldn't feel a thing. At least not for long.

6 Dec 2008 [comment_25198]
lol, good point

6 Dec 2008 [comment_25203]
Hey Darren, how old are you. Just curios.(I know its spelled wrong. I stink at spelling.)

7 Dec 2008 [comment_25208]
Pah! Logic...

However, Merlin is not truely a human, but a wizard, and can withstand the attack of at least one flaming 5-ton boulder (When at full health) without blacking out (or getting wasted, for that matter), so he is conscious to feel the pain of both mediums.

w00t! Checkmate! lol-eth

27 May 2010 [comment_33609]
Sounds good! I made the Skeleton Head Thrower by the way.

27 May 2010 [comment_33612]
I'm getting close to finishing the (large) skeleton swordsman!

28 May 2010 [comment_33658]
Awesome Note!Can't wait to see it.

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