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Energy Blast C

Like big explosions? Want to wipe out a screen of bats in one shot?

With the Energy Blast "c", you can!

Let's say we have Energy Blast. This variation, has an infinite loading size. That means you can make an explosion as big as you want!

It'd load a bit slower than normal, at the speed of Morph.

Eventually, if you charge long enough, you'll be able to wipe anything out in one blast. Like say, Fire Golems. And their caves.

And say, Ochre wizard. Vote high! Cuz you want to blast everything apart!
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Owl says Energy Blast "C+" should have been a child of this suggestion.


30 Mar 2007 [comment_20010]
Me likey!

31 Mar 2007 [comment_20096]
I think you would want to stop people from charging a blast for a long time then waling into the next screen with a huge blast. But it looks fun to me.

3 Apr 2007 [comment_20119]
Mr. Merlin
That sounds like a lot of fun! maybe it could be an \"upgrade\" from the energy blast (not to be counfused with charging).

6 Apr 2007 [comment_20191]
i think I would do the opposite - let people charge on the previous screen but make it too slow to charge during a battle. That way, you basically get to use it once per screen - right at the beginning to soften things up a bit.

6 Apr 2007 [comment_20257]
no one
I would just leave a brick holding the mouse button down, and come back the next day and blow everything to bits.

Sounds awesome!

7 Apr 2007 [comment_20291]
could you get the initial blast to be the size of a entire screen and wipe out everything?

9 Apr 2007 [comment_20308]
Mr. Merlin
by soften you mean what?

11 Apr 2007 [comment_20323]
is it me or did carefree made a comercial out of it o and i really like it

11 Apr 2007 [comment_20324]
the gold wizard!
i say this shud do 25% e Blast damige

17 Apr 2007 [comment_20413]
They would have an upper charge limit.

It might also be fun to have the blast itself be really tiny so you can hardly see it, but then the blast is massive.

"Soften things up" in this case means "take some of the health away from the enemies thereby making the screen somewhat easier to beat".

17 Apr 2007 [comment_20435]
Mr. Merlin
Ok sounds good.

18 Apr 2007 [comment_20516]
I think it'd be best to charge up during battle. Basically, if you have to charge up during battle, you'd have to dodge bullets, and stuff, so it'd be in a way, a strain to use.

If you could load up in the previous screeen, yeah, you'd just leave a brick on the mouse and load it up until it can wipe everything out in 1 blast.

And yes, I did make it in a advertising sort of way.


19 Apr 2007 [comment_20526]
But that would take the whole point out of the max blast potions.

3 May 2007 [comment_20786]
Mayby you can make a sort of hidden spell out of it like you need at least 10 maxpotions to gain it (if you have 10 the spell spawns behind u) that takes away the makes potion prob. and it gives a better feeling when you use it. XP

8 May 2007 [comment_20859]
Mr. Merlin
i like the 10 potions idea. is this possible for the engine?

11 May 2007 [comment_20877]
Er, possible yes. But it doesn't really fit. I'd have to do it as a special exception and special exceptions are generally ugly, both in terms of the programming and the inconsistancy it bring to the player's experience.

I don't really get the problem that requiring 10 potions solves.

12 May 2007 [comment_20930]
You could simply have a cutscene where Ulin pops up and says,

Ulin: Hey, yer doin' a fine job. Here, I have a little something for you.

Merlin: Really? What?

Ulin: I'm going to give the the "C" version of Energy Blast.

Merlin: Really? Could I have A+ instead?

Ulin: No, silly. "C" allows you to charge the spell for as long as you can. You have no actual limit as to how large you want to charge it.

Merlin: Sweet!

Ulin: Yep. Keep on with the good job.

Merlin: Bye.

Ulin: Bye.

Then the spell is dropped onto the floor, and when the game starts again, the spell is right there with you.

It'd be like getting the Army Summon in MR3.

13 May 2007 [comment_20939]
Mr. Merlin
it makes it more of a challenge to get it. otherwise it would be too easy to kill most of the enemies right away.

18 May 2007 [comment_20998]
Yes...and where does the C bit come from anyway?

25 May 2007 [comment_21172]
Mr. Merlin
i dont know maybe some one made a second some time ago that didn't make it.

25 May 2007 [comment_21194]
Energy blast "c"

"Carpal tunnel syndome"

1 Jun 2007 [comment_21224]
Lol! I was gonna say maybe it's for Carefree_Butterfly, but I like yours better. :)

1 Jun 2007 [comment_21251]
Mr. Merlin
thats the reason? *mocks yoda* how embarrassing, how embarrassing!! hehe

1 Jun 2007 [comment_21288]
Read my commments.

11 Jun 2007 [comment_21436]
Mr. Merlin
which one?

25 Jun 2007 [comment_21734]
This sounds kewl, and yes the potions are needed for all of the other spells in the game

6 Jul 2007 [comment_22071]
Maybe if you get 10 Max Potions, your Energy Blast turns into this.

13 Jul 2007 [comment_22280]
this would not really be a replacement for energy blast due to the slow charge time

13 Jul 2007 [comment_22281]
at least not a good replacement

15 Jul 2007 [comment_22353]
if we do the cutscene thing it must pop up after u cleared the svreen otherwise it would be very anoying

16 Jul 2007 [comment_22366]
Oh, and the problem that the 10 potions thing solves, is that this takes the point out of Max Blast potions.

23 Jul 2007 [comment_22540]
But this wouldn't be good as another spell, because it's just another Energy Blast.

19 Jan 2008 [comment_23392]
i think it would be good if you could only use it on a certain creen, therefore you cant charge it up to wipe everything out.

30 Jul 2008 [comment_24223]
Rabid Merlin
What if instead of the ten-potions idea, you have to level up to three stars experience(or any number could be decided by debate(or Steve))to be able to use it.Everything else about it should be the same. But if people think that this is to hard to use because of its slow charge, then they could just switch back to good ol' energy blast.

1 Dec 2008 [comment_25167]
I think the *Damage* should be capped, so you can't just annialate(I know I spell bad) everything in one blast. The blast radius can still get bigger and bigger though. So you could, as steve said, soften it all up, but you couldn't clear the sreen in one blast. Otherwise, ther game would be WAY to easy.

6 Dec 2008 [comment_25206]
On the roadmap, why does this still say "to do"?

7 Dec 2008 [comment_25214]
Good point - corrected. Thanks.

7 Dec 2008 [comment_25227]
Why does this say *new*?

ps. going for 4!

8 Dec 2008 [comment_25260]
The master of wizards
bad owl no vote 1

this was a fabuolous suggestion iim proud of it yet poor misguided owl changes the voting to the dumps

29 Apr 2010 [comment_31627]
Hey. So, I'm thinking that it might be interesting for energy blast c to start imposing a variable magical limit as it starts getting really big...

29 Apr 2010 [comment_31636]
what do you mean?

Gnorthan likes Immortal_merlins approach.

30 Jun 2010 [comment_35417]
So the energy blast C can go to infinite?

1 Jul 2010 [comment_35514]
Nope. I've tested it, it stops growing after a long time, then you can pretty much kill anything on the screen you're on.

1 Jul 2010 [comment_35515]
So if you get it to the max it will one hit K.O every monster on the screen?

1 Jul 2010 [comment_35533]
Pretty much.

1 Jul 2010 [comment_35537]
Final boss.
B = boss M = Merlin
B: Time to die Merlin!
M: Can you just wait a few minutes?
B: Why?
M: Well there is this new spell and if you put it to the max it lets out cupcakes.
B: Ooooooo! I like.
M: Just hold on
A few minutes later...
M: Ok, ready!
B: Let it rip!
M: Ok.
(Big blast)
The meeting at the end.
U: How did you beat the boss?
M: Just with a little bit of blasting skills and some trickery.
M: Hehehe...

1 Jul 2010 [comment_35540]
Rather not the final boss, but maybe if the 25ft robot baby came back, and this happened...

Because, that pretty much means we can just take the image and put it no attacks or anything.

Heck, we don't even need to come up with a backstory to how the baby came back.

1 Jul 2010 [comment_35562]
Ugh...we are going to fight the baby? Again?
I hate that little....I mean big baby.

2 Jul 2010 [comment_35572]
The baby was awesome XD

2 Jul 2010 [comment_35576]
Awesome, yet ugly.

2 Jul 2010 [comment_35580]
No, not fight! It's only an object used for the comical increase of the cutscene!

2 Jul 2010 [comment_35581]
I am just wondering who will be the final boss.

2 Jul 2010 [comment_35584]

I'd say it's the Black Sorcerer?

2 Jul 2010 [comment_35585]
Nah. It is probably some other posessed wizard like Scarlet. Isn't he still evil?

2 Jul 2010 [comment_35593]
Yeah, the final boss(es) of MR4 is/are Scarlet and the last guy, but the 'FINAL' final boss is clearly BS, in MR5.

2 Jul 2010 [comment_35597]
Possibly, Ulin finds it clogging the big drain-pipe, so Merlin has to kablam it out of there. While you're charging, it could be talking about how depressed it is, or something.

2 Jul 2010 [comment_35599]
Ya the Final final boss is obviously the BS.

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