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By: firestorm on 21 Mar 2007
Rating: 5.00 in 8 votes
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mr4 | music | [Suggestion_5225]

Feory/storm's Composition of Awesomeness

Yup, I've finally got around to creating a seperate suggestion for it, rather than using the MR4 map suggestion..

I consider it to be my first final one, meaning that it's complete, but I still fully expect to work on it more. Some bits still sound odd, and several transitions still need work.

(Some of the more observant ones out there will have noticed that a good number of my contact messages have been submitted as Feory/storm).

(There's no HTML help box on the submit suggestion page, so I'm going from memory on HTML, which *should* be correct, though there's a chance I'll have got it wrong).
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23 Mar 2007 [comment_19827]
Wow. Just wow.

"Composition of Awesomeness" really is the right name for it.

Just a note that I'll need the final version in mp3 format to downsample and include in the game. Shockwave can't play midi unfortunately.

23 Mar 2007 [comment_19887]
Yup, I got my HTML wrong. The link should\'ve said Clicky.

23 Mar 2007 [comment_19965]
I\'ll have to see what else Sibelius 4 can convert into. I\'m pretty sure it can\'t convert directly into mp3, but I can probably convert it into something, then that into mp3. I\'ll wait \'til it\'s completely finally finished, though.

29 Mar 2007 [comment_19993]
midget mage
dang apparently niether can my comp:(

30 Mar 2007 [comment_20018]
I have to remove the link because it was getting messed up by my programming which tries to automatically make URLs into links.

Sorry, I should have put note in the suggestion to explain that.

30 Mar 2007 [comment_20075]
Put it in the roadmap!

6 Apr 2007 [comment_20188]
Yes! Why haven't I done that?

18 Apr 2007 [comment_20519]
I dunno.

20 Apr 2007 [comment_20557]
I have now.

3 May 2007 [comment_20784]
Okay, the final version of my composition is Here.

It's not especially different from the previous one, but it's the final one (deadline for AS music composition being this Friday, so it's not going to change again). I'll get around to getting an .mp3 version sometime soonish. There are 3 ways I could do that. The easiest would be to get a hold of the Sibelius recording and try converting that. Second easiest would be to export from Sibelius into every format it can do and see if I can get one of those into .mp3 (not sure if possible). The last way would be to take the music (I have printed out sheet music) and enter it, note by note, into GarageBand. It'd take a few hours, and be really boring to do, but it'd work, and wouldn't rely on anyone else doing stuff.

4 May 2007 [comment_20797]
Good work! I just listened to the whole thing - excellent! Top marks from me - if you get less on the course, they're wrong. WRONG i tell ya!!!

Ahem. Anyway.

Here's another way to get it into mp3. Get two computers - play the midi from one and record it as a wav on the other (use audacity or something) then export it as an mp3 (again audacity will do this). You may lose a bit of quality, but for MR it doesn't matter since it will have to be massively downsampled anyway.

7 May 2007 [comment_20851]
Garageband in my opinion is not very good as a music maker.

I've used the musical typing, and it is very cruddy. The best way to make use of Garageband, in my opinion, is to connected to a keyboard using a USB cable, and assuming you can play the piano, take an organ voice in Garageband and play it.

As I've noticed, there is only 1 instrument, so inputting it won't be difficult... you won't need to like, have 5 different tracks playing.

What did you make the music out of? Finale?

Boy would I like to get my hands on a copy of finale 2006!

Good piece, I like the use key changes.

11 May 2007 [comment_20883]
I used Sibelius 4 to make it.

If I have to use the Garageband option, I'd be command-clicking on the edity thing to create a note, then drag it to the right length & pitch, then dragging the slider for attack for each note...

Thanks for the advice, steve; I should be able to play it on my laptop & record it on my desktop machine. There's something you can do to record directly from the output of something, rather than it going into the air and losing lots of quality, I think, but I'm can't remember.

I should be able to get a CD with it on from school on Monday; they have some equipment which allows them to record stuff directly onto CDs.

13 May 2007 [comment_20936]
steve might just be under-rating you.....

18 May 2007 [comment_20973]
firstorm, you can connect the computers directly from the line out port on one to the line in port on the other. All you need is a lead with the correct connectors on it (usually a headphone type jack on each end).

On the other hand, if you can get it on CD you can rip it into the computer using any old cd-ripping software, eg iTunes.

21 May 2007 [comment_21048]
Okay, for those interested, this is now actually all finished; I've e-mailed steve with the mp3 attached.

25 May 2007 [comment_21075]
indeedy! Do you want me to post up the mp3 version?

25 May 2007 [comment_21100]
If you want to. It doesn't really sound much different. I would've put it up myself and linked to it, but I don't have the space, and geocities is kinda picky about people using it to host stuff (the midis were fine as they're tiny).

As I haven't actually said it yet, this music is copyright me, Andrew Ferris, and you can't use it without my permission etc etc etc. Except steve, who, if I remember the suggestion submission form, is given irrevokable permission to use all suggestions by act of making a suggestion.


It doesn't actually say that... Just says that I make the suggestion freely and that it can't be taken back etc etc. Doesn't say that I automatically give permission for stuff kinda inside the suggestion. I.e. anything that's not the actual text itself.

So in any case, yeah, steve can use it for the Merlin's Revenge series.. Anyone else'll need to ask if they want to.
(Would that actually count, or would it need to be all formal, like "I, Andrew Ferris, hereby give permission to one Steve Riddett to use the music in question in the series of web games commonly known as the 'Merlin's Revenge' series"?).
Not that it'd ever come up. I'm just being overly precautious.

I'm saying this in case I want to do anything with it in the future. I'm interested in stuff to do with the production of computer games, and if I get a related job in the future, I may want to use that in some related way. Although it's not exactly mainstream game standard, it may be that I want to improve it in the future for some reason like that, and if people are using it all over for whatever reasons they may, then it'd be harder. It could also go that I may want to use it as an example of something I've done, and as it stands currently, it'd be in MR4, with me credited, but if someone else took it, they could potentially claim it as being theirs, and I'd be screwed.

Though, in all honesty, I don't see myself getting a job in the games industry, as I don't really have any of the relevant skills. No reason to do anything to close that option (or any other option, as it may be), though.

25 May 2007 [comment_21101]
Oh, and BTW, it's had a name change (or, to be more accurate, had a name assigned, as it never had a proper name in the first place). It's now called 'Try Again', partly due to my inability to play it on my piano when I had to record me playing it as part of the performance part of AS Music. I took up over a side of a cassette, so probably about 50 minutes of me going wrong. It's fiendishly difficult to sight read, in my opinion (says me, not being a great piano player, and a slow learner for piano, at that).

Hey, if anyone really wants, I could put up the sheet music somewhere. It's three pages of A4, technically scored for organ, but piano is fine to play it on.

25 May 2007 [comment_21184]
if you ever need to record from one computer to another, i think you would only need a mono cord that would go from speaker out on the first comp to mic in on the other comp

1 Jun 2007 [comment_21219]
That's right I didn't design the agreement with actual content in mind. It would probably be better to have something formal but I think that sending me an email with "here is some music for MR" and the file attached is probably sufficient to give me permission to use it in the game. However, you are probably right to clarify that you are not giving anyone else permission to use it necessarily, and that you are not giving me permission to pass on permission.

I think the sheet music would be cool! It would add a touch of class to this site. And then people could send links to youtubes of them playing it!

22 Jun 2007 [comment_21691]
great music firestorm wooohooo!!!

29 Jun 2007 [comment_21835]
btw I now know how to convert a midi to an MP3!

5 Oct 2008 [comment_24545]
wow that was amazing...i wish i could play that good

30 Jun 2010 [comment_35443]
Firestorm, I want to really really really listen to your song but I can't get to it because the link goes to Geocities, which is no longer availible. So is there any other way?

30 Jun 2010 [comment_35460]

GeoCities closed up shop!!!
I had forgotten!

30 Jun 2010 [comment_35468]
Ya. I just need another way to listen to this song.

1 Jul 2010 [comment_35510]
Maybe he still has it?

1 Jul 2010 [comment_35511]
Ever the dashing hero, Dazza rides in the the rescue. He leaps down from his trusty steed, trenchcoat fluttering in the wind, fedora firm on his head.

Basically, I have the midi on my computer. If someone could suggest a way to share this/send it to crazy, problem solved.

1 Jul 2010 [comment_35512]
megaman4ever, upload it, share the link.

1 Jul 2010 [comment_35517]
So Darren could you give me the link?

1 Jul 2010 [comment_35518]
I should have the midi on my other laptop, though that one has issue with working correctly all the time. Though if Darren's going to put it somewhere that'll probably be better than me struggling with my other laptop.

1 Jul 2010 [comment_35520]
Yes it would definetly be smoother if Darren did it. :)

2 Jul 2010 [comment_35577]
How the heck did I not notice that firestorm is still around? I have a bad memory. Hi firestorm!

Hope that's the right version. If not, apologies.

2 Jul 2010 [comment_35583]
Thank you it works Darren and this is ....AWESOME!!!

2 Jul 2010 [comment_35586]
Actually there're several parts of it I'd really like to change if I were actually going to bother; a few things just stand out as not flowing well at all to me.

2 Jul 2010 [comment_35588]
It is so scary. It could be probably fit for the last boss or the Caves of Doom or the DeadWoods.

2 Jul 2010 [comment_35609]
Do you still compose things, firestorm?

Darren, you and Gnorthan are in the same position.

Hi, firestorm!

2 Jul 2010 [comment_35633]
Nope, haven't had a reason to, and it took me quite some time for that one. Also I don't have the program used for that either (though I'm sure there're some sort of free programs available if you look hard enough).

3 Jul 2010 [comment_35635]
I think that you should use PxTone then. Gnorthan did a pretty good song with it.

20 Sep 2010 [comment_37863]
Hey! This should become done one day!
Whenever I get around to it, and would be needing a version of it, since I have a feeling that both those links will be dead...

20 Sep 2010 [comment_37870]
Already dead!

21 Sep 2010 [comment_37878]
Oh noes!

21 Sep 2010 [comment_37879]
No worries. Darren can just repost it.

24 Sep 2010 [comment_38115]
I could too, though I'd need to get it off my other laptop and I only have intermittent internet access so it may take a while.

24 Sep 2010 [comment_38136]
I too would have to go to another computer.
But yes, reposting was possible. Mightn't it be possible, however, to have it hosted on tmb for ease of access? Or would that be intruding?

24 Sep 2010 [comment_38158]
I will save it on my computer when it is reposted.

25 Sep 2010 [comment_38188]
I'd be fine with that too, but mightn't that be setting a precedent steve might not want, of everyone's random things getting hosted at tmb rather than elsewhere?
Though having said that I've got a feeling that's also what he's aiming for with this whole collaborative development thing.

Well, whichever it is, I'm perfectly happy with it being hosted here.

25 Sep 2010 [comment_38203]
Yeah I want things to be hosted here, but I want to do a proper uploads system so it's easy to get rid of stuff that not being used or not relevant. (and I have to make sure it's secure.)

Until then, we'll have to make do with external file hosting.

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