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By: Sketch on 26 Jan 2007
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mr6 | general | [Suggestion_4953]

MR6 - Overview Ver 2

This is very similar to Steves but with some changes. After you beat MR5 the cutscene leaves it kinda open ended as to whether Merlin choses to be good or evil.
To play MR6 you would need to be a TMB member and have an account.
In your Member Panel there would be 2 new options

1. Play MR6 Good Wizard
2. Play MR6 Evil Sorcerer

If you play the Evil Sorcerer mode you create a MR map and use manna to buy screens and enemies along with potions and magic spells and all the stuff to make a map. Every time a good wizard chooses to plays your map you get say 30 mana. Every time a wizard dies on your map you get 50 mana. You then use the manna to make your map bigger and better to attract more wizard. Your TMB profile would keep track of the total manna you have earned and the amount you currently have to spend. Also people could rate your map and post comments. Also a search engine could find the highest rated maps, most played, most expensive to build... ect.
If you choose "Play Good Wizard" you choose maps other people have made and collect points for things that you kill and the quicker you kill them. Each map would have a high score with the top 5 or whatever. Also at the end of the map your points get converted into mana which you can use to when playing "Evil Sorcerer" Your TMB account would also have your "Good Wizard" stats such as number of maps completed, total s, average s per map, number of #1 high score spots held... ect

Also perhaps if Steve really wanted he could have it so you could buy different wizards to play as, buy starting spells, or Buy Wizard Potions (increase your starting wizard's power on maps) the Wizards Potions would cost exponentially more for each extra of the same type.
+1 Red Potion 200
+2 Red Potion 400
+3 Red Potion 800
+4 Red Potion 1500
+5 Red Potion 2500.. ect

You only use your custom Merlin when playing a map on "Free Mode" which turns points off.

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MR6 - Overview | Rating: 5.00

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MR6 - Overview Ver 3 | Rating: 0.00


4 Feb 2007 [comment_18502]
I think this is a good improvement on my original idea.

Having each evil wizard have their own map (or maps) would probably be simpler conceptually than having one massive map.

Also giving the players a chance to choose good or evil at all times rather than having to pick one or the other seems like a nice bit of additional freedom.

21 Feb 2007 [comment_19075]
yea...this idea rocks.........

24 Feb 2007 [comment_19222]
Sketch can i ask u something...

not that its ne of my business but...

Are u related 2 steve?

2 Mar 2007 [comment_19368]

2 Mar 2007 [comment_19390]
nope, I am a bit Irish though

2 Mar 2007 [comment_19394]
Steve's Anglo-Irish, Sketch is American (I think)...

4 Mar 2007 [comment_19461]
no one
This is an awsome idea. Can you do this Steve?

9 Mar 2007 [comment_19531]
MR6 probably won't happen.

4 Apr 2007 [comment_20134]
Mr. Merlin
this is AWESOME!!! i really like the idea of the good wizard/bad sorcerer for the same player. hey what would happen if a sorcerer went on to a sorcerer\'s map or can they not do that?

6 Apr 2007 [comment_20209]
I suppose that Mr. Merlin is asking me.

Well what I would really like to do is have it so that you can earn/buy different charactors to play as.
For instance you could play as the other wizards on the council very similar to a normal MR game.
Also though you could play as really other things besides a wizard like buy the ability to play as a Bloke with a sword or even a Dark Golem which would really add some new challenged. Anyway playing as a Sorceror would be possible and just have evil summon spells and perhaps different spells than merlin.
The menu would need to change to say "Play Quest Mode" and "Map Builder Mode"
If you mean a soreror playing the map as a normalish wizard then yes it would be a nice feature.
If you mean a soreror building an army army and battleing to take control of the map by placing monsters and dwellings for the other Soreror in the map then it is outside the scope that I had in mind.

Oh an if you are a really twisted individual you might even set a map called Town Raid using Merlin's army units and peasants then attack it as an evil creature.

I think perhaps you should get a bonus to your wizard points if you complete a map while playing as a weaker unit.

7 Apr 2007 [comment_20269]
Sourcerors can't play maps, only create them.

17 Apr 2007 [comment_20401]
Mr. Merlin
ok i get it. just checking.

10 Jun 2007 [comment_21416]
how about the strength of your good wizard would affect your evil sorceror stats(in the maps)

so, depending on # of maps beaten, #1 highscores,... the sorceror in your map(s) would be of a higher level, have diferent spells... or you could earn mana as a good wizard...

15 Jun 2007 [comment_21493]
Yeah I was thinking that both aspects of the good and evil wizard would share the same "mana pool" The good wizard side would buy features for when you are playing the map.
The sorceror side would buy and improve maps.

I think it would be a good idea to have shared mana so you don't have to wait around for someone to play your maps to be able to improve on them.

22 Jun 2007 [comment_21669]
I really dislike the "search engine" sorta thing. I'd rather spend some time loading a massive map, that is all interconnected, rather than having to load every individual map on a seperate page... too intenet-bandwith intensive.

22 Jun 2007 [comment_21703]
it wasn't very clear, but I also meant that as you gained experience, the evil blue sorceror you put in your maps would also gain that experience, or if it is too complicated to implement the sorceror gaining experience instantaneously, you would remove your old sorceror from the map, and replace it with your stronger one.

23 Jun 2007 [comment_21716]
kewl...i think ><

25 Jun 2007 [comment_21726]
COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL WE MUST MAKE IT!!!! if we do this TMB will sky rocket up in popularity and vists. and i will probly be here every day to say stuff and to play it :D. o and we should work on this faster and sooner cuz then we will have more ppl coming to TMB and more money for steve=more time to work on mr and other games or maybe on the site^^.and i wana make a map and there should be a random map button which chooses a random map then you play everyone gets a turn of having someone on thier map.also if your on it could tell you that some1 is on your map and maybe you can play as the sorcer guy and you could battle and would be worth the work. the problem is that it would take a long time or we might need to make new software.we will probly need all the help we can get but it will be worth the work. i think a few thousand more people will come to TMB and steve,who was the sencond person to join TMB?because when i searched it it said that it wasn't there-_-.but we NEED this reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeealy need this.

29 Jun 2007 [comment_21795]
mortis was the second. member_id = 2 was probably used by me during testing and then deleted.

29 Jun 2007 [comment_21827]
Join the club! Just fill out the form below:

Are you insane? Yes/No

If you chose yes, you are now a member lol

29 Jun 2007 [comment_21858]
Who's the oldest active member, bar you? (Let's call active having logged on in the past month).

Actually, I suppose that'd be pretty hard for you to tell without going through every single member id until you found one, unless you have some way.

Assuming you have some way of doing that, and put 'active' people in rank order depentant on when they joined, where would I place?

29 Jun 2007 [comment_21876]
I actually had a quick look (through the first 30 members), and the only one that's been active the past month is member number 9, piller298. A name which I don't recognise at all.

There were also a couple of others who have been active this year; AzErT (no. 27) and alan (no. 28).

How's that for me postponing going to sleep?

6 Jul 2007 [comment_21993]
piller298 was active in terms of posting quite a long time ago. S/he went through a phase of posting suggestions copied from Yu-Gi-Oh for a while but was also active in other ways too (i think).

6 Jul 2007 [comment_22090]
wouldn't the oldest active member be steve?

13 Jul 2007 [comment_22300]
Ok... Yugioh is ok... and doesn't ryhme with a name that much better suits it, no not at all... He*twitches*hehe. lol.

14 Jul 2007 [comment_22321]
I did say excluding steve ("bar you").

19 Jul 2007 [comment_22392]
I do have a few questions.

1) How much mana do you start out with?

This is an obvious question but...

2) Will there be any cheats like the [k] and [m] cheat? It would be unfair to the Evil Sorcerer.

3) What'll be the max amount of mana?

20 Jul 2007 [comment_22439]

22 Jul 2007 [comment_22521]
If you go back to the original, you'll see some add-ons that I had proposed.

There will be no max mana, however, the amount of mana you spend on building your map (I have proposed costs as well) will be infinite; however, the amount that you spent will be posted on the Profile: like how many deaths, accomplishments, etc. If you use over 300 mana, people won't wanna go to your screen because they know it's overloaded.

18 May 2010 [comment_33325]
Nice...I'd like to summon an Orc Warlord and watch him reek havoc on my enemies....but he'd probably cost a lot of mana...oh well monsters don't grow on trees...There are evil trees though XD...

18 May 2010 [comment_33328]
Welcome back, MerlinRulez!!

May you not leave for a few years this time.

20 May 2010 [comment_33384]
Welcome MerlinRulez!

I have noticed that many people have been returning to the site.Must be return season.:)

20 May 2010 [comment_33401]
Welcome back! I've kinda just recently came back as well!

20 May 2010 [comment_33402]
I just approved somebody else's comment! At long last! Oh, the power! HAHAHAHAHA!

21 May 2010 [comment_33424]
Cool Darren.I myself haven't approved much in a while.

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