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By: midget mage on 25 Jan 2007
Rating: 5.00 in 33 votes
Status: used | *In Roadmap*
mr4 | general | [Suggestion_4943]

xp bar

i think that in this game you should have xp bars right under the hp bars. in mr3 i could never tell when i(on my allies) were gonna gain a lvl. it should be simple enough to make i think so it wouldnt take away from making the rest of the game.
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1 Mar 2009 [comment_25777]
I like this idea

maybe the colo(u)r could be like thin blue water colo(u)r paint on gold paper. Or Changing colo(u)r. Gnorthan likes both.

24 Feb 2010 [comment_27958]
How about making it, like soon? I believe this isn't really hard to make, but of the suggestions so far unmade, it seems to me to be of the best work-usefulness ratio so far lol.

Not trying to sound too pushy or anything, but I think this would be really useful for everybody on the site.

24 Feb 2010 [comment_27959]
I've been thinking about it for a while now. I've got kinda half a thought as to how, but the moment I start, I'm going to have to start dealing with sprite stuff of the characters, so all the spacing stuff is right, then I'll start wanting to fix the placement so it appears over the sprite rect rather than the center of the sprite, so the bars and stars are visible on enemies like the four armed golems(both of them now) and the gob tower. Unless there's already a solution to that which I haven't found yet...

1 Mar 2010 [comment_28022]
If you have a look at how the energy bar is displayed it should be fairly straightforward to another one like that for xp.

And when I say 'fairly straightforward' I of course mean 'teeth grindingly difficult'.

1 Mar 2010 [comment_28044]
That's where I got to thinking about how getting the xp bar to work came about;) and the grinding my teeth difficult would surely come about trying to fix other things onto the top of the sprite Rect and general spacings. I really don't want to go about testing it for each of the 60 or so enemies...
That and figuring out where/when everything gets called(its taken me for Ever to figure out where characterPgr and bigMe originate); making a dual system of reservation setting...

I should really get to merging them.
And making a mod for multiple attacks.
And make a flip function for bullets.
And make an spot-finding ai for builders(including the power ostrich, which looks pretty fantastic ingame btw).

2 Mar 2010 [comment_28074]
Yes sorry about that. The bigMe is my own addition to the language to get around a problem with ancestors.

2 Mar 2010 [comment_28085]
Curious. Would enemies get an XP bar too?

2 Mar 2010 [comment_28094]
Of course? That all depends on teams.

4 Mar 2010 [comment_28106]
In theory the enemies would have an XP bar, however, I would suggest not displaying the bar for any character with 0 XP. (to save on sprites) In effect then, most enemies would not have XP bars most of the time. And ones that do would be further emphasized.

18 Apr 2010 [comment_30670]
Erik Rodriguez
Different enimies should clearly have different exp. so lets say you defeat a... skelotin when you kill it, above in blue will show 6 EXP and then it will add to the gold colored exp bar... every1 fine wit tht? some1 make a sprite...

18 Apr 2010 [comment_30694]
Welcome back Erik!And yes enemies shouldhave different xp points

18 Apr 2010 [comment_30698]
But they already do?

18 Apr 2010 [comment_30699]
Erik Rodriguez
lol ty i was gone for about a year ^^

18 Apr 2010 [comment_30704]
Enemies give different amounts of XP. And no, I don#t think it should be shown to the player. Imagine a screen with 100 goblins. It would be very messy with all the markings.

19 Apr 2010 [comment_30726]
A year? Really that long?
I feel old.

19 Apr 2010 [comment_30728]
Erik Rodriguez
lol i was gone a year.

And no megaman, the blue thing that shows the exp will rise above the remains of the enemies and will rise slowly and dissapear.

as steve said...

Gnorthan can't remember exactly what he said...

but welcome back.

20 Apr 2010 [comment_30747]
"You're never away too long until you come back!" No, wait, that wasn't it...

21 Apr 2010 [comment_30796]
No it's ummmmmm..."No matter how long the break you are always welcome back" i think

30 Apr 2010 [comment_31696]
Here's a XP bar:

30 Apr 2010 [comment_31697]
Umm... No.
I'm not accepting that as a XP bar.

I'd even make one myself if it prevents from that to get into the game.

Besides, you would need to animate it filling I think.

Sorry, but no. It's straightforwardly quite too big and ugly=/

30 Apr 2010 [comment_31706]
I feel sad and ya i know it's too big.Ahhhh...that doesn't stop from making images

30 Apr 2010 [comment_31716]
You're better with the creature sprites IMO.

30 Apr 2010 [comment_31717]
Ya not too good with the extras.

30 Apr 2010 [comment_31745]
I think the health bar is just a rectangle, with length proportional to health...

might continue with that trend...

30 Apr 2010 [comment_31748]
Ya but what color will it be because it can't be red becaus that's the health.It can't be blue or else you will get confused with yur monster summon guys.

30 Apr 2010 [comment_31753]
GOLD!!!!!!! It fits perfectly into the game!

30 Apr 2010 [comment_31757]
Sounds cool!

30 Apr 2010 [comment_31774]
I quote some comments from '08


Settle for: Blue,Red

Mabey it could change colo(u)rs after you level up!

3 Dec 2008 [comment_25190]
The master of wizards
yeah at red your a at a low level,green your decent, silver getting high,gold best of the strong

30 Apr 2010 [comment_31778]

30 Apr 2010 [comment_31802]
nonono The rectangle is a shape that director draws for you. No sprite.

30 Apr 2010 [comment_31807]
So gold,silver,red,green.

1 May 2010 [comment_31875]
I'd like it changing colors.

1 May 2010 [comment_31877]
So when it's gold it means it is almost leveled up?

13 May 2010 [comment_33082]
Erik Rodriguez
we need a longer exp bar,something thats the same size as the health bar....

13 May 2010 [comment_33083]
Erik Rodriguez
Photobucket i know its small srry.... lol T.T srry other person lol

13 May 2010 [comment_33084]
Erik Rodriguez
Photobucket Photobucket

13 May 2010 [comment_33085]
Erik Rodriguez
Photobucketiknow its small T.T

13 May 2010 [comment_33086]
Erik Rodriguez
huh?????crazy merlin tht exp bar aint to big..... if it was any smaller.... i dunno.... it wouldnt really fit....

13 May 2010 [comment_33094]
*So* *Confused*

13 May 2010 [comment_33095]
Me too

14 May 2010 [comment_33108]
Erik, that's massive!

We only need a one pixel bar that dynamically sizes itself across the width of the character it is describing the xp for.

There's no need to design it, I can use the same codeas for the health bar, just need to decide on the color is all.

14 May 2010 [comment_33115]
Ya it' huge.

14 May 2010 [comment_33142]
How on EARTH would you put that below Merlin and say it's the same size as the HP bar??

Also, as Steve said, no need for drawings.

For god's sake........
>_> Man I feel so... so... meh. Impossible to describe. Sort of like frustration, but my logic has no idea to figure why I'm frustrated because frankly, I didn't make any useless work. You spent all the useless time to make those, not me. So why am I feeling like this inside?

14 May 2010 [comment_33170]
There are many things in life that cause frustration, hard to say what it is..


14 May 2010 [comment_33182]
The xp bar causes fustration?Could be a possibility.

14 May 2010 [comment_33204]
Erik Rodriguez
oh fine... O.O

14 May 2010 [comment_33205]
Erik Rodriguez
cant blame me i just started making pixels =(

14 May 2010 [comment_33206]
It should change colors!

14 May 2010 [comment_33218]
I'd go with colour changing as well!

14 May 2010 [comment_33231]
Wasn't it already decided?
3 Dec 2008 [comment_25190]
The master of wizards
"yeah at red your a at a low level,green your decent, silver getting high,gold best of the strong"

Doesn't matter if the bars are bad - they were just work that don't have chances in getting to the game. I guess it was just the fact that you could have used the time to make something else, but considering they look like you used five minutes on them...

Anyway.. Have you read Steve's drawing tutorial?

15 May 2010 [comment_33240]
Ya Erik.Steve's tutorial is good,trust me.How do you think I started making good graphics,not all by myself that's for sure.

17 May 2010 [comment_33316]
Erik Rodriguez
ohhh so the exp bar is going to be above merlin lol T.T

17 May 2010 [comment_33317]
Erik Rodriguez
its bellow

18 May 2010 [comment_33322]
Erik, the xp bar will be under the health bar, almost identical to it.

20 May 2010 [comment_33385]
Ya Erik so you can just grab the health bar and edit it.

20 May 2010 [comment_33397]
We don't need a sprite!

20 May 2010 [comment_33406]
These bars are done in programming.

21 May 2010 [comment_33421]
Oh ok.

28 May 2010 [comment_33691]
Erik Rodriguez
so its done ^^....

28 May 2010 [comment_33695]
maybe ^^

29 May 2010 [comment_33717]
It's not done, you just don't need to do anything. Only Steve or Note has to.

29 May 2010 [comment_33734]
Ya so we can just relax ^^

2 Aug 2010 [comment_36721]
Hey! I'm working on this/it'll be the next thing that I finish.

2 Aug 2010 [comment_36726]
Does general skeleton come after? :)

3 Aug 2010 [comment_36729]

Thanks note, finally someone is doing something more about this! I'd consider this thing the most useful suggestion not done out of those in the roadmap myself!

3 Aug 2010 [comment_36733]
It shouldn't really be that hard but I don't know about the programming.

8 Aug 2010 [comment_36890]
Roughly Done - still do do: make it change colours, possibly integrate it parts of it into the objMoveableEnergyBar.(...and post the changes here; the laptop I was working on went to sleep)

9 Aug 2010 [comment_36892]
I think for now I'm just going to have it be gold/yellow-ish/orange-ish(seems to have been the most popular option)

...and gold it is!

I'll post tomorrow!

9 Aug 2010 [comment_36893]
Cool. Can't wait to see it!

gold is good.

Gnorthan thinks of all colors, blue wouldn't work because the health bar is already blue.

9 Aug 2010 [comment_36904]
I'm pretty sure that this is the link.

Basically, it should point to a folder of whatever I can think of that I've changed in the mrO 22/24 code, arranged into the experience bar, and tweaks for speed. each then has sub-folders for each type of script; just put then in their correct places!

10 Aug 2010 [comment_36918]
... thought, comments, suggestions?


13 Aug 2010 [comment_36974]
Haven't downloaded it yet.

Seems like a hassle, I think I'll wait until it's integrated in the next public MRopen and then DL the whole package at once.

16 Aug 2010 [comment_37020]
Wait. What am I supposed to do with the files? I downloaded all the files and I exchanged them with the old files in the MR Open 24. Like Mod Attack and stuff. There is no XP Bar. It does look a little faster though which is nice but there is no XP bar.

16 Aug 2010 [comment_37022]
There are two folders? one for speed improvements, and another for the xp bar?

17 Aug 2010 [comment_37034]

16 Sep 2010 [comment_37559]

A while ago, really

17 Sep 2010 [comment_37579]
I still don't get what am I supposed to do with the files.

17 Sep 2010 [comment_37583]
It's integrated into mr open 25

18 Sep 2010 [comment_37620]
Marked as used

18 Sep 2010 [comment_37638]
Ugh. I want to see MR open sooooooo bad!
Too bad it doesn't work...

18 Sep 2010 [comment_37662]
If you have access to another computer, try it on that, it definitely works sometimes.

I will try to sort out these problems though.

18 Sep 2010 [comment_37684]
I can't, my mother and father won't let me use their computer and my back-up computer is in the garbage.

20 Sep 2010 [comment_37842]
Do you have windows or shockwave on ubuntu?

I will try to make a shockwave version soon.

21 Sep 2010 [comment_37892]
It is ok. It is fixed.

22 Sep 2010 [comment_37946]

11 Oct 2010 [comment_39008]
Should this still say *In Roadmap*?

11 Oct 2010 [comment_39022]
yeah, cos it's still in your roadmap. But yeah, it kind of looks odd doesn't it? Hmmm, any ideas?

11 Oct 2010 [comment_39026]
I think that if there's nobody currently/planning to work on it,(its in nobody else's roadmap, and I'm done working on it) that it should get a different description?
perhaps, just *done*?

12 Oct 2010 [comment_39076]
Ya it should just say done. I suppose there will be a little council vote, ;)

12 Oct 2010 [comment_39100]
Hmmm. I think we should use Merged instead

For a piece of work done on suggestion it goes like this:
added to roadmap - tmb member says they will work on this someday
done - tmb member says they have finished working on it
uploaded - tmb member has uploaded the work (this is not available yet)
merged - steve says he has taken the work and put it into the project (or confirmed that it is in there) (this is also not available yet)

So the suggestion status should be the least progress of any road map item, or 'rate' if there are no road map items.

12 Oct 2010 [comment_39143]
How is merged not available? Can't you now play with it? In the Open of course.

12 Oct 2010 [comment_39147]
It's not implemented in the website system - Steve can't yet mark suggestions as merged.

17 Nov 2010 [comment_40172]
its a good idea i vote for it but i still love the little stars.

17 Nov 2010 [comment_40175]
The little stars are still there! This just tells you how long you've got until you get another star!

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