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By: steve on 22 Jan 2007
Rating: 5.00 in 12 votes
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mr6 | general | [Suggestion_4933]

MR6 - Overview

*** This game will probably never happen ***

At the end of MR5, you get a choice. Whether to stay evil, or whether to return to being good. If you go good, you get to play MR6, if you stay evil you get to build it.

As each player finishes MR5 and stays evil, they get enough mana to build one screen on the MR6 map. Good wizards play the map and after each screen they rate it for enjoyment and difficulty. When a good wizard rates for enjoyment, the Evil wizard that built the screen gets the following mana:

5 - 50 mana
4 - 20 mana
3 - 10 mana
2 - 5 mana
1 - 1 mana

The difficulty rating is just for feedback.

As Evil wizards' mana income grows, they will be able to afford tougher monsters for their screens. They also get 50 mana every time a good wizard dies on their screens so getting the most mana is a balancing act between getting a good challenge for the good wizards (enjoyable) and making it hard enough to take many attempts to get past.

If a screen is consistently low rated, it will become a wasteland. Evil wizards can claim the screen by casting the 'land grab' spell on it. The wizard that casts with the most mana will claim the screen.

New Evil wizards will build their screens around the edges of the map. Thus the edges will probably be easier than the interior of the map, where the most powerful Evil wizards will be building the most fearsome screens.

Evil wizards can also build new screens at the edge of the map. This of course costs mana.

The aim of the game for the Evil wizards is to try to own the most screens in the map.

The aim for good wizards is to get in there and have adventures. As far as each good wizard is concerned, it's basically a single player game. They can start from any edge screen and they start with the energy blast.

My role will be to add new spells, monsters and backgrounds to the inventory that the evil wizards can draw on. TMB members can join in making new graphics, music etc. The website will keep track of how often each item is used in the MR6 map and note it on your CV.

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steve says later MR plots is an alternative to this suggestion.


26 Jan 2007 [comment_18223]
berlin master
steve just do it. if you've played warcraft 3 Price Arthis does the same thing his lust for power gave him what he wanted but in retun he turned evil.

26 Jan 2007 [comment_18236]
we MUST make this.

26 Jan 2007 [comment_18252]
I like the idea of building maps for other players but I have a few questions about the gameplay for MR6 and the mana in general.

1. If you build troops on a screen you use mana to "buy" the troop and your mana goes down or does having higher mana just give you access to more troops that you can place as many as you like?

2. How do the good wizards get new spells in the game?

3. What if a player wants to switch between a good wizard and a sorcerer?

4. I think perhaps screens should have a "mana limit" or something to limit how massive an army a wizard could get on a screen.

5. Do the good wizards level up or gain something as they play more?

I think I shall make a suggestion based off of this one...

28 Jan 2007 [comment_18321]
Steve... I made a child suggestion to Overview of MR5, but compared to this, it is nothing. Please delete it and then delete this message.


I love the way you proposed this.

I like the fact that we can interact with other people across the world.

And this will only be availabe on TMB, so you can have a game that will never get old! Steve, you're awesome!

You'd have to have a limit as to how many monsters, and you could only have 1 screen per person, or else someone might take up the entire map.

The map should be about 35 X 35, so we'd have 1225 screens in total.

If a good wizard gets through a screen with a rated dificulty of

Very Easy: 10 Gold

Easy: 20 Gold

O.K: 30 Gold

Hard: 40 Gold

Impossible: 100 Gold

Gold is used to buy army members, potions, etc.

There'd be a potion limit.. if you get more than 80 potions in total, you turn evil and you can build maps.

Now you can adventure with a new account, or you can build screens.

If you started as an evil wizard, you'd have to relinquish your powers to adventure. You need 250 Mana to do so.

28 Jan 2007 [comment_18329]
That sounds fun!

It'll be a while before MR5 is finished, so maybe by that time this would be feasible, no?

4 Feb 2007 [comment_18546]
berlin master, saying "just do it" doesn't magically make it less work to do. This project is overly ambitious and would probably take too long. Therefore it probably won't happen.

5 Feb 2007 [comment_18677]
ME HATE IDEA...sorta. I think. Great, all this positive commenting is affecting me. I maybe like it....aaaaaaaaaaargh!!!

Oh, well, it doesn't matter if it'll probably never happen.

24 Feb 2007 [comment_19226]
Carefree... it sounds kinda like a suggestion...

22 Mar 2007 [comment_19815]
AGGGH!!! Now how cvan we leave such an awesome idea in the scrap heap!!!!!! There has to be some way... I'll keepat it until I'll check in on this every year, at least, and help, somehow...unfortuantly, having NO programming/game creation skills.....well, I'll TRY to get this made. I'd loike to be good, but...for the sake of the game...AGGGH! well, let's do MR4 & 5 first.........

23 Mar 2007 [comment_19847]
isnt this hard to make?

23 Jun 2007 [comment_21715]
How bout this... we wait 5 years, come back to this suggestion, and then see how possible this is ok, lol

29 Jun 2007 [comment_21832]

*2 seconds later*

Is the 5 years over yet?

3 Jul 2007 [comment_21952]
Hee, sounds fun. Although it looks like a nightmare to program.

6 Jul 2007 [comment_22045]
HOW ABOUT THIS! if you ever do make it. make mr6 a diffrent game when merlin goes good and maybe the power that got relinquieshed turned into a monster! ill make a suggestion about that later.

anyway if you DO make this. then call it: merlins revenge 6:the lost ending. and only members on tmb can view it

20 Feb 2008 [comment_23508]
berlin master
heres an i idea make it so that it has a sonic adventure 2 type game play to it a dark side of the game and a light side to it and if you compleat both sides you can unlock some things

23 Feb 2008 [comment_23519]
This is a GREAT idea!! Once MR4/MR5 are finished, let's see how feasible the idea is; I would be willing to contribute programming/graphics or whatever.

2 Mar 2008 [comment_23540]



Lokey Edit: I'm too tired to have to change all fo your post from CAPS to lowercase. Don't do it again or I'm not approving your posts.

12 Mar 2008 [comment_23563]
e snipple e
alright me wait five years athough it a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo(five years later)ong time

5 May 2008 [comment_23640]
WHy not just make it a completely different game? Merlin's Revenge- The CHoice is Yours...

Or something corny like that.

5 May 2008 [comment_23641]
This would be awesome. I love creating maps. Forget about choosing whether you want to be evil or not at the end of MR5. You know what? I'll go make a child suggestion, ok?

27 Jul 2008 [comment_24192]
And how Steve will you store the data of one being evil or good?
If its on the server Ill hax it to get both sidesXD
nao, just kidding,
I think Carefree_Butterflys 'suggestive comment' was good, and yeah I think a player should be able to switch sides.

1 Jul 2012 [comment_43170]
I just want to let everyone know...

It has been five years now!

1 Jul 2012 [comment_43171]
And MR4 is nearly complete :)

1 Jul 2012 [comment_43172]
Well, I did say it would probably never happen. But I actually think it might now.

2 Jul 2012 [comment_43173]
I'd say it's more probable that it doesn't get finished than not. But MR will still evolve far, not to mention things like Bottom Earth having tons of potential.

3 Jul 2012 [comment_43174]
I would love to see something like this and i dont realy care how long it takes for mr4,i waited since i was like 5 for one game came out like 8 years later played for ten minates beat it and waited more

Maybe a little bit less than 8 years but still my point is clear

3 Jul 2012 [comment_43175]
The master of wizards
So is your grammar. Yeesh. I can barely make out what your trying to say.

4 Jul 2012 [comment_43176]
TMOW, everyone's grammar was bad at one point. Even yours, you've even got into arguments about it. Don't be hypocritical, let him evolve.

4 Jul 2012 [comment_43177]
My grammer has always been bad

4 Jul 2012 [comment_43178]
Oh and this "game" was old released in like 2003.

Well not too old but still old.

I have said old too many times.

Infact this comment is getting old.

6 Jul 2012 [comment_43186]
I can't really resist. The second "your" should have been "you're."

I'd say your comment is putting on some age.

7 Jul 2012 [comment_43196]

Thank you. I was about to snap and say something. Now I don't have to.

9 Jul 2012 [comment_43209]
It has kinda happened.

I don't a whole ton is needed on the mr side to make it work, just server stuff.

... and I'm sure that if I ever had 3 months or so to dedicate to mr, it would be done. It's just that for most of those years, nothing happened. Just small bursts of a bunch of work when I'm between school and work, followed by a bunch of inactivity.

10 Jul 2012 [comment_43228]
My MR life. ^

12 Jul 2012 [comment_43246]
Ditto ^^

12 Jul 2012 [comment_43251]
I can't deny it either ^^^

13 Jul 2012 [comment_43257]
I have actually been working on something for this site that was nearly ready last November.

It is still nearly ready...

14 Jul 2012 [comment_43259]

I might be able to beat that. A new version of mrOpen has been ready to go for I-don't-even-know-how-long. Next time I have a weekend where I'm not working(and it's not during folk fest) I promise to consider uploading it.

14 Jul 2012 [comment_43265]
Sigh, I hate avolition.

14 Jul 2012 [comment_43267]
I actually notice something new (or then I've just stepped out of IE in favour to Chrome and something magically happened) - a fancy text saying that HTML not listed in the box will be removed, although there doesn't seem to be any kind of system which actually does this, although I suppose it's to be left down on the approvers and admins to manage.

Another is that the HTML box seems smaller. Maybe a removed code or two, which I've forgotten? And the comment text box is resizeable. Odd.

Also, various parts of the site have moved elsewhere. Well, at least since I last looked, and that was.. ..About a year ago?

15 Jul 2012 [comment_43279]
I don't *think* anything happened to the HTML box...

15 Jul 2012 [comment_43280]
It still looks the same. Oh, and the comment box thing is just chrome being awesome

15 Jul 2012 [comment_43288]
Well, I'm quite positive something has happened to the HTML box within the previous 12 months.

And Chrome is pretty cool. Might start using it on my desktop too.

15 Jul 2012 [comment_43303]
Is it true that Google Chrome uses up the most memory than other browsers?

16 Jul 2012 [comment_43311]
No, that would be FireFox, definitely.

16 Jul 2012 [comment_43312]
Unless you stick to using Firefox 1.5 ;)

16 Jul 2012 [comment_43319]
pfffft. You gotta use netscape.

17 Jul 2012 [comment_43321]
Oh god. I remember using Netscape when I was a little boy. Don't remember much of it. :D

17 Jul 2012 [comment_43323]
Netscape? Nahhh, try Links! Who needs graphics??

17 Jul 2012 [comment_43325]
Hey, I use Links on my Pandora!

Graphics are overrated.

17 Jul 2012 [comment_43326]

18 Jul 2012 [comment_43331]
You have a Pandora?? *bows*

19 Jul 2012 [comment_43338]
I made a long post of it a couple of months ago in the Spam Page :D

19 Jul 2012 [comment_43342]
The master of wizards
Just thought of something. What would happen after you made the decision? Wouldn't the game repeat and allow you to switch betweeen good and bad or just bug the whole thing so you are a neutral wizard the whole time.

20 Jul 2012 [comment_43343]
I don't quite understand the question, mainly because I don't know about what decision you're talking about.
I don't see why anyone would want to change from good to bad because most of the bad wizards have already racked up alot of mana and alot of screens have been taken.
Maybe some bad people could go to the good side but I think that should be discouraged.

20 Jul 2012 [comment_43344]
I'd say each player can act as both, being able to make maps and play through them

20 Jul 2012 [comment_43345]
Yeah, it would totally suck to be limited only to either one.

So of course, player's aren't. Perhaps it wouldn't be just as easy as clicking an option, but it should be very possible to do.

20 Jul 2012 [comment_43346]
The master of wizards
I'm discussing both decisions and would the game glitch if you made one then made the other so you would be both a good and bad wizard.

21 Jul 2012 [comment_43347]
Nah, it would of course be made so that you can only be one of the two at any given moment in time.

21 Jul 2012 [comment_43348]
The master of wizards
It would have to be precisely done so a crash would not occur and there would be no bugs in the script. If it somehow went through the unfortunate/fortunate player may be able to crash the next game.

22 Jul 2012 [comment_43351]
From the main logged in screen, you would have the option of playing as one or the other. When you go back to the menu, you an switch

22 Jul 2012 [comment_43352]
The master of wizards
I'm not usually one to correct people (as people correct me). But "you an switch." Really note. -_-

22 Jul 2012 [comment_43354]
That was written by tablet. It's been typing really badly lately for unknown reasons. Roughly speaking, it's gone crazy.

Maybe I should get a different keyboard for it.

23 Jul 2012 [comment_43356]
Typing on a device with auto-correct takes years of practice.

23 Jul 2012 [comment_43359]
Strangely, it's only recently that the tablet's started giving me trouble. I've probably downloaded a bad neighbor on it, or the OS isn't feeling all that stable.

btw, I'm gonna try jelly bean tomorrow!

23 Jul 2012 [comment_43361]
Jelly bean is that OS or something for Android right? The newest after ICS?

They go in alphabetical order right seeing that the one before ICS was Honeycomb.

24 Jul 2012 [comment_43363]
Correct on both accounts!

24 Jul 2012 [comment_43367]
Yeah, my phone upgraded itself to jellybean yesterday. I think it's a definite improvement over ice cream sandwich.

24 Jul 2012 [comment_43369]
I imagine AT&T will get around to it eventually for my Galaxy S2. Granted, it got ICS a month or so ago.

At least there's xda.

25 Jul 2012 [comment_43371]
What is your prediction for k?

Maybe kiwi.

26 Jul 2012 [comment_43377]
Key lime pie, of course!

26 Jul 2012 [comment_43379]
The master of wizards
I'll just stick with the american cheeseburger version.

27 Jul 2012 [comment_43382]
umm... what?

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