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By: NeyBar on 22 Dec 2006
Rating: 3.00 in 6 votes
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mr4 | map | [Suggestion_4761]

meep mountain (for mr4)

the meep base is on a moutain.see the main meep sugestion at [sugestion_4696].not a tall one,there is still green grass at the top.


29 Dec 2006 [comment_17360]
the link didn't work, here [suggestion_4696]

8 Jan 2007 [comment_17611]
berlin master
what in the world is a meep?

11 Jan 2007 [comment_17633]
fat-boy,why do you hate meeps?

12 Jan 2007 [comment_17667]
it is a thing that i imaganed

12 Jan 2007 [comment_17702]
No, I do hate them. I'm just totally indifrent to them.

But the reason why I gave 1 was because you idiot gave yourself a 5. That's just plain naive, stupid, naive, childish and naive.

13 Jan 2007 [comment_17757]
Fatty-boy probably hates them 'cause you talk about them too much. Or because he just does.

19 Jan 2007 [comment_17876]
Yeah, not to mention naive...

19 Jan 2007 [comment_17893]
I think giving yourself a five is a good idea if you like the suggestion that much. It stops you getting a rating of exactly 1.

19 Jan 2007 [comment_17914]


so would you vote a five if i didn't vote?

25 Jan 2007 [comment_18107]
no one
I'm forced to agree with the whole stupid/naive thing

26 Jan 2007 [comment_18246]

1 Feb 2007 [comment_18443]
He didn't say native once!!!

13 Feb 2007 [comment_18893]
no one
HHHHHHMMMMMMMM?????? Yourself.

We vote one because of two things.

One, we believe the suggestions deserve a one or two rating, because they are bad. Suggest something good and you will get a better rating.

Two, creating an artificial high rating annoys everyone. Of course you like your suggestions, you made them. In my opinion, you shouldn't even be able to vote on your own suggestion.

15 Feb 2007 [comment_18968]
I allow voting on your own suggestion simply because if not, it would encourage people to create seperate accounts and vote with those. Of course, they may do that anyway but at least I'm not encouraging it.

16 Feb 2007 [comment_19025]
I disagree with no 2, no one. Maybe you should be able to vote unless someone else is voting/you vote 3 or less, but of course I don't expect Steve to have to do that.

17 Feb 2007 [comment_19037]
As far as I know, I only vote on my suggestions if I'm as sure as can be that I'm not biased.

For example, with Spell Drain, I did vote 5, but that was only after tons of other people liked, and I thought that if I had just stumbled upon it, and it was danthemans suggestion or something, that's how much I would like it.

Don't abuse the power next time, NeyBar.

17 Feb 2007 [comment_19038]
Also, Spell Drain can be found here: [Suggestion_3409] for your convenience.

19 Feb 2007 [comment_19046]

20 Feb 2007 [comment_19073]
i said HHHHHHMMMMMMM??????????? not HHHHHHMMMMMMMM?????? and how can i do it to myself?

17 Dec 2007 [comment_23340]
but then again most of you guys aren't here so I am free to make more sugestions and um
rate them a 5 :D

16 Jan 2008 [comment_23389]
Mr. Merlin
he said NAIVE not NATIVE
there's no t

22 Jan 2008 [comment_23400]
rofl, then i not native. thanks mr merlin

8 Feb 2008 [comment_23440]
Mr. Merlin
no prob. ur just naive.

15 Jul 2010 [comment_36353]
I miss these people.

15 Jul 2010 [comment_36354]
Well I can't really miss them. I wasn't there. It would still be nice to meet Mr.Merlin, NeyBar, mr$, Jakerj10, no one, Fatty-boy and berlin master.

15 Jul 2010 [comment_36369]

Nostalgic times.

You would like to meet Mr. Merlin and the three last ones, probably, but I don't think I would like to see NeyBar here anymore.

It was too chaotic at that time.

15 Jul 2010 [comment_36370]
Meep, meep and MEEP!
I suppose that is what NeyBar always said. :)

15 Jul 2010 [comment_36374]
NeyBar! Haha! I'd love to see him back. I imagine he's grown up a bit now so the meeps wouldn't be so much an issue :P

15 Jul 2010 [comment_36375]
I really want to see MR ROX and Morsh back.

15 Jul 2010 [comment_36376]
Ya I have been looking back at the old suggestions for while. They seem like nice guys or girls.

Gnorthan remembers owl.

15 Jul 2010 [comment_36383]
I suppose Owl would be nice to meet too.

16 Jul 2010 [comment_36386]
I also would like Morsh back. Owl would be neat, and ... also MR ROX ...

Well, I added a lot to that discussion.

16 Jul 2010 [comment_36389]
I wish they would all come back. Well apart from the annoying people.

16 Jul 2010 [comment_36390]
The annoying ones would be fun too!

16 Jul 2010 [comment_36391]
Well I'd rather not meet them. :)

16 Jul 2010 [comment_36392]
Well, I always read their comments and stuff before I JOINED, BUT WAS NEVER ABLE TO TALK TO THEM.

Sorry for the caps. G1 glitch.

16 Jul 2010 [comment_36393]
G1 glitch? What's that?

21 Sep 2016 [comment_44478]
Indeed as predicted I have changed and am no longer obsessed with meeps :).

Honestly looking at some of the things I have done somewhat embarrasses me, but it does feel quite good that some one noticed I had left.

25 Sep 2016 [comment_44479]
"but I don't think I would like to see NeyBar here anymore."

Looking at some of my remarks like this and the Eric9000 incident honestly make me feel a bit disgusted at myself.

Good to have you back!

25 Sep 2016 [comment_44484]
meep! lol

26 Sep 2016 [comment_44486]
"meep! lol"

It is good you took up the job of spamming meep, steve, as I have retired from that many years ago.

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