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By: Sketch on 28 Apr 2006
Rating: 4.33 in 6 votes
Status: used
mr3 | enemies | [Suggestion_3445]

Ninja with Sprite

I did a ninja sprite sheet with a katana.
The way he attack is he winds up while taking a step back then. If the enemy targeted is close he slices them with a two-handed rising slash. If the enemy is farther away he does a short charge and dash attack towards them.

I can add more different animations but I think he looks pretty tight.

Relationships with other suggestions

Sketch says this suggestion is based on ninja/samurai


28 Apr 2006 [comment_11307]
I like this ninja dude.

28 Apr 2006 [comment_11308]
I like this a lot. I am going to try putting him in the game to see how the anim looks.

28 Apr 2006 [comment_11309]

28 Apr 2006 [comment_11312]
I updated the sprite to include a ninja star thowing loop for far away enemies.

28 Apr 2006 [comment_11313]
Confusing, but sooocool/lethal..

28 Apr 2006 [comment_11330]
Do you mean the sprite is confusing or the explanation of how he steps back while readying an attack?

28 Apr 2006 [comment_11362]
Just that there's so many pics.

28 Apr 2006 [comment_11368]
Steve, if you like it, why don't you rate it?
You know, 5...

28 Apr 2006 [comment_11382]
dragon_rider That's all I can say. Wow. Wow. Wow.

29 Apr 2006 [comment_11431]
Ok I've rated it. Right now, I can only do one attack per enemy, but if I like both of them I'll do two ninjas - one that uses each attack.

21 Apr 2016 [comment_44458]
Can I use this in an Android game that I am developing?

If you want I can mention that you made the sprites.

24 Apr 2016 [comment_44459]
That's tough to say, considering that the original author doesn't seem to visit here these days. If the game is in some way related to something on this site, I would think of it as acceptable; if it's a commercial or non-related closed-source project, most likely you won't be able to use the graphics without contacting their original creator.

At any rate, the game source and fan game kits can be found from the downloads page. As far as I know, the fan game kit is licenced under CC 2.0, and the source under the GPL. Most likely the ninja graphics are only included in the source packages.

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