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By: MerlinRulez on 10 Jun 2005
Rating: 5.00 in 9 votes
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mr3 | enemies | [Suggestion_1975]

Flaming Goblin

Tosses flaming arrows at you. If you get hit by the flaming arrows you take twice the amount of damage a regular arrow would do. If the arrows miss they set some of the screen ablaze. Watch out it spreads. If you get hit by the flames, you'll take 7 damage. Very dangerous in groups.


4 Aug 2006 [comment_15581]
They should set you and allies on fire.

6 Aug 2006 [comment_15673]
well, ya, if it would hurt u it would hurt ur friends too!
This is great! the only thing is that we already have so many types of goblins, which some ppl might not like. Me, personally, i sorta like the idea of their being a lot of types of goblins, cause since they are so weak, they had to train their men in all kinds of different ways, in order to gain at least a small advantage....

Thnx for looking,

6 Aug 2006 [comment_15674]
Btw, this is espescially good since this finally puts the idea of having fire that sets stuff on fire into a good idea of an enemy! and it sounds like it would work too!

20 Aug 2006 [comment_15949]
Steve - really put this in.... it probably woudlnt be too hard right?

24 Aug 2006 [comment_16016]
Putting in spreading fire would take a fair chunk of time. It could also slow down them game quite a bit unless done carefully.

I'm not opposed to the idea, but you know how it is by now. Too much to do, not enough time to do it all.

24 Aug 2006 [comment_16048]
i dont think the fire needs to spread... it could just create a little burning spot where it lands.

5 Oct 2006 [comment_16578]
no one
You could do a thing where: A flaming goblin dies after a while, (it is on fire after all) bu it sets other goblins on fire, (to do that just see if a flaming goblin is touching a normal goblin, and if it is, make a flaming goblin) Flaming goblins should do huge amounts of damage if they hit you.

6 Oct 2006 [comment_16600]
no one i disagree. i dont think they should/would be on fire.

Thnx for looking,

8 Oct 2006 [comment_16669]
no one
oops. Typo...

18 Jul 2007 [comment_22386]
I dunno bout this idea, it would take a looooooong time to animate each and every character running in a circle on fire, i just think that, unless YOU want to make all of these animations, then maybe. Otherwise, lets give steve enough time to get MR4+5 done.(because then he might fit in a sixth.

21 Jul 2007 [comment_22488]
I don't like how this makes normal goblins pointless.

7 Nov 2009 [comment_27306]
I made a cheesy sprite
Go me.


9 Nov 2009 [comment_27314]
*looks at picture*
Hey, it's a gobin on fire. WTH? XD
*looks at suggestion title*
*high-fives Super_merlin*
What would happen if you dropped that goblin in cold chicken broth?

9 Nov 2009 [comment_27315]
Also, what is chicken broth?

15 Jul 2010 [comment_36384]
I guess this suggestion deserves some discussion. This looks like a great suggestion.
5.00 in 9 votes. Sounds really good.
I like the image that Immortal_Merlin made but I don't like the fire on his head and doesn't the goblin have to be smaller?
I will try to make a second image. I'd love to hear your guys' opinions on this.

11 Oct 2010 [comment_39009]
This is currently pretty possible.

11 Oct 2010 [comment_39011]
Lol, I guess Super_merlin knew nothing about cropping back then=D

11 Oct 2010 [comment_39020]
♪, could this be done the same way as the flaming graves from the evil blokes with swords / archers?

11 Oct 2010 [comment_39023]
I think so.
I think I've had projectiles reincarnating as monsters before, and a mine isn't much of a stretch.

12 Oct 2010 [comment_39074]
Ya lol. Look at that cropping skills.

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