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By: cjfjcjfjc on 26 May 2005
Rating: 5.00 in 8 votes
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Map Editor Ver 2

with the map editor when you were on
the map editor under the thing there should be a link saying custom
if you click on it it will take you
to a list saying all the custom maps and screens
they would be set out like this

name (the name of the map)
by (whoever made the map)
rating (whatever the rating of it)
steves opinion and comments

note:click on steves opinion and comments to read comments click anywhere else to load the screen

Parent Suggestion

(an earlier version of this idea)

Map Editor | Rating: 4.96


26 May 2005 [comment_5172]
why just my opinion? What about everyone elses?

26 May 2005 [comment_5198]
yah... everyone can comment and vote preferably.

1 Jun 2005 [comment_5551]
you may decide to only show steves comments

9 Jul 2005 [comment_7864]
Map Editor should rock my world!

7 Sep 2005 [comment_9795]
map editors rock

this will be awsome in merlins reveng and how about more bonuses like a new weopon or a statue of a fire breathing dragon

22 Apr 2006 [comment_11073]

Wow, he's right, it does!


22 Apr 2006 [comment_11083]
I expect steve wouldn't have the time to comment on each and every map people made, anyway.

24 Apr 2006 [comment_11207]
that is true.

30 Jul 2006 [comment_15487]
i think one reason it might show steve's opinion's only is that he kind of has more experience and may have some hints/tips/suggestions, either for the user or the builder. thus, by reading these things we could better our ability to create aps, or play the map that was commented on.

5 Feb 2007 [comment_18623]
berlin master

13 Jul 2007 [comment_22298]
Map editor idea- kewl. But i think if you make a map, and you really anted feed-back on it you could just send it to steve, he'd put it in the dowloads file, and make a suggestions link for it just like all the other games lol. unless thats too much work ><.

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