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By: steve on 3 May 2005
Rating: 5.00 in 10 votes
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Vote for this if you would like me to give a high priority to allowing you to submit designs (graphics) to appropriate suggestions. eg. enemies, friends, map etc
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3 May 2005 [comment_3939]
i would love this, seriously, LOVE IT. ILL KILL YOU IF YOU DONT DO THIS...
k sorry im calmed down now, lets all be friends.

3 May 2005 [comment_3997]
lol lol lol lol [...]

27 May 2005 [comment_5237]
This would be a good idea, it would also be another way for us to submit our comics to the site.

9 Jul 2005 [comment_7863]

12 Aug 2005 [comment_9006]

My lavalamp isn't working :(

21 Apr 2006 [comment_10950]
Pity about your lava lamp! I think this is a cool idea! Steve, do it sooon (if not for any other reason, to cheer up blaster).

21 Apr 2006 [comment_10958]
Blaster: Have you tried plugging it in?

3 Aug 2006 [comment_15533]
i think he plugged it in just forgot to turn it on :P

24 Jan 2007 [comment_18075]

13 Jul 2007 [comment_22301]
Hmmmm. lava lamp... I mean ummmmm... Pretty... AWWWWWW, there i go again. Oh rite,kewl idea. Lol

13 Nov 2008 [comment_24893]
I vote five. poor blaster though. its been 3 years and this still hasn't happened. Maby his lava lamps is working now.(or has it happened)(wHERE IS EVERYONE)(By now)(oh no my lava lamp just broke)

14 Nov 2008 [comment_24910]
*looks at receit for both lava lamps*
Heh, good ol' dollar general ^^.
*Blaster and super merlin look at reciet*
"The lamp DESTINED to fail" Trademark

14 Nov 2008 [comment_24914]
Rabid Merlin
hm.. we should also have a music portion of the website! i already suggested this. so. ya.

18 Aug 2011 [comment_42474]
Plan is
- put a link in "Your Options"
- only for enemies, friends, characters, player or map type suggestions
- all members able to upload images
- bomb next to image to delete image if inappropriate
- bomb can be detonated by any member
- image maybe re-instated by steve later if deletion deemed inappropriate
- may also be re-instated by member who deleted image
- if image upload is abused, permissions system can be introduced at a later date

Is this good enough? or do we need to be more choosy about who we let upload images?

24 Aug 2011 [comment_42476]
I wouldn't feel a permission system to be necessary.

29 Aug 2011 [comment_42483]
Sounds pretty good!

19 Sep 2011 [comment_42514]
Probably permissions wouldn't be necessary, but it would only take one idiot to start using the server as his person flickr and then we'd have a problem.

So I would want to program it in so it could be switched on if necessary.

20 Sep 2011 [comment_42521]

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