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By: steve on 3 May 2005
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Map Editor

Vote for this if you would like me to give a high priority to making a map editor.

The plan would be:

- Bring the MR3 game engine up to the standard of MR1 (ie Merlin has energy blast, and there are a few creatures to fight)

- Make the map editor

The map editor would be usuable to make maps for Rapunzel's Escape as well as Merlin's Revenge. As features are added to the game engine (spells, enemies, etc) they would be made available in the map editor a short time later.

Maps would be rateable and commentable. Eventually, they could be combined with anim sequences (cut scenes) to make new games.
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3 May 2005 [comment_3933]
This, steve, would place Merlin's Revenge even further above other games. Seriously, Merlin's Revenge as a free game is already as good as many games that you'd pay for (I seriously have played the $0 merlin games, much more than the $50 dollar fable game), . Steve, a map editor would make you like... like... a legend. the game guy who gave us the editor. It should be called the Golden Game Editor. Or something.
the point is, a game editor for merlins revenge (or rapunzels escape) would bring me to tears with its greatness. well maybe not to tears.

8 May 2005 [comment_4253]
this is positively brilliant, seriously. it would be awesome... just so long as noone starts to think that they're better than you at making MR's.

8 May 2005 [comment_4258]
do it ppppppppllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaassssseeeeee!!!!

8 May 2005 [comment_4268]
Morsh: well, maybe some people *would* be better than me at making MR's! I'd stille make them myself anyway - i just love it!

9 May 2005 [comment_4339]
no way dude,yours would have a classic quality. seriously noone could be better than you. though , i would try! lol. we need this. we reaallly do.

9 May 2005 [comment_4342]
also steve check out if you want, there are a few updates. i also made one merlins revenge comic strip, cos the MR section seemed empty with just one page... today i'll do my science homework then make some more MR comics...

9 May 2005 [comment_4353]
I think I'm gonna make this one a high priority.

9 May 2005 [comment_4354]
I checked out very nice MR strip - very funny!

15 May 2005 [comment_4606]
thank you. i wasnt sure if people would get it. i really hope the map maker works out! i have a question: would you be able to put enemies and neutrals in your map too? cos thatd be cool!

15 May 2005 [comment_4622]
You'd be able to place whatever objects, enemies and characters appear in the game.

Probably the main limitation will be that you may not be able to define the scripts that talking characters will say. And of course, you wouldn't be able to add new objects (items, characters, enemies).

15 May 2005 [comment_4625]
that makes sense. could someone send in a picture of an object to you, and you could have it be put in the game (like if i made a new tree) by sending us back a game picture version or something to pluginto the mapmaker

16 May 2005 [comment_4652]
Er no. Well, not with the map editor.

To do that, I would start off by adding the ability for people to send in designs for suggestions. And then add a simple "tile editor" which would allow you to choose what type of tile it was to be, (none, solid, platform, speedChange and any others there need to be). And a database for the tile to be added to.

Then, the map editor would need to be changed, to accept tiles from the database rather than using its built in tiles.

It would be the same for enemies except that editing enemies is more complicated again, because you also have to come up with a load of different animations and lots of settings that define the way the enemy behaves.

16 May 2005 [comment_4676]
oh. so we couldnt design our own tiles or we could? (confused)

17 May 2005 [comment_4694]
You couldn't design tiles with the map editor. It's a seperate issue which requires a seperate solution.

Equally, I could implement the programming to allow you to design tiles without even doing the map editor.

17 May 2005 [comment_4717]
cool like a screen with 100 max blast potions to get the hugest blast ever

18 May 2005 [comment_4770]
errr... thatd suck dude. i dont know why but it just seems like thatd suck. (i was talking to cjfjcjfjc, not steve)

27 May 2005 [comment_5236]

are you going to release the map editor BEFORE the game is complete?

Because if you are, that would ruin the whole game, and people wouldn't have as good a time as they should have when playing MR3.

I say make the map editor available when you beat MR3.

If you're going to add the map editior after you release MR3, then forget everything i said :X

27 May 2005 [comment_5276]
Well, I was thinking about it.

Do you really think it would ruin the game? After all, I wouldn't have to put *all* the features from MR3 into the map editor. I could hold some back to keep them secret.

27 May 2005 [comment_5288]
hmm... steve how would you go about making a map editor anyway? It'd have to be online wouldnt it? I think ... it'd be better if you downloaded it and could use it anytime you want... but you said everyone in the world would have to send you like twenty dollars or something like that

27 May 2005 [comment_5292]
This seems like the same as scenario...

28 May 2005 [comment_5332]
I programmed a map editor in Director to build Rapunzel's Escape with. What I would do continue development on it so that it runs in shockwave (and works more reliably). It would need quite a lot of work to get it to a state where I could put it on the site. Then, maps that you create would be saved in the website under your username. I guess you would decide when (or if) to make them available to other people to play.

Once you did, people could play them, rate them and comment on them.

28 May 2005 [comment_5362]
Hey steve, would you update the map ediotr with new terrain and stuff from time to time?

29 May 2005 [comment_5407]
That's exactly what i meant in my scenario.

30 May 2005 [comment_5432]
Morsh: That's the plan. Eventually, I'd like to make it so that people could actually send in different landscape tiles, and they'd be automatically available in the Map Editor.

30 May 2005 [comment_5433]
Lord_Murderer: Yes, your scenario one is similar but you said in your description "steve got this idea before i". This is that idea.

Also, this can be used for all games by The Metal Box, not just MR.

30 May 2005 [comment_5471]
To be honest, it seems hard for me to believe we're gonna get a Merlin's Revenge Map Editor. I mean that's the kind of thing you get with games that you pay money for... Would the Map Editor be free to use?

31 May 2005 [comment_5497]
Yeah, the map editor would be free to use. The maps you create with it would be stored in The Metal Box and you would be able to use other people's maps as a starting point (including the official MR3 one). Then on the credits it would say "based on a map by..."

31 May 2005 [comment_5523]
coolly awesome!

1 Jun 2005 [comment_5602]
I think the Map Editor should only be available after the game is released though, since otherwise it sorta takes the magic away.

9 Jun 2005 [comment_6072]
It does? You mean you cant use energy blast with the map editor?? NOOOOOOO!

10 Jul 2005 [comment_7944]
steve, i like the idea, its great, but it just hit me, what do you do for a living?!?! this site seems like a good company, but everything is free!!!!!!!!

10 Jul 2005 [comment_7963]
Well the site brings in a small amount of money in advertising. Up til recently I was doing work on websites as well, but now I'm concertrating 100% on games. I have lot of plans for this site, but I don't want to reveal them just yet in case some competitor does it first before I get a chance to finish MR3. Once that and possibly MR 4 and 5 are done, I'll flesh out how it will work in more detail.

10 Jul 2005 [comment_7980]
What do you mean some competitor does it first ...? Is someone trying to steal themetalbox from you??? Well, if you do get it taken away I probably won't come here as much cos that would mean there will be no MR3. And with no MR3, there is no hope for a better tomorrow with Disney. Hehe... Or maybe I'm on crack.

10 Jul 2005 [comment_7983]
Curse you steve, how the heck am I supposed to look at the 'recent comments' without getting all confused cos it keeps moving around cos youre in the middle of posting stuff! lol

10 Jul 2005 [comment_7996]
just some other website.

11 Jul 2005 [comment_8043]
if some other website does it first i will hunt them down and so help me, i'll delete their hard drive(dum dum duuuuh), come morsh, TO THE SKIES!!!!!!!

12 Jul 2005 [comment_8090]

13 Jul 2005 [comment_8117]
indeed, WEEBL 'N BOB, TEAM LASER EXPLOSIAN FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

13 Jul 2005 [comment_8147]

14 Jul 2005 [comment_8168]
what it the wrong, mayor hagger?

15 Jul 2005 [comment_8210]
Someones filled the town pool with fish heads!

19 Jul 2005 [comment_8262]

21 Jul 2005 [comment_8307]
Just an Idea. When we build a map, and we want others to play, we should be able to send it to people right? But there's one problem. We can't put ALL of the maps people make on the site. It would take up too much bandwidth. Instead, I think there should be a list of all the people that are signed up with TMB. That way you could select people to send it too, and you could send it to everyone using a mass send selection. This would require everyone having a "mailbox" type of thing where all the maps sent to them can manifest until the user has time to check them out.

How about it?


21 Jul 2005 [comment_8310]
I like your thinking. Here's what I was planning:

- all the maps are stored in the database
- you can select a map from the menu
- once selected, you'll be able to send a link to that map to whoever you like by email.

I don't want to send the emails from themetalbox as that would take me into the realms of mass-mailing which would be a very dodgy area to get into, but you'd be welcome to send to whoever you like using your normal email package.

22 Jul 2005 [comment_8380]
Hmm Regarding the bandwidth issue, soon I'm gonna move to a server that will give me 500 gig a month (sounds like a lot to me, lol) So is there some way I could like... let you use some of my bandwidth to add to yours, like, if you started to get too many maps?

I don't mean like making it a "MRBERNIE AND THEMETALBOX WOULD LIKE TO PRESENT..." type thing, I just mean like I could help if you have bandwidth problems.

23 Jul 2005 [comment_8396]
Thanks, that's very generous of you!

At the moment I don't have any problems with bandwidth but thanks anyway.

I don't think maps would add very much at all to bandwidth requirements but all the database activity could cause the website to run slowly. But I'm not worried about that right now.

23 Jul 2005 [comment_8412]
Okay, I didn't know if it was gonna be a problem or not, but if it's not then just forget I said anything, lol

24 Jul 2005 [comment_8439]
Well, if it is, it won't be for ages yet.

3 Aug 2005 [comment_8687]
i think it will ruin the game
and unlocking it by finishing MR3 on easy

10 Aug 2005 [comment_8934]
how would it ruin the game?

7 Sep 2005 [comment_9794]
iiiiiiiii llllooooooovvvvvveeee!!!
this idea
go for it

16 Feb 2006 [comment_10183]
I just had an idea that would work if this was made..

20 soldiers and merlin vrs 30 goblins


21 Apr 2006 [comment_10933]
Me want thiiiiis!

21 Apr 2006 [comment_10942]
Err...Steve, if someone designed their own MR game, shouldn't they be allowed to put it on their site? Coz I don't know...err...not that I would be able to anyway, without having to pay (I use a free host, but I would have to pay them if I wanted more memory...) Anyway, what if you had to win MR3 in a combination of ways to unlock map maker, eg clear all screens on easy mode and complete hard mode without using spells (only invincibility cheat allowed for that) get the idea...actually, I don't think I'd want that to happen.........

21 Apr 2006 [comment_10953]
Err...hmm. I was just looking at the anim sequence editor suggestion...anyway, would you be able to use whatever spells there are going to be in MR3? If yes, then you should be able to use the MR2 ones also, and when you make MR4, the ones from that........

21 Apr 2006 [comment_10955]
You're getting the idea Darren. I don't want to say too much about it right now but I do have big plans for this.

21 Apr 2006 [comment_10993]
Err...Steve, although most of them haven't been in MR games, and probably won't be, when you make this, could you add all of the high council, and in their evil modes? (especially evil)

21 Apr 2006 [comment_11030]
Also, it would need the GMG and the GB (golden bullets)

22 Apr 2006 [comment_11046]
awwwwwwwwwwwessssssssssoooooooommmmmmmmme!!!!!!!!!!! Do it right now! You shouldn't make it pay to use, but I would, pay to use such awesomeness.

~Me (These are getting brief, have ya noticed?

22 Apr 2006 [comment_11065]
Steve, MR3 can wait. In fact, it can wait until you've done the anim script editor too. It can wait a looooooooong time.

22 Apr 2006 [comment_11072]
Oh yeah. Definitely

Cheese is good. So eat cheese.


22 Apr 2006 [comment_11074]
Thank you, whoever approved the awwwesssooommme!! comment for not editing it so I could fully express its awesomeness.

Cheese. ~mr#
~mr#. Well I typed it, anyway.

22 Apr 2006 [comment_11075]
5 outta 5 gud idea even though i sed it 2 weeks ago :P i am gr8 so go and eat some superglue!

22 Apr 2006 [comment_11086]
If you think it's so great then vote for it. Duh!


23 Apr 2006 [comment_11104]
Doichie, what are you talking about you said it two weeks ago?

.. Steve said it nearly a year ago.

P.S. Sorry if that's not what you meant, but the way you said it was similar to a 'you stole my idea!' post.

23 Apr 2006 [comment_11139]
Umm...Steve, I know you don't want to reveal much yet, but would you be able to control things like what ends the game, whether special objects appear yellow on the map, where and what enemies are on each screen, whether/who can be called in to help you, and create conversations?

24 Apr 2006 [comment_11156]
I'm pretty sure all that stuff would be included, Darren, otherwise it wouldn't be all that useful for making actual games. However, I could be (and knowing me, I probably am) mistaken.

24 Apr 2006 [comment_11171]
Not all of that stuff would be included. What we are talking about here is purely a Map Editor so that means:

- control what ends the game (no, Game Editor)
- whether special objects appear yellow (no, Character Editor)
- where and what enemies are on each screen (yes)
- whether/who can be called in to help you (no, Game Editor)
- create conversations (no, Cut Scene Editor, Character Editor)

you will also be able to:
- choose the size of the map (no of rooms)
- place terrain like rocks and trees
- place potions, spells, medikits
- place friendly characters

New characters would be added in one of two ways:

A) I could make them
B) I could make an anim editor, and a character editor and you could add them yourself.

By the way, doing this map editor would probably take about a month possibly two.

There would probably be three phases:
1) program a page for creating new (blank) maps
2) tidy up and modify my offline map editor to make it suitable for use on the website.
3) Modify the game engine to be able to play the new maps.

24 Apr 2006 [comment_11179]
Steve, would you be able to play your map to test how well it works?
Also, are you going to do Game Editor, Character Editor, Cut Scene Editor and Character Editor? Coz you should! Then we really could make our very own MR games...

24 Apr 2006 [comment_11198]
how about being able to save your own maps to your computer as opposed to taking up space on the website

24 Apr 2006 [comment_11203]
Wow, unless I am mistaken Steve has some very big plans in mind...

24 Apr 2006 [comment_11204]
I have a quick question about unit creation. If some one were to hypothetically have a sprite sheet for a basic unit that fit with Merlin's graphic style and general environment about how long would it take to turn the sprite sheet into a unit if it followed the exact logic of a footman?
Lets say hypothetically I uploaded a unit sprite to and it had a transparent background about how long would it take to turn into a playable unit if you chose to?

24 Apr 2006 [comment_11205]

That's some pretty nice drawing there. I would say that would take me about 2-4hrs to turn into an enemy. I hadn't intended to start taking graphical contributions at this early stage as I have no way of crediting you properly. But if you're ok with that, well, then I'm sorely tempted to drop what I was going to do tommorrow and turn this into an enemy.

24 Apr 2006 [comment_11206]
Then just make a SuperEditor?!!! All combined into one!

24 Apr 2006 [comment_11208]
hypothetically... riiight. Click on the link everybody!

24 Apr 2006 [comment_11209]
I actually don't play MR or MR2 that much any more... It's kind of like this big thing that everyone admires and is impressed by but no one uses... I guess I'll have to break that habit... To !!!!!!!!!!!!

24 Apr 2006 [comment_11211]
Red Runner
Wait, what does that mean? I hope that you'll include the Game, Character, and other editors in one. I want to be able to do what you can.

25 Apr 2006 [comment_11213]
Er, it doesn't make any sense to me to try to do all the editors at once. Why would you want to wait for me to complete everything (which would take years) when you could be using the map editor in the mean time?

25 Apr 2006 [comment_11215]
although I don't know, I believe that what Red Runner means is release them seperately, but combine them into a full MR Maker when they're done.

25 Apr 2006 [comment_11222]
Of course I am okay with letting you use the cadet. Origanally I was thinking of the unit as a squire sort of unit on your side but I wouldn't mind fighting him as an evil human bandit type guy.
I was mostly just seeing if I could copy your style of drawing and how long it takes to make a sprite.

26 Apr 2006 [comment_11250]
Darren, oh right yes of course.

Sketch, ok well, maybe if I get time I'll put him in as an experiment.

26 Apr 2006 [comment_11266]

2 Jun 2006 [comment_13506]
Elite Command
Yes, make a map editor! I want to make an insanely hard level where your surrouned by goblins or something!!

19 Jun 2006 [comment_14299]
I think this is a great idea! i cant wait!! Although I think you should have to unlock it when you beat MR3 on at least medium. If you dont MR3 will be less exiting

23 Jun 2006 [comment_14455]

26 Jun 2006 [comment_14539]
Bryzaa: Why When we complete it?
Steve, pleeeeeeze do this after MR3 straightaway, then aaaaall the other MR making kit-type-stuff!!!

8 Jul 2006 [comment_14836]

11 Jul 2006 [comment_14934]

P.S hey steve when will MR3 be done

15 Jul 2006 [comment_15050]

24 Jul 2006 [comment_15271]
did you guys know this page has 88... 89 comments?!?!

19 Dec 2006 [comment_17275]
91 now, and when will mr3 be done ?????????????????

5 Feb 2007 [comment_18622]
berlin master
its done!

15 Apr 2007 [comment_20340]
the gold wizard!
WeLL..............!i love the idea but wen wel
you do it its takeing so long i nead to say this@#!*&&!%$#?!#$@!$%!! few!!!

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