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By: steve on 3 May 2005
Rating: 5.00 in 11 votes
Status: used
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There should be a system of moderators for the suggestions database. That way, suggestions and comments could be displayed as soon as they are submitted, rather than having to wait for me to read them.

I have two ideas about how this could work.

1) members could gain 'mana' by submitting suggestions and comments and getting votes for their suggestion. They could then use this 'mana' for doing 'magic stuff' on the website like deleting (or flagging for deletion) comments and suggestions that meet whatever criteria we decide should warrant deletion. (At the moment, the only one is for causing, or being likely to cause, offense)

2) The second is that we keep the system that we have now, but I make it possible for certain chosen people to do the job I usually do.

I like the first idea better, as it is more scalable. The second way puts too much pressure on whoever takes on the job of posting the comments.

What do you think?

Child Suggestions

(later versions of this idea)

Moderators Ver 2 | Rating: 4.43
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9 May 2005 [comment_4346]
dude, i have at least 20 suggestions too, but i mean... we're talking, those guys, they've put so much time into it. and dont get me wrong, cfjcfjc, we also have put lots of work into it. and im not speaking for you here: but i know that you guys are way bigger contributors to the development of MR3 than i am. maybe you are too cfjcfjc i wasnt trying to exclude you. but you have to understand these guys have WAY more than 20 comments.

20 Jun 2005 [comment_6877]
They have way more than 100 suggestions. One thing I've seen done elsewhere, is assign mods to boards. For example. Even though Morsh (and maybe me) don't comment a huge amount on the game, we do a lot of work (Morsh mostly) on the comic, and therefore we would be the mods of that thread. You can assign multiple people to a thread for double checking, and each mod has less of a load.

20 Jun 2005 [comment_6891]
I agree. Since making this suggestion, I've realised that there are so many things I want to add to this site, it would be quicker to start again with a better system. I'll do MR3 first and then get to it. In the meantime I won't be making any major changes to the site.

7 Jul 2005 [comment_7735]
wow. i feel special. superpowers. but man, i havent been here for a while, anyway, i do hav a returning thingy in the suggestions database general section, but i left out max boose and bingo bob!!!! i truly apologize, but hey, im "elite"lol. . .

7 Jul 2005 [comment_7783]
you mean L33T. You can't come to this site if youre not going to use proper geek terminology.

8 Jul 2005 [comment_7838]

10 Jul 2005 [comment_7941]
anyway, i like the idea steve!

10 Jul 2005 [comment_7942]
i think that morsh should automatically be the comics moderator if you do this though.

10 Jul 2005 [comment_7962]
Yeah - that's the sort of thing.

10 Jul 2005 [comment_7981]
that would be cool, cos ill pretty much approve anything.

10 Jul 2005 [comment_7982]
unless it involves adult topics like popcorn...

13 Jul 2005 [comment_8119]
i like the second one better, and then under there names wherever they are, it would be like:
Moderator of Comics

(i wanna be one ;))
(nudge nudge, wink wink)
(look up there^)
did i mention im a powerful buisness man that could make large donations to whoever makes me a moderator?
hehe, i wish!
(look up there again^)

13 Jul 2005 [comment_8141]
i geuss i could do WOTE. or the ledgends. or both.

14 Jul 2005 [comment_8165]
i would want to be the moderator of the legends.

14 Jul 2005 [comment_8191]
would you be paid? i dont mind wether or not i would be paid. just a question.

0 ^|^ 0

15 Jul 2005 [comment_8196]
Probably not. I can hardly pay myself at the moment. But apart from that I think you'd have to be over 18 otherwise wouldn't it be child labour or something?

15 Jul 2005 [comment_8206]
Don't be ridiculous voronnen. Of course you wouldnt get paid... errr, would you? I would think not.

15 Jul 2005 [comment_8207]
I don't think people should be paid to be moderators, but I doubt steve was planning on it anyway, lol. That's just sorta stupid when you think about it... getting paid to visit themetalbox just like we always do, and all we'd have to do was update comments and suggestions. sheesh.

15 Jul 2005 [comment_8213]
see, your going away, so we cant make progress for a weekend, not that im angry, but this is a good example of a time for moderators.

18 Jul 2005 [comment_8239]
Absolultey right!

I'd much rather come back from my weekend and see what everyone had been chatting about rather than just stopping things dead for two days!

19 Jul 2005 [comment_8266]
good to have ye back anyway!

20 Jul 2005 [comment_8283]
thanks! good to be back :)

23 Jul 2005 [comment_8424]
i wouldn't consider me working for the metla box without pay "child labor". anyways they dont have "child labor" stuff on home planet. and women are not from venus. they are from.........anywhere! lol. i would consider it an honor to work for the metal box.........

24 Jul 2005 [comment_8441]
Well, it'd be an honour to have you I'm sure!

I don't think it can be 'child labour' unless I'm paying you and bossing you around but I'm not at all sure.

25 Jul 2005 [comment_8459]
who would report it? not me. and if some one did i could always refute the claims...........

25 Jul 2005 [comment_8460]
matlocks awsome

25 Jul 2005 [comment_8466]
hehe well, I'm not getting mixed up in all this - this site will remain voluntary - much simpler that way.

26 Jul 2005 [comment_8502]
Here's an idea: What if we could vote for our mods?

Like this:

1) Steve, you select the people who apply to be moderaters that you think have enough experiance with this kinda of thing. *cough**cough*ME*cough**hack**sneeze*

2) You make a section somewhere where people can vote for who they would like to be moderater (No one can vote for themself).

3) whomever rates the highest shall be chosen to be moderaters (the "few" that are chosen I mean).

4) After that, you assign t hem specific jobs, and find a way to allow them to view and post suggestions coming to TMB.

How does that sound *cough* Pick ME *cough*.

I have good skills with being a Mod. I am a mod for lots of forums and such, so I know how it works. Visit one of mine here:

It was made for an alliance of mine. Also, check out this one:

It's another alliance (these alliances are for a Mass Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game [MMORPG] called Darkthrone.

I am Murderer115, Skilled_Hunter, Murderer2005, and WolfKiller2K.


26 Jul 2005 [comment_8504]
That sounds like a pretty good idea.

I have an inkling that being popular on the site and being a good moderator might not be linked but so long we make that clear before the voting I think it could work.

26 Jul 2005 [comment_8517]
Dude matt man, its not cool to put yourself up for all that stuff... Though i'm sure we've all thought of suggesting ourselves for the job, most of us wouldnt be so blindingly obvious about it. Having said that, Steve, PICK ME!

jk I don't really care.

26 Jul 2005 [comment_8530]
I doubt i'll be picked anyways. oh well. Darkthrone is still cool though. Can't wait until the Gold Version comes out.

Steve: I don't think they're linked either, but I was really just saying that it is a cool site, and that that is what those forums were for. Being a Mod isn't easy though, it takes a commitment. Work hard at it, or not at all.

*sigh* I still hope I can be a mod though. It's all about experiance, reliability, and thinking skills...sort of.

27 Jul 2005 [comment_8533]
Well it sounds like you know what you're talking about. I'm not even sure how the moderating system will work yet. I'll know more when I start building the new website.

27 Jul 2005 [comment_8543]
Matt: Nice Resume, But Syeve i think has some other Requirements. I mean, I'm a Mod on 3 Sites, on the order of the AQ knights thing, and a Mini-mod on Zetapets. But we dont need Experiance..

Steve: Well, the Moderating System would be Fairly Simple..

28 Jul 2005 [comment_8558]
Really? what requirements do I have?

When I said "I don't know how it will work yet" I meant that i haven't decided how it will work. It might be simple, or it might not. I don't know because I haven't decided yet.

The whole question of moderators can only be answered once I start building the new site.

28 Jul 2005 [comment_8577]
Maybe you could just have some friends over in Ireland work for you in their spare time steve, that way you already know the people and stuff.

29 Jul 2005 [comment_8583]
Yep that could work as well. There are a few options to look at.

9 Aug 2005 [comment_8891]
steve i would do anything to help you out!

10 Aug 2005 [comment_8911]

10 Aug 2005 [comment_8925]
Even kill a baby chicken?!?!?!??

10 Aug 2005 [comment_8933]
i know that might sound a bit funny but i am one of those people that are loyal to pretty much anybody.

11 Aug 2005 [comment_8983]
yes! lots of baby chickens are killed every time somebody has scrambled eggs

11 Aug 2005 [comment_8984]
hmm i am going to have some right now lol

14 Aug 2005 [comment_9093]
mmmm i like

15 Aug 2005 [comment_9115]
i made some eggs today just a silly fyi

16 Aug 2005 [comment_9135]
hm, but if there were moderators, steve might not notice some suggestions, like if someone asked steve something, he might not notice it for like, ever.

17 Aug 2005 [comment_9161]

19 Aug 2005 [comment_9189]
thats why we could tell him!!!!!
i suppose the mods should be able to contact you steve, but yeah, id like the job, though im not gonna sit here and say really good things about myself to get it, like, for example, i have the utmost respect for steve as a person and as an irishman and as a european, being as i wish i was of british blood and i think you said you used to live there, or that i respect the entire company for not charging anything, or that i would never rest and be ever vigilante for the metal cause!(inspiring music begins in backround) for you see, this is but a simple world we live in, and its people like steve that make it a better place, we must rise to his standard in battle and- oh, wait, got a bit carried away, anyway the point is i would never say stuff like that!!!!!(PICK ME PICK ME PICK ME PICK ME)oh, but i would like the job, just a bit!

19 Aug 2005 [comment_9202]
lol! what an application!

I'm not even thinking about moderators at the moment (too busy with MR3) I definitely want to find ways to make things more self-regulating, but it might not be with moderators.

For example, one thought I had was to allow the suggestor of an idea to moderate the comments for it. I don't know if that's really a good idea though.

19 Aug 2005 [comment_9229]
lol ironman

19 Aug 2005 [comment_9236]
yea, i definatly have too much free time on my hands, (another could use for the mod cause!!!!)

26 Oct 2005 [comment_9973]
Actually, teh baby chickens are usually already dead when you're making them into scrambled eggs, and if not, then youre a sick sick man (or woman)

11 Jul 2006 [comment_14944]
note on the first thing: how about all kills and approves have to be unanimously approved by multiple people, such as three.

25 Jul 2006 [comment_15318]
if we have another database(i read that we will when mr3 is done)dont use the second one
as on the forum everything i post was getting deleted or locked before i could do anything.

28 Jul 2006 [comment_15382]
cfthingy, what are you talking about, new DB?

31 Jul 2006 [comment_15502]
yes its a suggestion i cant find

P.S dont all me cfthingy

4 Aug 2006 [comment_15637]
It's hard to remember how to spell your name...

18 Aug 2006 [comment_15878]
ok alright the first is better for me and most other people as if we use the second idea i probably wont be the moderator of anything(even though i have 270 suggestions(second best)) just because im 9. other large people may feel offended too

12 Jan 2007 [comment_17656]

13 Jan 2007 [comment_17769]
Well, when we had moderaters, it was only a few of the original members who qualified, and anyway, it's over now.

2 Feb 2007 [comment_18480]
berlin master
well i say do it steve

5 Feb 2007 [comment_18616]
It's already been done and dumped.

21 Feb 2007 [comment_19084]
steve is there any chance that you're gonna bring the moderators back, and under what conditions?

23 Feb 2007 [comment_19140]
Yes there is a chance, but I need to really get to grips with how to do it properly next time. I want to make some pretty sweeping changes to the site which this (or something like it) will probably be part of but it will have to wait until after MR4 (and possibly MR5).

23 Feb 2007 [comment_19162]
ok that's fine with me, gives me more time to do things during hte week and something to look forward to on friday. and have you niticed that when you comment on something it doesn't say new! and the suggestion comments number doesn't go up. you should fix this ol buddy! (i mean, er young buddy!)

25 Feb 2007 [comment_19255]
OK... how about this...

Let's say a member starts off with 500 mana-reputation points.

Each appropriate suggestion made, would build up.

This would give them 25 points.

When they reach 600, (just 4 suggestions), then they are allowed to post suggestions that don't have to be checked.

One offense, like a swear word, would make them fall to 0 reputation, meaning they'd have to build up 600 points, rather than a new member's 100.

When they reach 1000, they can become a moderator. You, (steve) would have to look over the suggestions to make sure that are actual suggestions, not ones made just so they can reach a specific rank.

A moderator can flag another person's suggestion, which will be shown on Friday, when the database is updated.

If it is a false one, they are dropped to 0 reputation points, and have to rebuild up.

If it is a true offense, or there is a good reason for flagging it, they will get 25 moderator points.

Starting from 0, if they reach 100, (or a specific time of no false ones (just incase no one makes bad suggestions)) they will become an Officer Moderator.

This means they can automatically freeze/hide things, without pending from you, steve.

If they misuse this, they fall all the way back to 0

Appeals can be made, and accidents can happen, so a moderator can make a mistake, and apologize, and have you, steve, undo it.



2 Mar 2007 [comment_19315]
Carefree_Butterfly, yes that sounds good and that's kind of what i thought of at first. But then I thought, "Well hang on, does the fact that someone has contributed suggestions/comments show that they would be a good moderator? Perhaps the very fact that they are interested in suggesting means that they would be more partial to the ideas rather trying to be fair. And if they were fair, would that mean that we could lose a suggestor for a moderator? In short, are not moderating and suggesting different skills that might suit different sorts of people?"

So then I thought that perhaps roles in TMB should be applied for with an application in writing that I (or latterly members of a review panel) would read and approve. Certainly it would be an advantage if the applicant could show that they have been a member for x amount of time, and contributed x,y and z to various projects but that shows loyalty and commitment rather than aptitude. Perhaps humans rather than computers should ulimately judge who would be best for each role.

2 Mar 2007 [comment_19367]
Wow, that sounded...executive.

2 Mar 2007 [comment_19428]
I am against the whole collecting points to automatically become a moderator. Or having a members points drop to 0 because they thought it would be okay to use a swear word in a funny way like a pun. Perhaps it would be better if moderators could write notes on member accounts that only other moderators could see if a member does something out of line. An example of a note of an offense: "On 2-28-07 Sketch posted a swear word in anger on suggestion 5551212 his post was edited to remove the offensive word and he recieved a warning. The origanal post was ___"
That way moderators could keep track of offenses and deside to remove or add privileges if someone violates a rule or applies to become a moderator. Just a thought.

Steve, I don't see how posted a lot of suggestions would really be a bad thing at all for a moderator I thought they just made sure nothing offensive or 18+ was posted. Unless you think that a moderator might not post a suggestion or comment because they thought it was lame :P.
I agree that moderators should be chosen by people not an automatted process. Frankly I don't know what all skills that a moderator would need or even what they do besides approve comments or flag a comment for review before it is approved.
If you posted something that explained a bit about moderators duties and responsibilities it would be helpfull. I don't know if I would be interested in being a mod as I don't know what all goes into it but I am curiouse. Oh well, I am sure you will post something about what goes into being a mod when you are looking for them.

2 Mar 2007 [comment_19430]
that sounds nice, but i think swearing should only knock you down like 100 or 200 poitns. and you should have a court, just in case things happen. and you should get taken down points for baaaad suggestions. and if like since i'm an older user, and i have over 40 suggestions, would the points be automatically added when you set taht up, or would i ahve to start at 0 or 100 or whatever the starting point is? and steve should appoint moderators. not just cuz they have alot of points. well it's not up to me, but i hope you guys like my little add ons.

9 Mar 2007 [comment_19525]
I pretty much agree with what Sketch said

Just to clarify, I didn't say that someone who makes a lot of suggestions wouldn't be a good moderator. I said that someone who would make a good moderator wouldn't neccessarily make lots of suggestions.

To clarify further, I think that being a good moderator requires being fair minded and consistent in applying the rules. On the other hand being a prolific suggestor requires being creative, imaginative and confident enough to put your ideas out there. The two skills sets are pretty much unrelated. A person could have both, but just because they have one, doesn't make it any more or less likely that they have the other.

You could be a good suggestor but a bad moderator. You could be a good moderator but a bad suggestor, or you could be good (or bad) at both.

10 Jul 2007 [comment_22138]
i'm good at sugestions in my other acount(which the name i won't tell you) got one of it's suggestions used.

13 Jul 2007 [comment_22297]
Ummmm. I stopped reading 1/2 way through, but 1st off: Morsh or some-1 said you must use geek terminology to be on this site well, guess wut, i play basketball and soccer, neither of which a total "geek" would do, so i rest my case, also if there weren't blocks on this website here would be a time were moderators would be useful, lol j/k.

22 Jul 2007 [comment_22526]

Well, how about this... there is an application page where you can apply to be a moderator.

First of all, you have to check the person's history, are they new, have they been here for a while, etc. This is computer judged.

Then, there's a short note, a written message from the applicant stating like a resume. If it sounds artificial, or contains course language, that is one of the first signs of a failing.

Second, you, steve, have to review the person's personality as a judgement to see if they are able to tell whether they can handle this responsiblilty. Are they harsh? Gentle? Organized? Thoughtful, etc.

Also, if that person checks in often, they would be effective at it.

Then, comes about 1 month of probationary period. All privileges allowed, but a more serious punishment for misuse.

Punishments: A moderator can accidentally flag or delete or improperly allow a suggestion to go through... this happens.

A first offence is nothing.

A second offence within 5 days will call for a warning.

A third offence withing 10 days of the first offence calls for a 1 week suspension, and a judging by steve... is this person fit to continue.

After 15 days, the slate is wiped clean.

---after a 1 week suspension---

A first offence calls for a warning.

A second offence withing 10 days of the first is a ban. Privileges may be revoked upon a letter of reconsideration to steve.

Any offence after that is a permanant mod ban.

After 30 days, the slate is wiped clean, and a mod will continue through the first set of punishments. (providing they are not banned)


Obviously there will be a limited amount of mods.

28 Jul 2007 [comment_22592]
Y'know, this looks like a lot more work for Steve...not to mention that people with not much time would suddenly be unable to read any comment any more.

10 Oct 2008 [comment_24577]
I think steve can just pick the people he thinks are trustworthy... i for one am on tis site a that i mean every time im on the computer i check this site...its almost sad...tho lokeys got it down for now, im sure if he wants help hed get it pretty easily.

13 Oct 2008 [comment_24587]
What ever happened to Ironman, Max Boose, Dantheman and Lord_Murder?

17 Nov 2008 [comment_24964]
hey carefree, why does that sound so familiar?Is that some other suggestion?☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

27 Apr 2009 [comment_26134]
Wow, Steve! When you post something, everyone has something to say about it! (I wish I had that many comments for My suggestins. *sob*.(Lol))

28 Apr 2009 [comment_26147]
Wait, did you say Loki? (lokey, whatever). Could this possibly be Lord Loki? If it is, I know him. Also, why was this in my suggestions DB when I logged in? Was it because it belongs to you, Steve, or was I mentioned in here before?

28 Apr 2009 [comment_26163]
That's because Steve created this site.

He IS awesome :P

28 Apr 2009 [comment_26171]
The master of wizards
yeah until he destroyed his arm now hes a nervous reck


29 Apr 2009 [comment_26175]
No. When I typed in skelodude5089 in the Search thing, this came up as one of the results. It was a little wierd...

29 Apr 2009 [comment_26180]

29 Apr 2009 [comment_26181]
(That's not wrong at all...)

Hey! Wait a second! That was my old account! WTF?!?!?!?!

30 Apr 2009 [comment_26201]
Umm...did you edit out my thing with the X-Files music? Wasn't that funny? WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME!!!!!

3 May 2009 [comment_26240]
Oh. Nv. That was another post. I must be losing my memory in my old, adolescent age...

3 May 2009 [comment_26242]
Sry i haven't been on the site in a while...
Ny-ways, i've thot of this. Instead of having multiple mods, just have the ppl who make the suggestions be in control of wut ppl say on there suggestions... I think that'd work prty well.

3 May 2009 [comment_26244]
Ahhhh, what adolescent doesn't. Curious, how old are you?

4 May 2009 [comment_26259]
(Stalker!) 14. 15 on May 31st. Then I can steal-erm-DRIVE a car.

4 May 2009 [comment_26269]
The master of wizards

5 May 2009 [comment_26280]
He said on I am a powerful asset or whatever that he's 14?

5 May 2009 [comment_26282]
Oh.I'm 12.

9 May 2010 [comment_32677]
So this has already been done?

9 May 2010 [comment_32700]
Yes, as in having approvers.

9 May 2010 [comment_32708]
Pretty much

9 May 2010 [comment_32714]

26 Apr 2011 [comment_41652]
Erik Rodriguez

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