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By: Morsh on 29 Apr 2005
Rating: 5.00 in 9 votes
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rap2 | spells | [Suggestion_1414]

Hair Grapple

It's sorta like a spell... its a 'special ability'. she can throw her hair and use it to grab ahold of higher areas and pull herself up. she can only use it like on poles or something that her hair can wrap around, and she has to find the hair-hook first.

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Hair Grapple Ver 2 | Rating: 5.00


29 Apr 2005 [comment_3678]
love it!

1 May 2005 [comment_3842]
me too!

19 May 2005 [comment_4786]
its a good one(even though i not a huge fan of RE)

19 May 2005 [comment_4835]
yes i don't actually like RE as much as MR. But then again, Merlin wouldnt have much use for a hair grapple. Or would he? I've never seen underneath his hood.... Maybe he could use his beard as a grapple?

9 Jun 2005 [comment_6068]
the gmg
wat the? His beard?!!!!!?????????

9 Jun 2005 [comment_6113]
i was sut playing i wasnt seriously meaning Merlin should grapple with his beard, lol

16 Jun 2005 [comment_6641]
Hey Morsh, I just finished making a Merlin's Revenge Comic. Here's how it goes:
Skeleton Warrior: I'm going to get you, Merlin!
Merlin: Not in a gazillion years!
I'm going to make another one tommorow. :)

17 Jun 2005 [comment_6663]
... I'm very confused. Are you making a joke about how in the past twenty years i have only made two pages of Merlins Revenge comics? If not then I just don't get your joke.

18 Jun 2005 [comment_6792]
ryan jackson
Where is the hook?

19 Jun 2005 [comment_6820]
I don't know, maybe Captain Hook has it.... hehe just kidding

11 Aug 2005 [comment_8972]
how about there's a hair curler and she hooks onto the poles with her 'curly locks'

10 Feb 2006 [comment_10149]
I like blasters idea, you could press a key to make her hair curl, which will grab enemies, poles, ect.

25 May 2010 [comment_33549]
Erik Rodriguez
wth....this is MR not RE i dont even like RE

25 May 2010 [comment_33557]
Try again? This is most certainly rap2!

27 May 2010 [comment_33605]
Erik Rodriguez
shouldnt this be in the rap2 section?

27 May 2010 [comment_33610]
It is.

27 May 2010 [comment_33611]

27 May 2010 [comment_33614]
"rap2 | spells | [Suggestion_1414]

Says it right at the top...

28 May 2010 [comment_33659]
Yup.i accidentaly thought that this idea was for Merlin.

28 May 2010 [comment_33684]

28 May 2010 [comment_33698]

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