Rapunzel's Escape - Diary of a Game

This is a diary I kept while I was making the game.

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Rapunzel Begins

31st May 2004

Well, I didn't get very far with the anim scripts just yet. I'll come back to them later, because today I got commissioned to make a new game called "Rapunzel's Escape" which is going to be on the following site:


The game will be a side-on platform game and will feature Rapunzel escaping from the witches tower.

Fear not, however, this doesn't mean that work on MR3 has stopped - the two games will share a common code base and much development work done for Rapunzel will also be useful for MR3. For starters, Rapunzel will use MR3's screens and sprites handling system that I outlined earlier.

Rapunzel Graphics Started

31st May 2004

Designed the sprites for Rapunzel herself today. Rapunzel is famous for her long hair and the game is for a site called longhairlovers.com so it seems appropriate to have her hair be one of the main features of the game.

As such, Rapunzel will use her hair to whip enemies into submission, her hair will be growable by collecting potions. Because it's so important, the hair will be made up of multiple sprites. This will allow it to move around more freely than if it was drawn as part of the Rapunzel sprite.
Rapunzel > Hair > Mockup of how it will look in game >

Rapunzel Movement

4th Jun 2004

Got Rapunzel moving around the screen today. She runs and jumps just as you would expect from a platform game. There is a bit of inertia in her movement which gives her a pleasant little skid when you let go of the movement key. Also, she can jump various heights - when the player releases the jump key, she starts to fall earthward.

Rapunzel Hair

7th Jun 2004

Got Rapunzel's hair going today. This is obviously a hugely important aspect of the game since it's called "Rapunzel" and the it's for a website called "Long Hair Lovers". As detailed eariler, the hair is made up of individual sprites. The effect of it moving round the screen is better than I had hoped for.

Rapunzel Animation

5th Jun 2004

Animated Rapunzel. She now walks and jumps as you would expect a cutesy platform character to!

Rapunzel Goblin

10th Jun 2004

Designed a Goblin for Rapunzel to fight today. For some reason, he's come out looking like a pteradactyl (is that how you spell that?) but hey, there's no accounting for the forms that evil will take is there?

Rapunzel Goblin Collision Detection

11th Jun 2004

Made it so the goblins can be thrown around by Rapnuzel's hair today. Pretty fun! You can't see it in the image, but the goblins are getting hit by her hair and thrown around the screen.

Rapunzel Goblin Reel

12th Jun 2004

Today, I made the Goblin 'reel' upon being attacked. Bascially, upon being hit by an attack the goblin get stunned and spins through the air. When he hits the ground, he sits there for a while, still stunned, then he gets up, looks around and goes off to attack Rapunzel.

Rapunzel Goblin Attack

15th Jun 2004

Gave the goblin the ability to attack Rapunzel today. The attack consists of the simple and time honoured method known as "the punch". When the goblin executes this maneuver successfully Rapunzel reels backwards and slightly upwards and of course, looses a small amount of health.

Rapunzel Goblin Die

16th Jun 2004

Today, I made it possible for the Goblins and Rapunzel to die. Not pleasent I know, but it's all just part of the great cycle for a game sprite. In this case, the death sequence for the golbins involves flashing and disappearing. For Rapunzel, she flies up into the air, flapping her arms about in classic plaform character style (shown below).


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