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Here are some comments from people who played Rapunzel's Escape...

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Also, whilst I am delighted to read your ideas and suggestions, I would like to make it clear that there are currently no plans for a Rapunzel 2 and even if there were, most ideas would not make it into the game. The reason for this is simply that it takes a lot of work to implement each idea and there is only me doing it! That doesn't mean don't send in ideas - I just don't want to raise false expectations, especially among the younger people.



On 5th Apr 2006, Seyon wrote,

Im just curious, did I find a cheat or an old testing system in Rapunzel. When you press X you get a hair, pressing C takes away hair.

Steve replied,

yep, those are the cheat keys.

On 17th Mar 2006, Raikuu (???) wrote,

Yo Steve. the Rapunzle escaping the tower of doom or you die game is fun. But there's one thing, can you make it easier to whip your hair up or downwards?
Because Rapunzle has a really hard time handling that. Please yell at her and tell her to whip her hair up and down (jeez).

PS: Do you like pie (I'm am serious. I'm not trying to be funny)?

Steve replied,

Nope, I don't intend to change the controls for Rapunzel. The trick is to get a rythym going so that your hair spins around you in a circle.

I did yell at her, but then she started crying and I had to go buy her a box of chocolates to say sorry and then she ate them and started crying again because she thinks she's getting fat.

Conclusion: don't shout at girls. It can have unpredicatable results.

PS: Yes, I like pie. Chicken pie mainly. Pie is a very serious subject.

On 3rd Mar 2006, Donut wrote,

When you use the hair cheat in Rapunsles Escape, it sllllloooooowwwwwwwwwssssssss down a whole bunch. If you can't fix it, choose on of the folowing

(A.)Say sorry and do other stuffs.

(B.) Eat dinner.

(C.) Get me a soda

p.s. I hope it's c.

Steve replied,

Sorry! turned out it was (B). I'm not going to apologise for that - it's a cheat mode! And the nature of it means that everyone's computer will eventually slow down if you press the key enough times.

On 1st Mar 2006, robert v 2.0 wrote,

okay there r 532 gems i sweeped every screen and the bonus ones so there!oh and u shud read the weapons suggestions 4 rap read punch trust me u need 2 see this......pop poop pooop

On 1st Mar 2006, robert v 2.0 wrote,

the names robert v 2.0 {if u think of a better name just let me know]okay i,ll check 1 last time bur u sure there r that many?

On 23rd Feb 2006, Jessica wrote,

Sorry Robbie baby. EXACTLY 532. Maybe you don't know the game as well as you think? P.S. Steve is cool, and so is this game!

Steve replied,


On 13th Dec 2005, robert v 2.0 wrote,

on rap there r exactly 517.how do u like that jessica?

tanx 4 uzin my other post about the end bit 4 1 of ur posts jessica

On 12th Dec 2005, robert v 2.0 wrote,

sorry about that lastpost on rap i knew how 2 get those gem U mentioned i men 2 say 5 rows down 3 screens across sorry about that.

Steve replied,

oh right, gotcha!

Sorry, I miscounted.

Yeah, those ones - you have to let yourself get hit by one of the goblins. Rapunzel comes off the ground slightly when she gets hit, so you wait for that to happen, then press jump. This will give you a few extra pixels on your jump which allows you to reach the platform. From there you can collect the gems.

Good luck!

On 19th Nov 2005, Jessica wrote,

I counted 532 gems. Is that right?

Steve replied,

I can't remember! Sounds about right yes.

On 19th Nov 2005, Jessica wrote,

"They are just about to get up to some funny business when the Prince spots something moving out FO the corner of his eye." I think that was a typo in the last part of the story of RE. Otherwise, the game is so cute! Keep up the good work!

Steve replied,

ooops! well spotted! I'll put it in my list of things to fix.

On 16th Nov 2005, robert v 2.0 wrote,

on rapunzel why cant i get up 2 the gems on the 4th row down 3rd screen across?!could u please fix it

Steve replied,

it's not bug. you can get up by using by jumping into the wall on the left. some of the blocks aren't solid.

On 5th Nov 2005, robert v 2.0 wrote,

hey i beat repunzels escape and it said they were about 2 get up 2 some funny stuff.but i know wat dat means dont go bad on us all steve.

i look forward 2 repunzels escape 2 when will it b done cause i like the design 4 da 1st 1?
ive also got an enemy 4 da 2nd 1 brace ur self.{no sereasly i mean it]ill send it in my next post.

Steve replied,

There are no plans to make Rap 2 at the moment. I only put up the suggestion database for it because poeple weere sending in suggestions anyway.

On 20th Oct 2005, kude (???) wrote,

can you plz make possible to save game in rapunzels escape?

Steve replied,

This might be added in the future.

On 8th Oct 2005, Mitchell the Azure Avenger wrote,

BUG!! I have found another bug in Rapunzel. Everybody's eyes are transparent!
And those bats still don't fly off.

Steve replied,

Please report bugs here (you'll need to log on first):



On 11th Sep 2005, KRIS BAILEY wrote,

This game is cool! I like the way Rapunzel looks also.
The game is easy to understand & play. It really captured my attention.

Steve replied,

Thanks dude! Glad you liked it.

On 6th Sep 2005, l00t wrote,

If you press K, It kills all enemies on screen. If you press X you grow hair. If you press C it Cuts your hair. Is there any more cheats?

Steve replied,

Nope, that's all the cheats for Rapunzel.

On 3rd Sep 2005, Eric9000 wrote,

I found a bug in Rapunzel's Escape. When you die against the Big Witch with all of your hair, there's a gap in the hair. After you finish MR3, can you fix it?

Steve replied,

There is always a slight gap. You only notice it when rapunzel dies, because she is then travelling fast enough to make the gap really big.

I don't think it's serious enough to warrent fixing.

On 22nd Aug 2005, is that it? wrote,

keep pressing X to grow your hair, i grew mien so long that i just had to wealk thru each level.

Steve replied,

Indeed, you've discovered on the cheat keys. Well done!

On 20th Aug 2005, Tim wrote,

I got 14 pieces of hair, 31 Con., 5 Lives, 27 Gems (527 total gems). Is that all there is?

Steve replied,

Er, yep, sounds about right! :)

On 22nd Jul 2005, darkfire_destiny wrote,

Pretty good game, although i think its a little easy. If you kill the witch its basically over, and its not that hard, i was able to do it with just 2 extra lives. So good game a little easy tho.

Steve replied,

Thanks, I agree that it is a little easy - I thought it better to err on the side of easyness since the method for killing baddies is somewhat unusual. If there is ever a Rapunzel 2, I'll ramp up the difficulty level a bit.

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