Move Your Feet B Comments

Here are comments that people have sent in about Move Your Feet Game B.
On 25th Dec 2005, Mitchell the Azure Avenger wrote,

I have found another glitch: this time in Move Your Feet B. Ramps and buses that you've already jumped can be passed directly through going right.

Steve replied,

That's not a glitch, the ramps only work one way to allow you to get a run up if you need to.

On 7th May 2005, Morsh wrote,

today at school i had some free time (they finally unblocked your site, for a while they blocked it) and i played move your feet a, b, and c. I think a and c are really fun, and b reminds me of this one really really old video game i played before. Either way, i just wanted to say that those games are fun! im glad i decided to try them

Steve replied,


I like b the best out of those games. It's the most original and it's the only game I've made with scrolling in.

On 16th Apr 2005, blaster (bloodstain) wrote,

just cuz theres no-where else to say it are there any cheats on move your feet b?

Steve replied,

No, that game doesn't have any cheats.


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