Merlin's Revenge 4 Log

This is a log I'm keeping while I make the game.

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New map: MR1 esque by m4e

11th Oct 2014

megaman4ever has released a brand new map - it's an intriguing one this, as it's based on the MR1 map, but brought up to date with some new twists.

I had a go and got mullered by bats, but don't let that put you off, I'm sure you're better than me at this game.

Play it here

Comment here

Map statistics available

29th Jul 2014

I've added some map statistics. I think it's jolly interesting!

Go to Merlin Created and click "Screens of Death".

It might not appear exactly right straight away - if you see this sort of thing...

Hit F5 and you'll see this...

which is much better.

New maps available

15th Jul 2014

merlin1234 has been hard at work building maps and has released during the last week.

Head over to the merlin created section to play, rate and comment on them. Some of them are awesome - others "merely" excellent :)

Energy Beam more accurate again

13th Sep 2013

I have removed the randomness from the Energy Beam. This brings it back to being a sniping weapon and also makes it more powerful.

These changes make megaman4ever's Danmaku map a little more doable; now I'm stuck on screen 5 instead of screen 7 :)

Have a go yourself and see what you think.

Danmaku - the bullet hell

9th Sep 2013

Two new maps from megaman4ever.

Well they are actually the same map, but you can play with either beam or pulse. I can't beat either of them but I'm a wuss - I'm sure you can do better :) (beam) (pulse)

He also updated the Descent into darkness map for fairer balance - it's still pretty tough. I fixed a bug in the game engine so it displays properly now.

Good luck!
Thanks megaman4ever!

Reel is back

21st Aug 2013

Blasting goblins feels good again! Unfortunately, now the goblin towers are misbehaving. Let me know what other unwanted behavior you notice and I'll fix it up.

Merlin Created - polish

20th Aug 2013

Yesterday and today, I've been fixing some minor bugs around Merlin Created and adding links to make navigation easier.

Most important of these for me was that the site was counting Merlin Created activity as Merlin Evo activity.

Now we can see that since 2013-08-15 00:00:00

Merlin Created was played 184 times
Merlin Evo was played 84 times

Also the graphs on Merlin Evo now filter the Merlin Created events.

Other changes
* add link to suggestions and comments in the Website status box (thanks note)
* update best viewed in firefox link (thanks megaman4ever
* add Merlin Created to member panel
* add link to choose another map under game
* remove "Play" option from map suggestions which are not actually maps
* map aaa cutscene and room events faulty - now fixed

Merlin's Quest - Air_O2's vision for MR4

17th Aug 2013

Straight after publishing Merlin Created and the associated maps, I find a gem of a suggestion waiting in the admin area.

Big apologies to Air_02 for the delay, but actually the timing couldn't be better. I've put this new map straight into the list of playable maps, and I have to say it looks really good from the few screens I have played through so far.

In the current Merlin Engine, the energy blast isn't having the reel effect it ought to. So it's not as fun to use as it should be. I'll get that fixed asap - this map in particular will benefit from that.

Merlin Created - playable community maps

16th Aug 2013

I have uploaded a selection of community made maps and made them playable online. The maps were made (probably years ago by now) by members of the tmb community, but I didn't record who made which map because I am a fool :)

I suspect a lot of them were done by megaman4ever and and a couple of other people. If you were the guy who made one of them or you know who did, let me know in the comments (each map is also a suggestion) and I'll change it over to your username.

I have grouped them together under the game "Merlin Created" (as opposed to "Merlin Evolution", see? balance ;) )

The maps get scored through the Merlin Evo system, so we can see which maps are being played the most. I think some of the maps were only supposed to be experiments so don't judge them too harshly. I have to say, it's pretty nice to play a map that was designed by someone again!

See what you think...

Merlin Evo spit and polish

27th Jul 2013

Done a few minor tweaks around merlin evo today.

* Reduced the number of entries shown for each table on the merlin evo page - you now see the top three, plus yourself and the guys above and below you.

* Added an update to the login page to show how many times merlin evo has been played since your last login.

* Added a new menu in game, where if there is no merlin on the map, it gives you the option to quit.


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