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Here are comments that people sent in for Merlin's Revenge 4.

On 27th Jun 2012, merlin1234 (none) wrote,

Hi Thats all Lol
Yeah no thats too short so i will make small conversation with ulin and merlin

m:you alright?

U:My back is killing me

m:ahh ive had those problems

m:i got rid of them tho

m:You want the secret?



u:I need it,ohhh

m:The secret is berlins tv

u:berlins tv!?

m:yes stand and watch it for over a year and the pain will go away


Berlin: No you geezer
thats what caused it you've been standing for like 2 years

u:What did you say

Berlin: nevermind...
M:exit stage left
U:stand look left
B: exit stage right
U:stand look right

lights fade to black

anyways after all that unnessasary chat
with ulin berlin and merlin does ulin have bad hearing or a bad back?

steve replied,


I never gave ulin bad hearing, but there's no reason why not, might be an amusing character trait.

Maybe he just pretends to have bad hearing so people will talk carelessly around him.

On 26th Apr 2011, wrote,


Any chance you could add a news item for the current mr4 demo?

steve replied,

Sure thing!

On 22nd Mar 2011, Jon123 wrote,

Hey man, wanted to ask you if MR4 is still active, since I haven't seen any updates since 2010. Thanks!

steve replied,

Yeah it's still active. has been putting loads into it.

On 25th Dec 2010, RenegadeWallace wrote,

I've been waiting on the finished version of Merlin's Revenge 4 for quite some time now. Are you still planning on completing the game at some point or have you abandoned the series? please let me know your plans so I know whether or not to expect this game in the future.

steve replied,

The way the MR games are made has changed drastically. MR4 will be the first in the series made entirely by the TMB community rather than by me.

It will be finished sometime, and it will be the biggest MR ever!

On 18th Nov 2010, evilishies wrote,


I haven't checked this place in a while. It's great to see that you're finally back Steve, and that MR4 is alive and being made! It looks and plays great so far, if a little difficult. Also, I really appreciate the support for my music! I definitely wish I had cleaned up some of the tunes more, but the concept of mixing up the older and newer versions is... interesting, to say the least.

If you are at all looking for new tunes, I have new tracks that are very much in the vein of the old. They are also substantially longer, ranging between 2 and 3 minutes. One is in fact a remix of the MR3 'theme'. I'm definitely willing to at least give the two up that are on my (very old) Myspace:

steve replied,

Hey there,

Good to hear from you!

Yeah it's good to see a bit more buzz around the place. has been doing a fantastic job putting MR4 together and he was just asking about music the other day.

I found three songs on your site, so I'm not sure which two you would be willing to put in the game, but whichever two they are, we'll take 'em cos they're all excellent!

Well glad you're doing well, and keeping on with the music. Thanks for getting back in touch.

On 16th Oct 2010, crazymerlinman321 wrote,

I was wondering of what kind of suggestions that are mostly needed right now. Could you give me some kind list Steve? Please.

steve replied,

I think probably bug reports and possibly plot scripts.

What we need most is for people to play the game and give feedback about the map or anything that could be improved.

Thanks for asking

On 11th Oct 2010, ♪ (<>) wrote,

Music-wise, for a finished mr4, I think dropping a line to MR. ROX may be a good idea.

steve replied,

Well, I tried but the mail bounced back to me. I guess he doesn't use that address any more.

The good news is evilishies may be back in town.

On 2nd Oct 2010, Bedrin wrote,

Everytime I try to load MR:TB, it keeps saying the license for it on this website is missing. Whats going on?

steve replied,

Ok try it again now. It's fixed now (I think).

On 8th Sep 2010, Flaxicon (none) wrote,

I have 2 bugs to report
1 bug reporting is down
and 2
i crashed the game by using army capture on berlin(i think that who it was)

steve replied,

Yes the bug reporting tool got hacked, we're now accepting bugs through the suggestion database. (use type = bug)

Please submit your bug here and then the right person will see it.

I'd do it myself, but then you wouldn't get the credit for reporting the bug.


On 27th Aug 2010, ♪ (Bug Reporters, Inc) wrote,

Bug Found: excessive cheating(k)(when hit really close together, on screens with monsters who reincarnate) can cause things to die before they are initialized. Possible solution: add an property pInitialised to objGameObject, that starts as false on new me, and initialises to true
then, before updateDead() it checks whether the object has been initialised.

steve replied,

I'm guessing that you've probably fixed this by now?

On 26th Aug 2010, WizardOfPie wrote,

Merlins revenge 4... ive waited so long.... SO LONG and nothings changed on it... im sorry but thats just terrible... its been over a year.... its a flash game..... JUST FINISH IT

steve replied,

While you were checking MR4, work was progressing on Merlin Open. Those changes have now been updated to the MR4 page and you will see that a lot has changed since MR3.

Please note that if you would like to speed up the progress of MR4, you could always help. Sending in this kind of thing only demoralizes us, which slows things down.

On 20th Aug 2010, Bedrin wrote,

I have been waiting forever to play the 4th merlins Revenge. Any idea on its ETA to The Metal Box?

steve replied,

Sorry afraid not.

Here's the situation: we are currently working on MR open. At some point, we'll branch off a version of this and make MR4 from it.

For my part, I am working on improving the site to make it easier for tmb members to collaborate on MR Open.

In the meantime, if you download MR Open from the downloads section, you'll find lots of new MR content albeit a bit rough around the edges.

On 29th Jul 2010, ♪ (☺☻☺☻☺) wrote,

Dear Steve:
This looks interesting.

I haven't had time to look at the source yet, but it might have something useful to getting the gfx out of the director file.

steve replied,

Thanks for researching this. Alas, it solves a different problem. This is more for uploading an image to the server. It's really using php in the background to do this, the shockwave bit is just a pretty front end to it.

On 18th Jul 2010, crazymerlinman321 wrote,

Hello Steve.
Could we change the color of the block on the minimap of where Merlin is? I understand that it is big and yellow but maybe we could make it big and blue or something?

steve replied,

I think this should be a suggestion so we can see what everyone thinks, and maybe elaborate on the reasons why.

On 18th Jul 2010, crazymerlinman321 wrote,

Hello Steve. :)

So, I decided to look around the MR4 Alpha for bugs. When I was playing the third screen, if you press K a bunch of times the game crashes.
I think it is because you have to press K a bunch because there is the Hydras and those Ice Golems.

steve replied,

Well on the one hand MR4 alpha is quite old so that bug might not be there in the latest MR open.

On the other hand it probably is so I'll check it out.

On 16th Jul 2010, ♪ (<><><><>) wrote,

I get this strange feeling that we should pester sketch a little bit. He must certainly have internet by now! (Maybe?)

steve replied,

I would like to wait until I have a proper way to add graphics to the game through the site. But if you know his address, feel free.

On 15th Jul 2010, crazymerlinman321 wrote,

Hey Steve!
I am here to say that you forgot to add the Ice or Blue golem to list below the screen when you play MR4. You know where it says "additions"? Ya it isn't there.

steve replied,

Ok, I'm probably not going to add that now. The list is time sensitive and I can't recall when I added that.

On 13th Jul 2010, crazymerlinman321 wrote,

Hello Steve.

I am here to say that I want the Skeleton Headthrowers to have more HP. They seem very very weak. Two fully charged energy blasts and they are dead. So maybe a little increase in the HP?

steve replied,

Ok I'll try to remember that next time I'm play testing.

On 10th Jul 2010, crazymerlinman321 wrote,

Ummmmm, I don't know if this my keyboard but how come in MR4 and in MR2, when I move I can't move my cursor. If I don't move, I can move the cursor. What is wrong?
Also sometimes Merlin runs by himself.

steve replied,

That sounds like a problem with your computer. It sounds like the keyboard and mouse signals are getting mixed up.

To test this you could:
- try a different computer
- try plugging in a different mouse and keyboard into your existing computer
- try changing the defined key on mr to see if that makes any difference

If anyone else is also having these problems please let me know.

On 10th Jul 2010, crazymerlinman321 wrote,

Dear Steve,
could you explain what auras are? I see the word in the topics but I don't know what they are still.

steve replied,

Well the way auras worked in Warcraft 3 was that they were permanent effects that benefited the wearer or harm their enemies.

Unlike a spell which must be charged and fired, an aura would be there all the time.

That's my understanding anyway.

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