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Here are some comments from people who played Merlin's Revenge 2 with Scoring

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On 4th Jan 2011, Harlan wrote,

When I try to load MR2 w/ scoring, all goes well until it tries to retrieve my best score. Then it hits an error and the Shockwave movie is "unable to continue." What should I do?

steve replied,

Thanks for letting me know. It's to do with new security settings. I should have it fixed in the next few days.

On 10th Jul 2010, crazymerlinman321 wrote,

The MR2 scoring is not working for me. It is not loading when it says retrieving your score.

steve replied,

Thanks for letting me know.

I've just spent an hour checking it out. I can't quite tell what's wrong, but I think it has something to do with tighter security on the site. My offline version isn't working either, but it has a different error.

I'll have to dig out the shockwave movie for this and do a new version to get it working again. So it may take a while for me to get around to that.

On 20th Mar 2009, XENOCIDEX wrote,

in MR 2 w/ scoring, the monster summon doesn't autofire with the golden machine gun like in the first where it only autofired if you could summon more, in this game, it never autofires

steve replied,

I tried to check this out but you can't cheat in MR2 with scoring. I'll have to set up a development environment (I don't even have Windows setup properly these days).

I'll get around to it at some point.

On 25th Jun 2007, Red Runner wrote,

Hey Steve, I was looking at the MR 2 high scores. You placed # 41 at your own game. C(-:

Steve replied,

Yes indeed. I am delighted about that, there would be nothing more depressing than being the best the best at one's own game. That would mean that no-one else understood it as well as me. As it is those 40 people above me in the highscores make me very happy! :)

On 14th Jan 2007, Eric9000 wrote,

Get rid of the fang bunny babies!!! They are not suitible for MR2 SCORING!!

Steve replied,

It's a bit late for this kind of feedback on MR2 Scoring isn't it? This game has been out for ages!

Bear in mind, MR2 scoring is supposed to be tough. It's for hardcore players who want to out-macho each other. If you want an easier game, I suggest playing the original MR2.

On 5th Jan 2007, merrevmas wrote,

I am stuck on hard! which I can't DO AARRRRRRGGGGGG

Steve replied,

I take it you're talking about MR2 with scoring. It's stuck on hard to avoid having to keep three hi-score tables (one for each difficulty). If you want to play MR2 on easy, you can play the regular (non-scoring) version. (You need to start a new game to change the difficulty setting.)

On 25th Sep 2006, Xantria (None) wrote,

Yargh! My score, knocked down by a hacker/cheater. Is nothing sacred?! (Kind of expected for any online scoring game anyway)

At least I'm a number one non-cheater. Even after all this time, I still play this game when I'm bored at work.

Steve replied,

Hmmph. First time it's been hacked. Well I deleted the bogus score, so you're still no.1!

On 14th Sep 2006, Lars (YDWTK) wrote,

Prepare to be dethroned!!! The mighty medikit glitch will not used. Check Mantis on MRII Scoring.

Steve replied,

Lol, yes, it's just glitch in the counting mechanism. You haven't really got extra medikits.

On 8th Sep 2006, Donut wrote,

hmmm it doesn't seem my e-mail address- OH!!! there it is!! nvm. and i see there haven't been many suggestions on mr2 with scoring. i saw one by me form march. i mispelled alot of stuff. wow. just, wow.

Steve replied,

Well no. I guess that's because MR2 scoring was never really a community type project. It was just, well, MR2 but with, er, scoring.

On 5th Sep 2006, Lars (YDWTK) wrote,

Ha! Just completed MRII scoring... seriously good game! Are you gonna add MRIII Scoring?

42nd place! (was 49 but I killed both those dragons by the scarlet wizard.)

Steve replied,

Thanks dude. At the moment I don't have plans to do MR3 scoring, but it might happen in the future sometime.

42nd place is great! I'm only in 37th myself :)

You know, I love the fact that there are so many people who are better at this game than me!

On 23rd Jun 2006, EliteJeff wrote,

Yeah, i noticed something.... your 2.1 hi-score list has the same intro (top one... particularly inflated...) as the 2.0 version. It even says that the 2.1 is 2.0... and did I mention the scores are all over 350 days old?

Steve replied,

Well, it's been up for quite a while now, er. Or maybe there's a bug.

On 21st Jun 2006, Fatty-boy wrote,

Check MR2 highscores. Look Brandus, number 15. But look at the date! 2395 days ago! It's almost 6 years! At least in my computer shows that, and I don't know if I'm the only one.

PS:In MR3, I got lvl 13 Merlin. That is a cheat, yes.

Steve replied,

Yes, there must be a bug somewhere in the scoring system. I looked into it a while ago but I couldn't work out what was happening.

PS: Not a cheat, just a certain play-style.

On 14th Jun 2006, freekthegeek wrote,

Awesome game. I enjoyed it much more than the first one, but I thought that one was cool too.

you dont get any points for killing the scarlet wizard =[

And why do the bats give you so many points when they are so easy to kill?

1595071 on my first try shooting for higher.

Steve replied,

Glad you like it.

Yeah no points for scarlet - that was too tricky to do for some reason.

I can't remember putting bats into MR2! Er, it's probable that the enemies won't be worth exactly the right amounts - I just had to do it based on my own feelings.

Anyway glad you liked it!

On 10th Apr 2006, Darren (Book/Chewing Productions) wrote,

Hmm...why does MR2 scoring have the mousebreaker symbol on it?

Steve replied,

Because they paid me to make the special version for their website. But they kindly allowed me to put it on my site too.

On 22nd Mar 2006, Fatty-boy wrote,

Now I'm really happy. Got 3rd place in MR2 high scores.

For creating such a good game, I thank you with this link: '' (Be sure that music is on)!

Steve replied,

And since writing this, you got 1st. I couldn't post your "suggestion" regarding this fact because, well, let's be honest - it wasn't a suggestion. But well done anyway!

And thanks for the compliment! That means a lot to me.

On 17th Mar 2006, Raikuu (???) wrote,

Dude! Yo! MR2 with scoring is awesome! very high replay value! I've beaten the game many times, and it's just so addicting! You are a genious! At making games.

PS:I'm saying this here cuz I'm not able to report a bug at the bug station. Don't know how. Anyway, on my recent game, when I moved right, I went right but I faced left. Same with walking left. I faced right. Why was merlin doing the moon walk???

Steve replied,


You need to create a sperate account on the bug website to report a bug. I have no idea why that happened but I wasn't able to make it happen myself. Sorry!

On 9th Mar 2006, Donut wrote,

How come the black orc can't kill the rock guys but he can wate me.I don't see much of a difference. Plus if your playing mr2 with scoring( do you have an abriviation forwith scoring?) You might want to take out the necros cuz they is worth more points that other stuff that takes awhile to kill.

Steve replied,

The rock guys have more hitpoints than Merlin. The black orc does 30 damage which is precisely the right amount to waste Merlin.

All of the abbreviations used in TMB (there's one now) were first used by other people. I don't want to spoil that so please just invent one and go ahead and start using it. We'll all follow suit.

The necros are worth a lot of points because they summon a lot of enemies and can take a long time to kill if you include the enemies they summon into the equation. Well, that was my thinking on it anyway.

On 28th Feb 2006, jkuhl wrote,

I just wanted to say, your game is the only game on the internet worth playing. It is a great game, and I've enjoyed it since MR1 back when that came out. 1587567 on my first try in the scored version.

Steve replied,

Thanks dude!

And well done on your magnificent score - that's excellent for a first go!

On 27th Feb 2006, aaron wrote,

how r u ment to beat it in hard!?!??!? the black fortress tars makes it hard, theres got to be some cheats, please!

Steve replied,

Well, it *is* supposed to be hard. The key thing is to get the speed ups (green potions) early. Then head for the Black Fortress to get the monster summon. I usually go "round the back": there is a back way into the black fortress via a quadranid nest (the little orange things). That screen is quite hard, but once you get past it the Black Fortress is easier. If you don't know where I mean, I would suggest playing the normal MR2 and using the K cheat to plan out a route.

At the end of the day though, if you can't do it don't worry, it's only supposed to be for people who beat MR2 easily and want to show off their skills.

Good luck :)

On 23rd Feb 2006, Donut wrote,

How many points is Scarlet worth in MR2 with scoring.

Steve replied,

Precisely 0. He just triggers the end of the game, if I remember correctly.

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