Lemony Snicket - Game 10

This boat game is the tenth game in the Unfortunate Events series of games. Those games tie in with a series of books by the same name and were designed as a promotional aid and to give more depth to the entertainment experience offered by the books. You can find the series on the shelves of most libraries and can be purchased online or at a book store.

The aim of this, the last game, is to discover the position of Lemony Snicket who is hiding somewhere underwater. The player must accomplish this by dropping buoys around the area, the closest buoy to Lemony Snicket entered on the Unfortunate Events website will win a prize.

* No prizes are offered for playing the game on this site*

The role of The Metal Box in this production was to supply the coding to make the experience of sailing the boat realisitic and satisfying. We did this by using heavy control damping to make the boat seem as if it were on water, bobbing effects and variable speed according to whether the boat is sailing with or against the wind. The wind speed and direction is indicated by the speed and direction of the passing clouds.

We were also able to make the game communicate with existing database system implemented for the other games in order to discover and submit the players score.

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