Breakout: Extended Play

Who needs another Breakout game, right? Wrong! You do!

Breakout: Extended Play isn't just another Breakout game, it's another world! Actually it is just another Breakout game but it does have some extra features which don't seem to have appeared in any other Breakout games to my knowledge and therefore maybe able to offer you a little bit of extra fun.


There are extra balls to collect which have more destructive power than the original yellow one. Green and Red balls damage surrounding bricks (indicated by a darkening of colour) as well as destroying the one they hit. The Orange and Blue balls lay mines, which detonate on contact with a ball of any colour. In the case of Orange the mines are weak, but the ball lays more of them, the Blue mines are strong and lay more mines when they explode. Each screen full of bricks is generated randomly (apart from the first), which means that no two games will be the same.


The bat and balls feature motion blur and the bricks glow and fade out smoothly rather than just disappearing.


A title screen, high score screen and instruction screen have been added along with a demo mode. The highscore is rather unusual in that it records the players name as a sequence of mouse strokes, which it plays back when the highscore chart is displayed. Entering your name is rather like using a very simple paint package.

Cheat keys

Various cheats have been added for additional fun.
1 - new ball (green)
2 - new ball (red)
3 - new ball (blue)
4 - new ball (orange)
g - make bricks grow (if there are any growing bricks on screen)
k - kill all bricks and start a new level

Normal keys/controls

mouse - move bat
mouseclick - new ball
s - toggle sound on/off
< - decrease game speed
> - increase game speed
a - automatically control game speed (default)

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