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By: steve on 7 Nov 2010
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tmb_website | game_mechanics | [Suggestion_6880]

Changes to the Website

I have been making some modifications to the website, including re-organising the abilities system. If you have any problems please try logging out and logging in again.

If you still get problems please let me know in the comments of the suggestion link to below.

On the suggestion page, if no suggestion is selected (eg. if someone clicks the icon on the home page) it now show the suggestion with the most recent comment.

On the make_suggestion page, the HTML help table was added, and the big red box warning what not to post was taken away.

Also, I added a new suggestion sub-type 'Bug'

On the contact page, the link to the old bug system was removed.

Bug fixes
Users with apostrophes in their name can now post comments without upsetting the system.

Re-organise abilities
Abilities were previously stored as a delimited string, now they have their own table and a join table to assign abilities to members. This is a background change and shouldn't affect your experience.

Member CV Page
Abilities are now displayed on every member's CV page.

A summary of your road map activity also displays here now, along with a link which shows that member's road map.

A reminder, you can view any member's CV by clicking on their name on one of their comments or suggestions.
Roadmapped by steve (done)


8 Nov 2010 [comment_40021]

8 Nov 2010 [comment_40027]
Ooh Ooh Ooh!
Links to the bugs forum need to be removed from the game pages as well.(green box)

11 Nov 2010 [comment_40077]
Good point!

15 Nov 2010 [comment_40127]

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