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By: steve on 26 Sep 2010
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Add to Roadmap

I have a done a fairly major update to the site - if you spot any problems or error messages please let me know.

The biggest thing is that you can now add suggestions to your own personal road map. I especially would like to add any suggestions he has worked on / or is working on and mark as done as appropriate. This will ensure he gets the credit for his hard (and excellent) work. Otherwise, it'll look like I did it.

Whenever you log in you'll see a summary of changes that have happened in the road map since your last login. If you click on a member name, the display will group by member instead of by action.

You can also adjust the date (and time) that the website show new things from. Handy if you have to log out some day before you've read everything.

I should mention as well that even when suggestions are marked as done, they won't change to used. For that, they have to be marked as 'merged' and only I can do that (and I haven't given myself a tool to do it with yet!)
Roadmapped by steve (done)


26 Sep 2010 [comment_38272]
Will do!

26 Sep 2010 [comment_38284]
Bug/not done yet?: when I hit view my roadmap, I end up with an empty frame.

26 Sep 2010 [comment_38286]
Groovy! Then I can remove them from my own road map. (eg. Wizards Joining You)

26 Sep 2010 [comment_38296]
Actually, I can't see the mr4 roadmap either.

26 Sep 2010 [comment_38304]
Yeah, no roadmap works.

26 Sep 2010 [comment_38315]
Ok that's a bug - probably just missed a file somewhere. I'll sort it tomorrow.

26 Sep 2010 [comment_38322]
Can you see other people's roadmaps or is it personal?

26 Sep 2010 [comment_38323]
I think a link to a person's road map from their cv would be in order, if it doesn't already exist.

26 Sep 2010 [comment_38337]
Cool! I changed to show things newer than 1980 as new. As of now, they're have been...

4034 Contact messages
6348 Suggestions
124 changes to the roadmap.


26 Sep 2010 [comment_38339]
You can see others roadmaps if you open yours, then you will notice that the last parametre in the URL is who's roadmap you want to see, so just put someone elses name.

Of course, a link on the CV would be handier(and a real use for the CV!)

26 Sep 2010 [comment_38342]
Bug #2:Hit *In Roadmap* at the top of the page.

27 Sep 2010 [comment_38343]

27 Sep 2010 [comment_38377]
Ok, bug #2 is fixed.

Yes a link from the CV page would be in order.

In fact two things come from that - I also need to deal with the fact that everything works off username but 's username doesn't work. I'll have to start using id's or something.

The other thing is the CV should mention that you a road mapper, how many suggestions you've road mapped, how many done, merged etc.

27 Sep 2010 [comment_38395]
In the add to road-map, there are things in the removed that are also in the added section. Is that the way it's supposed to be?

♪ ninja edit: makes sense to me; someone added a suggestion, then decided they didn't want to do it after all. Those are both valid changes to the roadmap(s), I think.

27 Sep 2010 [comment_38396]
*vouch for f123979 to have approver status*

28 Sep 2010 [comment_38398]
Yes, indeed.

28 Sep 2010 [comment_38410]
For any given person, it should only show the latest change. So if I remove something and then add it again, it will only show the added.

I think what you saw was adding things and me removing them. (They had been assigned to me automatically but really, was the one who worked on them.)

You probably won't see too much of that though.

29 Sep 2010 [comment_38468]
Am I correct in thinking I should find the suggestions for that bit of music and the flamethrower lizardman I did way back and mark them as done?

29 Sep 2010 [comment_38470]

29 Sep 2010 [comment_38472]
Indeed you would be correct in thinking that.

30 Sep 2010 [comment_38502]
Yes, indeed. I just love that word.

30 Sep 2010 [comment_38521]
Oh, indeed?

30 Sep 2010 [comment_38527]
Indeed, and to that I concur! (Another fun word)

1 Oct 2010 [comment_38541]
Concuring and indeeding. Lol.

1 Oct 2010 [comment_38557]
I personally like "persnickety".

1 Oct 2010 [comment_38560]
@Hobbes, XD - agreed.

1 Oct 2010 [comment_38565]
And Perplexing!

And Blubber!

And Nitwit!

1 Oct 2010 [comment_38569]

Personally, I like "turtles".

...what? I just stated a word I like. *ahem* *cough* *cough*

1 Oct 2010 [comment_38575]
I believe I can take the cake...


1 Oct 2010 [comment_38585]
Ooh, that's a good one.

But what about scalawag?

And perpendicular?

1 Oct 2010 [comment_38587]
frutescent and binoternary.


2 Oct 2010 [comment_38599]
Gnorthanium. Yeah, the element named after him. Came to my mind and liked to say it.

2 Oct 2010 [comment_38607]
All great words!

I am utterly dyspeptic that I can't think of any myself!

25 Oct 2010 [comment_39732]
May I please have this ability?

2 Nov 2010 [comment_39921]
You already have it! In the green box with Your Options you should see one at the bottom called 'Add To Road Map'.

Click this on any suggestion to add it to your personal road map.

The combination of all our personal road maps makes up the overall road map.

3 Nov 2010 [comment_39927]
Oh. I really have to get my eyes checked some day.

3 Nov 2010 [comment_39930]
No worries.






4 Nov 2010 [comment_39949]
O.... P?

I must be blind...

5 Nov 2010 [comment_39975]



5 Nov 2010 [comment_39976]
What am I missing?

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