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By: Hobbes on 10 Apr 2009
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Spam/fight zone

Hey peoples I just thought I'd make this for anyone who wants to have spam wars (you know like "I push you into lava" and "Well I save myself from the lava and toast you with my laser blaster"). Please use this instead of other peoples suggestions.

Thank you.
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9 Nov 2013 [comment_44043]
Seems like mari0 is pretty new - I think I've seen it somewhere before, though..

Downloading and going to give it a try later tonight :D

12 Nov 2013 [comment_44049]
Cool! Thanks for the tips. I found the amiga emu isn't actually saving the savestates to the card. Can't figure out why atm.

Wesnoth is one of my favorites, will definitely be putting that on. Also frogatto looks good, i tried playing that a while back on the desktop but kept crashing.

I noticed code::blocks is available have you tried doing a dev work on it yet?

12 Nov 2013 [comment_44051]
Nah, I had already stopped deving in Java when the support came for the package, and it doesn't have a Scala interpreter either (which we use for school stuff atm). But I hear that a lot of the Pandora's software is actually developed, compiled and packaged directly on the machine :D

Mari0 was a neat-looking game, but kinda slow. I dunno, I didn't like it quite as much as I thought I would have - the multiplayer probably is a blast though. Not Tetris 2 is a completely different story though - it got me instantly hooked! Amazingly simple and good game right there - I even started to practice normal tetris for a bit because of it. (got 150 line standard mode in under 10 minutes in Tetris Party, not that bad)

I again highly recommend Masters of Ur-Quan - I think there was an open source clone, probably easy enough to find with a search on the repo. Wesnoth kind of plays poorly (playable though) on my unit, but I'd imagine that some of the newer versions are better - and if you have the unit with 512MB RAM, that helps a lot I hear. Speaking of which, Pandora System Info is very nifty, it shows extremely detailed (and more or less useful!) stuff about your system.

13 Nov 2013 [comment_44052]
I have 256mb ram i checked that from the command line when i first got the unit. Will check out masters of ur quan too when i get the chance. Am up against it at the moment with a college deadline.

14 Nov 2013 [comment_44053]
I have lost all mental power to think about what you people are talking about...

(I have no idea what any of this stuff means)

14 Nov 2013 [comment_44054]
I have so many deadlines.. ..And I still keep on playing games a lot. T__T Oh well, it will surely turn out alright.. :)

Yeah, tech lingo can get kind of difficult to follow.. Once I was like, talking to my aunts and one asked about what langauge I program in, and then the other was like "what? Like the teacher talks in Scala?" And I was so close to bursting with laughter that whoa.

Merlin1234, what have you been up to lately? Like, most of the people who visit the suggestions are fairly tech oriented in one way or another, so what kind of stuff interests you? :)

By the way, I'll be streaming a speedrun of Ocarina of Time Friday, on 6pm-9pm (GMT). Be there or be [____]! (actually it may be hard to follow if you've never played the game, but I will be doing a bunch of glitches and stuff anyway)

15 Nov 2013 [comment_44055]
Well I'm not completely dead in the water for this stuff but its not too fun for me. I do enjoy writing and making All sorts of levels almost any game with a level editor I will play, Not going down that rabbit path though.

As for what I've been doing lately mostly school related things.

15 Nov 2013 [comment_44056]
I feel that Merlin's editor is pretty neat, yeah. How come none of your maps are in Created? I recall you posting at least one or two in the suggestions..

16 Nov 2013 [comment_44057]
I think I posted 3 maybe 4? and as for why there not in created I have no idea but I don't really care all too much,speaking of making merlin maps I'm currently using merlin open to make a flurry of maps starting small getting bigger and I now make my own cut scenes for my maps.
The biggest one will (hopefully) have 324 rooms its own big cut scenes and a couple in game cut scenes, I love level editors :D.

17 Nov 2013 [comment_44058]
324 rooms? Whoa.. That's huge! Don't push yourself too much - releasing something someday is way better than not releasing anything at all :D From a design perspective, it might be better to do fewer rooms but with more thought put into each one.. Otherwise it may introduce clutter or be too long to keep players interested. But, you know, if you can keep the map interesting for 324 rooms, no reason not to go for it :P

I'm almost Finland's top ten in Smash! I'll show them all in the next tournament.. :D Had a fun weekend again, and procrastinated way too much while at it too. ^^;

17 Nov 2013 [comment_44059]
324 may decrease to 288 simply because 324 rooms kind of conflicts with some of the monsters, and I'm perfectly capable of doing one full room in about a minute so its not really a challenge besides I love level editors I could spend hours in them creatively creating levels :P (but there's something called life) right now I have maybe 3 levels complete out of 6 the first 4 are just warm ups for me to make so that I don't make sloppy levels on my big one (witch I going to be a 2 parted one, one part will have 144 rooms the other either 324 or 288 I'm not sure yet I just really want to make a bigger map than Very_big_map so that's something else, I always must make maps to outdo myself.

18 Nov 2013 [comment_44060]
Well, I suppose you can get good at something like creating custom levels, too! It takes me around three minutes or more to create a single screen lol.

I generally like level editors a lot, but I always end up lacking ideas or trying to create something too large. Just look at team battles, for example - the core idea is alright, but the background and map layout is just way too plain. If I were to do it again now, I would totally make a smaller map that is more engaging. A huge contrast to Castle Infiltration - although that's way too hard for most players lol (I don't think I've cleared it more than once myself either, and I know where to go).

18 Nov 2013 [comment_44061]
i dont know why i didn't include your maps. i just grabbed whichever ones seemed to work a put them up. either i didnt test them or i had problems with them. the majority of maps i tested had problems. but there was an issue with one of the tilesets which is now fixed. will come back to this whenever i next get a chance. sorry for bad typing writing his on boxee :)

18 Nov 2013 [comment_44062]
(SPOILER ALERT) the first four maps are : goblin wars, skeleton wars, orc wars and wizard wars you get all the spells and potions from the previous ones so you'll probably have 3 or 4 spells and 12 or 15 potions of each kind I'm very exited for this!

18 Nov 2013 [comment_44063]
Sounds great! Let me know when they are ready.

19 Nov 2013 [comment_44064]
Ok when they're ready I'm going to put all the files including there cut scenes into .zip and throw onto media-fire for anyone who wants to download them!

19 Nov 2013 [comment_44065]
Sounds great, I'll be waiting for that! :)

Have you been working on them slowly all this time, or do you sometimes work on the maps and sometimes not, like me?

19 Nov 2013 [comment_44066]
I started 4 days ago and now have hmm

Goblin wars and skeleton wars finished!

id say orc wars I have around 40% done
( a rough estimate)

(if there was no copy paste tool I'd probably still be working on skeleton wars)

And there's going to be 1 bonus map!

another thing worth saying is the "Wars"
maps don't stay strictly to the monster in the name.

20 Nov 2013 [comment_44067]
Do you think that there's something that could be improved in the editor itself? I don't really know about features missing apart from the screen edge indication thingy, it works pretty well and all, and the grabbing tool is a blast. In my opinion, it's adequate for doing MR maps, but I don't really make stuff with level editors in general so I might just expect less.

I mean, like yeah, I like level editors a lot, but I always drain all my ideas fairly quick after starting, and always end up aiming much higher than I have resources for :P

What a good parody about a show decipting a childrens card game!

20 Nov 2013 [comment_44068]
A couple things could be that the sumo guys from MR2 re implemented because for some reason in one version I made a map and I placed some of those guy down and I can play that map with the newer merlin open and the sumos are still there but I can't place them in the editor.
Furthermore in the merlin evolution game the orange evil wizard works but in merlin open he doesn't work.
Other than that not much to say really.

20 Nov 2013 [comment_44069]
Oh yeah, the sumo guys are also way too underpowered - they almost one-hit-waste in MR2 and can't do [cream cake] in Open unless they hit you pixel perfectly - which doesn't happen. Yeah, there are a couple of oddities with some tile sets I think.. I think that it's like, when you make a map there will be info about which version of the tiles you used to create it, so when Open is updated you can't use the new tiles in that map.

21 Nov 2013 [comment_44070]
Yes the oddities in tile set were introduced sometime in the past but from now on i will make efforts to keep everything compatible with the mr open tileset.

Eventually i want to replace the tilesets completey with a tile database and an online map editor. But that wont be for a good while yet!

22 Nov 2013 [comment_44071]
ok even if it takes a long time I will stay loyal to TMB HONOR OR DEATH ok not really but I'm staying here a while.

24 Nov 2013 [comment_44072]
I'm kind of at crossroads about what to do. On one hand, I'd love to improve at playing games and I have the feeling that later on I might not have time for such engaging hobbies any more.. Then again, I have some ambitions regarding work life and want to complete my studies succesfully. I don't really want to give any less time to either, yet I feel like I should concentrate on my studies a bit more. My extra time is very scarce.

Overall, I don't know what to do. Kinda, if I complete my studies half a year faster than I would if I started doing "irrelevant" things right now, I would be presented by the option of taking a half-year holiday. I don't really want to limit the options my future self would have by being selfish right now. But then again, things can change a lot between now and when I'm graduating in five years.

Any insight or thoughts?

27 Nov 2013 [comment_44073]
This week's programming excercise.. Was a text adventure game! It's completely fabulous 8) It's made in Scala, so it's not nearly as portable, flexible or usable as Java applications, unfortunately. :|

But at least it's fabulous! :D

27 Nov 2013 [comment_44074]
I dont know if this helps but my prioties go like this
1 family (i have a little girl)
2 work
3 studies
4 the metal box
5 other personal projects

So you can see why not much gets done around here:) it works out that i get a few hours a week to do college or tmb, but not both so i can only do tmb during college holidays.

28 Nov 2013 [comment_44075]
ok look I don't have any problems waiting I know family and work etc. should come first before games and such just take your time.

29 Nov 2013 [comment_44076]
Thanks for you both for the help. Thing is, I'm not just some random guy playing the shooter of the year on his free time, I attend tournaments regularly on several games and my placements are rapidly improving on the competetive scale. I'd like to keep that up, since I really really really enjoy playing games.

Just not to the point where I'd want to try and make playing my profession, since that would still require being on "the next level". I also really really like programming and computer science in general, so eh. It's not that difficult to combine the two (being top ten in multiple big-name games might look good on my CV later on if presented right), but admittedly studying programming itself will make me better at programming faster than studying games.

Currently I'm trying to justify the current situation: I'm getting a lot of (well, more like enough) courses done, and I'm not overstressing myself while giving all my free time to improving at my hobbies either. Overall it looks.. Well, it looks fine. It looks good enough, better than most for sure. I think I could do even better with my studies, though.

See, in my opinion, time pretty much equals money. Right, since we are selling it to employers. So logically, the more money you have (or rather, the less you can spend), the more time you can afford to use yourself instead of being at work. Now, the question remains: What is the best use for that extra time, affordable by having extra money? That varies a lot, but as Steve pointed out, to him family is more important than other important things. To me, helping people in dire need of various resources is the important thing.

So here I am, using my precious time for something that ultimately won't be quite as beneficial for using time towards the most important thing to me. You know, as beneficial as actually studying more or doing part-time work or something else more beneficial than getting really awesome at playing games.

Playing games well has its perks for sure and enables me to do a lot of things I couldn't otherwise (some of which are useful in the long run, some of which aren't). But overall, even though I have a lot of reasons not to do it quite as much..It's difficult to choose to tilt the management of my time in one way or the other, due to it being kinda justified as well.

....I got quite a bit derailed there, but eh, posting my thoughts on the subject probably won't hurt. Who knows, maybe it might actually benefit either of you.

1 Dec 2013 [comment_44077]
Well having read all that I think you've got it right. We both need to be sensible and make sure the important stuff gets done. But after that I think it's the fun stuff, or the stuff you're passionate about that makes it worth doing the important stuff in the first place.

2 Dec 2013 [comment_44078]
You should also consider that completely devoting your time to "less fun" activities such as classes can be quite draining on a person. We need that fun "me time", at least occasionally.

2 Dec 2013 [comment_44079]
How is your little girl doing by the way?

2 Dec 2013 [comment_44080]
On another note, I haven't been on for awhile, so I guess that means I'm back.

2 Dec 2013 [comment_44081]
Oh hello there, how are you two doing? :)

7 Dec 2013 [comment_44082]
She is 19 months old and super-cute! But I won't talk about her too much on the web. I want to leave it up to her to create her online presence.

9 Dec 2013 [comment_44083]
speaking of important stuff a few short delays in the maps I'm making because my father came back for about 10 days or so. but now he's gone again so starting work on the maps again.

9 Dec 2013 [comment_44084]
Well then, I ditched both schoolwork and games for something even better: Making new contacts while learning languages.

Lang-8 is an excellent service for anyone who wants to improve their skills in another language and meet new people. The basic idea is that you post texts, and then native speakers will correct all the mistakes. I can recommend it, since this kind of thing is a problem with learning many languages. Well, you know, apart from taking potentially expensive and time-consuming classes that may or may not be suitable for you.

Not to mention the whole aspect of making new contacts. So far I've met over a dozen interesting people from all walks of life who want to teach me their language, if in exchange I correct their mistakes with Finnish. What a wonderful system!

9 Dec 2013 [comment_44085]
Now that I've held my marketing speech - I find it to be a very good idea to leave children to create their own online presence. It's not something I think about often, since, well, it's not currently relevant to me, but it's definitely something that many teens have been somewhat put off by. Many parents write or post photos of various things online that their children would not want.

My feelings towards that are made even stronger because of Facebook and similar products being way too centralizing in my opinion. The positive things are far outshadowed by the negative effects.

9 Dec 2013 [comment_44086]
ok well news somebody put orc wars.txt into recycle bin and I was cleaning up old files and didn't notice orc wars until it was too late to recover. so orc wars is being replaced with another bonus map that I made awhile back.

10 Dec 2013 [comment_44087]
Whoops never mind I found a backup of the file but I'm still going to include the other bonus map

10 Dec 2013 [comment_44088]
Oh wow, thank goodness that you had a backup!

By the way, I was wondering about since Goblin and Skeleton wars have been finished, why don't you post them up on the suggestion database? That way you could get feedback and improvement ideas for the remaining maps :)

10 Dec 2013 [comment_44089]
Maybe I'll have to think about that one but you see I've already had some feedback from previous maps,so mostly I know what I'm doing but I will think about it.

11 Dec 2013 [comment_44090]
Me and Steve are both game designers, so you might be able to get more exhaustive and critical feedback from here. But if you feel that things are already progressing well, go ahead and don't worry about it! :)

12 Dec 2013 [comment_44091]
@merlin1234 I am off work from next week (16th) so I will have time before christmas to put these maps into the MR created bit if you would like that.

Just email them to me or upload them to a hosting site and post a link. If you've added any extra tiles please include those too. It would make a good Christmas present for the TMB community :)

12 Dec 2013 [comment_44092]
I'm doing pretty well.
I got iced in at my brother's house a day after I posted here so that would be the reason for the delayed response.

I've been looking at getting into some basic programming does anyone know a good starting point?

I can both appreciate and understand leaving her online presence up to her. That being said, I'm glad she's doing well.

13 Dec 2013 [comment_44093]
Introduction to programming - many tutorials can be found on pretty much every language. What kind of things would you like to do? I suppose a decent general-purpose language would be Java, but there are many alternatives. There are others that can be easier to use or can be easier to get into. Do you have an idea on what you'd like to learn for in the long run? (to make games, for example) Some languages are better than others for different purposes.

As for learning material, I'll leave the googling up to you. It shouldn't be too difficult to find introductory courses or tutorials from the internet.

18 Dec 2013 [comment_44094]
Thanks Hobbes. Assuming you really did mean basic programming and not BASIC programming I was introduced to a really good site - coding academy
it really well done, I have done a few of the php lessons just to make sure the advice is good.

I gave some thought to what language would be a good one to start with a while ago. I think either javascript or python. JavaScript because it very easy to get started with (Firefox, Chrome or IE have JS debuggers built in) and it's very widely used and growing (see node js, backbone js).

python is also gaining popularity and has (in my opinion) a much nicer syntax than JavaScript, which should be easier to learn. One of my colleagues recently got a new job doing python so the work is out there for it too.

As a dark horse, PHP is also easy to get started with and you can (eventually) learn all of the latest Object Oriented techniques and once you've mastered PHP, Java is an easier transition to make (the two have a lot in common). The main limitation with PHP is that it is only used on the server and you can't really write games in it. (It IS technically possible, but it's really not a choice most people would make.)

19 Dec 2013 [comment_44095]
Thanks guys, I'm currently checking out JavaScript on codeacademy, I like it so far.
The format of the site feels really nice and makes it easy to focus.

I'm interested in seeing how much I can learn from it.

25 Dec 2013 [comment_44096]
Merry Christmas to all of you folks here!

...Although I believe that there was extensive discussion about the religious aspects in a particular suggestion, I'd like to ask another related thing here. I'll start with my thoughts about the subject, though.

Personally, I find it mainly ridiculous - not that I'm into parties or festivities that much anyway. People seem to generally be all about giving and positiveness during the time, but then spend potentially hundreds of dollars on things that doesn't really even matter. Kids don't generally feel excited about those things after a few days either.

I find the plain notion of shops preparing for December half a year early just outrageous - are people really that poor with financing? Many people complain about loans or rising prices or whatever, and fail to see that there are alternatives. I bet some people out there are actually increasing their loan just to purchase stuff - yes, stuff, not things. It's not all bad, of course, but the average person seems to really go against all rationality during this time of the year. Why worry about finance at all, if you're so inclined to throw all practices and thinking outside anyway?

I was also asked to come to a Christmas church (Evangelical-Lutheran; part of Christianity) with the family this time. I was slightly reluctant, but agreed - it might be interesting to see the service, after all. I won't go into details here, but the general message (apart from the things related to Jesus' birth) was to help others in need. To part from your own wealth in order to let others get access to a basic level of living. I think that this is a wonderful ideology to apply in general - the Bible does have many interesting ideologies overall, in my opinion.

Thing is, I bet 95% of the attendees forgot all that right away or within a day at the latest. I feel like most of the visitors were Christian families coming to the church because they felt obliged enough to celebrate the religional part of Christmas and wanted to immerse their kids as well. It would be natural to assume that nearly all those families had to hurry in order to prepare food for the huge, customary dinner and the giving of gifts wrapped in expensive, unecological and quickly disposed paper. I don't think that most of these people would spontaneously feel like parting with their wealth on any other week of the year. Heck, I don't think that most of these people would spontaneously feel like helping others in any way at all, if it requires to get up and do something.

That brings the question of "what is it that drives these people to throw their hard work's fruits away so quickly just to get things that have very little value and bring little happiness compared to their price?" to my mind, every single December. No, I didn't purchase gifts - I prefer to give something more important.

So, how do you feel about the amount of commercialism Christmas comes with nowadays? Did you purchase gifts to anyone?

25 Dec 2013 [comment_44097]
Speaking of throwing away money someone bought me a new laptop I'm using it to type this now!

26 Dec 2013 [comment_44098]
Whoa, I'm typing this on my laptop as well! High five!

Recently, I've been into video chatting with foreign people to learn their languages. It's interesting and gives some chance to widen the world :)

26 Dec 2013 [comment_44099]
BTW, weird bug with the website: When I log in, a new comment, cool, I click to show it, it works fine, I click the suggestion and respond, it works fine, but then I click to go "Back to list" and it suddenly orders them in completely messed up ways. There are some suggestions from 2007 with comments from 2008 on top. The URL is, as far as I can see with a quick look, fine - it has both orderby=commentrecent and start=0.

4 Jan 2014 [comment_44100]
Okay sounds weird, but ~:HAPPY NEW-YEARS!!!:~
It's been another long year but a good one, well my Merlin maps have had basically 0 % done on them since around my father came back so no real progress there but anyways Hope you had a good Christmas/Whatever you may celebrate around that time, Because the odds are I'm not going to be online when you read this bub-buy

4 Jan 2014 [comment_44101]
Happy New Year to you as well! Let's make this one better than the last!

4 Jan 2014 [comment_44102]
Happy new year to you too! This year is going to be my most hectic yet. But I'm hoping things will start to ease off around mid 2015 lol :)

18 Jan 2014 [comment_44105]
Because of very busy thing going on i still have had no time to work on the Merlin open maps So still Nothing has been done.

20 Jan 2014 [comment_44106]
Feel free to do things at your own pace - that's what everyone does here, after all.

And arguably, little gets done. Then again, you know, at least people aren't stressing about making MR8 the bestest game ever.

23 Jan 2014 [comment_44108]
MR8 will be occulus rift compatible :)

Hmmm probably should have saved that for april1st

23 Jan 2014 [comment_44109]
What will MR10 contain then? A detailed simulation of the universe?

Oh yeah, I wrote a blog post related to competitive gaming, in English. It's more or less some of the same stuff I've posted here every now and then, but, well, if you're interested, have a look. It's split into two parts. The header image of the second one took a loooong time to clean up lol - thanks to Paint being crap post-XP.

24 Jan 2014 [comment_44110]
Very interesting read!

25 Jan 2014 [comment_44111]
I think it's fair to say that even if you are not the best smash player in the world, you are most likely the best mr player in the world. I have ideas about adding speed run timings to the maps.

26 Jan 2014 [comment_44112]
I don't think I'd be the best MR player in the world right now, I haven't played the actual games in the series in a loong time, it has probably been years since I cleared MR3. Even when I made strats for MR2 I didn't get to the top of Scoring, and most of those ridiculously difficult maps in Open I barely had cleared once or twice.

Speed run timing would be very interesting - especially since this game is non-linear and the best route is by no means trivial. If you decide to implement a system for it, make sure to make it use real time timing (the so-called "real time attack" speedrunning). Time should run even when the game is paused etc - that's a common flaw in many games' timers. Basically, a real-time timer from hitting "start game" until the objective that triggers the end cutscene is clear should work fine. Leaderboards...!?

27 Jan 2014 [comment_44113]
MR Created with speedrun leaderboards on all maps... That would be very, very sweet. It would surely spark a lot of interest towards the game, and then players could brag about being better than people they don't even know!

3 Feb 2014 [comment_44114]
So, er, with the more recent versions of Chrome, whenever I try to play a shockwave game, it just offers to download the .dcr file. Any idea on what could be going on?

4 Feb 2014 [comment_44115]
Sounds like it doesn't support the plug in any longer. Sad but inevitable. I installed unity the other day. It's like a more modern version of director. You can use it to publish to the web, but it only supports windows and mac that way. Looked pretty good for doing offline games and maybe mobile, but for web, I still don't think you can beat JavaScript .

5 Feb 2014 [comment_44116]
In my opinion, HTML5 > JS for games generally. I've seen much smoother solutions in general using it - not that I know about the advantages or disadvantages, though.

After checking around, it looks like the Shockwave plugin has completely disappeared - probably due to Chrome's Flash change which modified the working directories in AppData (on Windows). I'll have a look after downloading it again; from what I think, it should work.

5 Feb 2014 [comment_44117]
Ooookay...? I installed Shockwave, and chrome doesn't offer to download the files anymore - instead, nothing happens! The plugin also doesn't appear in my plugin settings, which is doubly weird. I killed a process that offered to install Norton while installing Shockwave (ewwww so proprietary), but it appears that the shockwave installer did install all the related files.

For now, it seems like declining from Norton (although, with a process kill) didn't allow me to install Shockwave properly, but I'm kind of unsure about whether I want to try again very soon :P

5 Feb 2014 [comment_44118]
When I say JavaScript I mean using the canvas element. Is that what you mean by html5? Although a guy I'm at college with swears that manipulating the DOM is faster than the canvas element which I find... Surprising, will have to look into that though.

For the shockwave issue I suggest using Firefox. Should still work there I hope.

5 Feb 2014 [comment_44119]
I should have switched out of Chrome a long time ago anyway - the thing with FF is just that it has been notoriously memory-heavy. I hope that that has changed though, or that there's a "light" version available.

I suppose I'll have a look at a browser switch.

10 Feb 2014 [comment_44120]
I need to get more active on here.

10 Feb 2014 [comment_44121]
Oh well, it happens to all great web pages, does it not?

But I think that we will rise again, eventually.

11 Feb 2014 [comment_44122]
I have "rise again" pencilled in for august 2015 :)

11 Feb 2014 [comment_44123]
I shall be waiting ever vigilant for August 2015, then!

And who knows what kind of revolutionising ideology your daughter might bring to MR10 in a couple of years!

16 Feb 2014 [comment_44124]
2015 bit far of dont you think?

16 Feb 2014 [comment_44125]
Yes but that's unfortunately when I next might start to get a decent amount of spare time. My MSc will be finished and my second child will be 1 and a bit. I will of course do what I can in the mean time.

It's a shame I can't program tmb on the odd 5 mins here and there like you can play clan wars. Anyone else playing that game?

19 Feb 2014 [comment_44126]
There's no way to shift those 5 minute breaks into single, larger ones? Not that I'm in a position to correct anyone regarding usage of time, but I honestly doubt that almost any person in the developed world is busy for the whole 16-ish hours they are awake, every day. I don't often feel like I have a lot of time, but even rough analysis shows that I do, in fact, use a lot of it on fairly meaningless things.

Of course, it's next to impossible to concentrate fully on doing things for the whole 16 hours of being awake. Working like a machine probably wouldn't be good on one's health in the long run either. Then again, as with money, there's a limited supply of time and it comes down to each person's choices as to what they decide to do with it.

As for clan wars, it looks like an interesting game. I haven't heard of it before this, though. It's still an interesting coincidence, since I have actually been playing a browser strategy game called Norron for a bit now. It's one of the rare genres that I couldn't find any decent games from, but Norron has restored a bit of my faith to them - the game design is very good for what it is.

20 Feb 2014 [comment_44127]
The master of wizards
At some point this became the chat suggeston.

Also sorry I don't come on much, I have this community that I am a part of on steam + university so it takes up a lot of time.

Also if any of you heard of the uber cheap humble bundle that too takes up time, ever since the origin bundle and the warner bros bundle I've had games to last for at least another year.

21 Feb 2014 [comment_44128]
Steam is an interesting phenomenon (I can't believe I didn't typo that word lol). I personally don't use it at all, and thus am every now and then interested in how much money people actually put there. It has affected the world of PC gaming sooo much during the last 10 years - I find that very fascinating.

21 Feb 2014 [comment_44129]
Yes of course steamos is big news and means it is becoming its own platform. I have been following it with interest and already disposed of my ps3 which will eventually be replaced with a steam box.

23 Feb 2014 [comment_44130]
Well! I'm heading for a month's trip to Japan tomorrow, so I suppose we'll see each other next time then. I was thinking about writing a blog or something, but it seems like I won't have the chance to do that properly.

Expect a huge post afterwards! Have a nice month, everyone!

23 Feb 2014 [comment_44131]
Wow! Cool! Have a great time in Japan. I am so jealous!
Tell us all about it when you get back.

25 Feb 2014 [comment_44132]
Aw i didn't get a chance to say bye before he left :/

26 Feb 2014 [comment_44133]
Well they have the internet in Japan, maybe he'll get a chance to log in and see your message.

4 Mar 2014 [comment_44134]
Indeed, Japan is not a place without Internet, even if I seldom get a chance to use it. Browsing the SDB is surprisingly nice on a Pandora! :)

Anyway, taking into account the small keyboard's downsides, this will only be a short summary, in the form of a single word best describing my experiences here so far:


Until next time, hopefully with more typing capability!

4 Mar 2014 [comment_44135]
Awesome! Great to hear from you!

Should be good on the pandora alright it's has a similar screen resolution and more power than the computer I designed the site on :)

7 Mar 2014 [comment_44136]
The master of wizards
Trust me I spend little to nothing on steam for things besides humble bundle and bundle of stars and those cheap things that take me forever to finish. For instance BF3 I haven't stopped playing since the bundle (yes it is origin but trying to make a point) and I don't really want anything else besides it.

9 Mar 2014 [comment_44137]
The only thing I have bought on steam is civ 5. But I'm not sure what pint you making tmow.

22 Mar 2014 [comment_44138]
Alright, I'm back at Winland!

The trip was eventful at the very least, and I now have more idea than ever about how to futher my aspirations. I'll probably start writing a blog about the trip itself, getting a domain and stuff while at it - because I think that it would be cool to reach out.

22 Mar 2014 [comment_44139]
Definitely! Glad you had a good trip. I'd be interested in reading the blog when it's up.

30 Mar 2014 [comment_44140]
Alright, I'm currently looking into making a website with Wordpress. Since my skills are (currently) poor with PHP at best, it might take a while to set up and stuff. However, I think that will be a much more suitable platform for a serious blog than using a locked down system with no control over the host. It will also enable me to monetise the webpage, which is something I'd like to look into.

It's also getting slightly delayed due to school work, but at least I'll see whether my interest is actually serious enough to require investing that much effort.

3 Apr 2014 [comment_44141]
Tried to purchase a couple of domains, but who ever would have thought that people ask ridiculous amounts of money for them.

I guess I'll have to make do with a longer name or just drop the website plan altogether.

8 Apr 2014 [comment_44142]
Yup, official Chrome download for Shockwave does not work. I'll send them a feedback about it, but seems like using Firefox to play MR is the best option.

Too bad Chrome is so popular.

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