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By: Hobbes on 10 Apr 2009
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Spam/fight zone

Hey peoples I just thought I'd make this for anyone who wants to have spam wars (you know like "I push you into lava" and "Well I save myself from the lava and toast you with my laser blaster"). Please use this instead of other peoples suggestions.

Thank you.
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23 Apr 2014 [comment_44160]
Good luck in your new job Hobbes! The 9-5 does take a bit of getting used to.

24 Apr 2014 [comment_44162]
From the sound of it, it's something I don't want to get used to! However, I feel like I have barely enough time for studies - even though I do a lot of stuff and procrastinate during "studying." Starting to worry about it a bit, I'll have to make some changes soon.

20 Jun 2014 [comment_44179]

21 Jun 2014 [comment_44180]
Hello. Long time no see, how are you?

21 Jun 2014 [comment_44181]
Hello, hello! Welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay!

So, how's it going? What brought you to visit this establishment today?

In other news - an excellent GBA Fire Emblem hack has been released after two years of waiting:

25 Jun 2014 [comment_44182]
Summer holidays at the moment, just relaxing with relatives in Russia. Visited the website just to see what was going on, good to see old faces.

26 Jun 2014 [comment_44183]
I've been enjoying my holidays as well - gotten decent at cooking, piano, running and the rubik's cube. The last one is actually surprisingly interesting.

29 Jun 2014 [comment_44184]
We've had some sun recently - a change is as good as a rest :)

7 Jul 2014 [comment_44186]
Well my CPU that i was working on all the maps and cut scenes burnt out entirely so lost all of that but am working on something entirely different with the Merlin open (Editing the codes of monsters to make the game more interesting) (EVERY SINGLE ONE) i have a good knowledge of Open's code but what does

damage speed ant stall speed do
i haven't figured that out...

9 Jul 2014 [comment_44188]
Sorry to hear about your CPU burn out. Good to hear from you though :)

Damage speed - when a character is thrown by a blast and then hits a tree or a rock or something they take damage. (Higher speed = more damage) but below a certain speed they don't take any damage (just like if you or I walk slowly into a (smooth) wall). Damage speed is the speed of movement above which the character will take collision damage. If damage speed is set lower than walk speed you get characters that can kill themselves by walking into things. Which is quite amusing.

Stall speed - when a character is thrown by a blast but does not collide with anything they slide to a halt. Once the speed of movement is below the stall speed the character is stopped, taken out of "reel" mode and back into "fight" mode. If the stall speed setting wasn't there the characters would just slide forever, albeit with glacial speed. Setting the stall speed high gives a character that is resistant to being blasted around the screen. Something I find very irritating! Gah!

9 Jul 2014 [comment_44191]
Thank you.

so much

14 Jul 2014 [comment_44216]
Hey everybody, I'm still alive.
Just dropping a comment to let you all know that I'm still here and whatnot.

In other notes, I'm currently in the process of building a new computer, so that should be fun.

14 Jul 2014 [comment_44217]
Ok good to see you

14 Jul 2014 [comment_44218]
good to see you Hobbes

8 Sep 2014 [comment_44309]
Well, it just so happens that I don't have enough funds to invest into entrepreneurism and studies continue. I think the next two weeks will be extremely hectic on my end, but I'm very excited on getting to fine-tune and update my maps after that, especially now that there is some actual statistical data available.

I guess I'll be around in two weeks, unless I decide on procrastinating through them! :)

11 Sep 2014 [comment_44310]
Thanks for the update - if it wasn't right to do the business then it wasn't. Good job on finding that out now rather than the seven years it took me to realise it. :)

15 Sep 2014 [comment_44311]
I'll still recommend the book four hour workweek to anyone who is intrigued by the title. :P

18 Sep 2014 [comment_44312]
Hewwo cuties ^.^

I've been doing pretty well lately~ I'm in university now, studying economics, which is going great so far :D

Wow, everything I ever did here as a kid is now rather supremely embarrassing...

Anyway, I'm still really immature and annoying :3

18 Sep 2014 [comment_44313]
Ok good to know!

20 Sep 2014 [comment_44314]

I've been stalking your ascends on AI:TG occasionally, it's pretty interesting :D

Good luck with your studies ^^

In other news, one of my fellow students recognized the name Merlin's Revenge - now if I only can get him interested :D

I also tried playing the Temple of Elemental Evil, one of the better Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 videogame; but alas, my attempts were foiled. Out of 11 tries, I only managed to get past the tutorial fight twice! Sounds like my type of game :P
Apparently the mystical space-age machine took us to a different planet entirely, seeing how this "Berlin" is inhabited by the Zoll people.

21 Sep 2014 [comment_44315]
After a bit of checking and readjustment, one of my maps is almost done, apart from some adjustment and balancing! It's not really my map, but you'll see that it's definitely interesting! Since the weekdays will probably be hectic enough, I'm looking forward to getting this released next weekend or the week after that.

I have a couple of other nearly-finished maps as well, but I doubt I'll get them done quite yet. Adjusting the difficulty of Descent into Darkness takes higher priority, seeing how most players can't get to even see the latter half of the map!

25 Sep 2014 [comment_44316]

How do you delete save data on Mr open so
when you die you go back to the beginning?

27 Sep 2014 [comment_44317]
There should be a prefs folder somewhere.

27 Sep 2014 [comment_44318]
OK Thanks.

28 Sep 2014 [comment_44319]
Merlin Created doesn't exist in the suggestion list :c

29 Sep 2014 [comment_44322]
you found it - merlin_c is merlin created

1 Oct 2014 [comment_44324]
I input it manually, it's not actually in the dropdown menus or suggestion filtering.

1 Oct 2014 [comment_44325]
Not that it matters too much, of course. It's not like people actually make suggestions here after all :D

I'm still kinda imagining a system where the website could parse through merlin_c suggestions and create a list of maps automatically or something, with the editors available online...

...But I suppose that won't be happening anytime soon, and it doesn't look like there will be dozens of new maps daily :)

Would you like it that way, though? Loads of user-made content and an automatic manager and stuff? I think that's how I imagined MR6/7 to be like back in the day :)

4 Oct 2014 [comment_44330]
Absolutely! That is exactly what I would like :)

6 Nov 2014 [comment_44347]
I'm back again, and I'll probably be lurking around from time to time. How is everyone?

6 Nov 2014 [comment_44348]
Yay! Welcome back! :D

I think most of us are doing well, if not a little busy. Unexpectedly, even I have stuff to do - perhaps this will open perspective to how grown-ups are constantly wishing for free time, eh?

I can highly recommend trying Merlin Created out - it's finally possible to play user-made maps online! <3

6 Nov 2014 [comment_44349]
I'm doing fine still making my maps one by one.

10 Nov 2014 [comment_44350]
Doing good too thanks Hobbes. Still wishing for free time! Glad you're back:)

25 Nov 2014 [comment_44351]
Anybody been busy recently?

30 Nov 2014 [comment_44352]
I've been busy with various school projects ;__;

Just finished up an RSS parser, and next up is a refactoring exercise... It's pretty interesting though :)

1 Dec 2014 [comment_44353]
Okay Did you all have a nice thanksgiving?

3 Dec 2014 [comment_44354]
Thanksgiving, in fact, doesn't really exist as a tradition here in Finland. Actually, as far as I know, it's only celebrated in the US and Canada. According to Wikipedia, the roots are in harvest festivals and the like...

...But we all know that like Christmas, it's not so much about the traditional stuff nowadays. Instead, it's a major opportunity for increasing sales, and seems like peoples' purses aren't quite tight enough to resist something like Black Friday :)

3 Dec 2014 [comment_44355]
yeah I thought about two minutes after I posted that 'I wish I said If you celebrate it'

Also Finland Explains why you posted Your comment the Third of December and its still the second for me :D

4 Dec 2014 [comment_44356]
Actually, the server time is adjusted to the UTC timezone. It's ahead of the US time by some 6-8 hours or so, but Finland's is still two hours ahead of that :)

Are you be looking forward to Christmas?

4 Dec 2014 [comment_44357]
Oh... That time explains so much :O

Anyways Christmas It's Okay,
I think most people get a bit too worked up about it though.

13 Dec 2014 [comment_44358]
I must be getting old. I find myself looking forward more to the family being around than the pressies these days.

Do you guys get the mad rush on certain toys in your counties too? You can't get a Ninky Nonk here in Ireland for love nor money lol

23 Dec 2014 [comment_44359]
Finland is small-ish (less than 6 million inhabitants!), so I don't think the craze would be so big... Turns out though, that most shops' shelves are currently completely empty and the lines in post offices for last-minute wellwishing are huge. Of course, it's nothing at all compared to waiting 3 hours for a rollercoaster ride in Japan, but like, normally people don't use the post offices around here at all - as expected, I suppose.

I'm understanding the "being with family" side more than ever myself, even though I still don't really consider it all that big of a deal. I guess people just aren't made for figuring the important things out before they're gone.

Barely passed all of my finals for the courses I left midway in spring, which is pretty neat. It came with the cost of having to do some network theory and digital media related exercises before the year ends, but overall I feel like this autumn went pretty well studying-wise. :)

Still going on with the debate of working early vs working later - my lifestyle is fairly frugal so studying seems kinda pointless career-wise at this point, compared to all the things I'd like to use more of my time on currently. But then again, I guess a degree is kind of like insurance for the future - you might never know when you'll need it but be glad you do (笑)

30 Dec 2014 [comment_44360]
I was pretty frugal as well when I was younger. Having kids in Ireland means I have about the same amount of disposable income now as when I was a student (virtually none lol). It's good to be able to get by on little cash because it frees you up to make choices based on other criteria.

As for the degree - it helps. It basically means you don't have to work as hard to convince an employer that you know what you're doing. That said, not having a degree can show that you're a self starter willing to learn things off your own initiative etc. So it really just depends how you spin it. I don't have a cs degree and I'm sort of proud to have got into the industry without one. I'd probably be higher up than I am if I done things in a more straightforward way but who wants to be straightforward?

1 Jan 2015 [comment_44361]
Happy New Year everyone!!

1 Jan 2015 [comment_44362]
Happy New Years To Everyone!

3 Jan 2015 [comment_44363]
Happy New Year!!! First log on of 2015

9 Jan 2015 [comment_44364]
Happy belated New Year from here too!

And as always, thanks to Super_merlin and Steve for updating the copyright notice... lol

Here's a great show about game design:

12 Jan 2015 [comment_44365]
cool video - this is definitely one area that MR has room for improvement

31 Jan 2015 [comment_44366]
Megaman4ever: Not a problem :)

I'm now a senior in high school, desperately waiting for April to tell me where I'll be going to college. I hope everyone's doing well.

31 Jan 2015 [comment_44367]
I just tried reading this thread from the top. I was definitely twelve years old, lol.

31 Jan 2015 [comment_44368]
I last attempted such a thing around a year ago... Truly a trial for one's sanity.

31 Jan 2015 [comment_44369]

1 Feb 2015 [comment_44371]
It's so cool to hear how the twelve year olds who played this game are now going to college. When I made the games I was 26-29 I think. I didn't actually intend them to be for "kids" I thought they would appeal to other people like me who were bored at work and wanted effectively an Amiga game in a browser. I guess they actually DID appeal to people like me just younger versions. I'Be just turned 40 this year, got a young family and a career that seems to be progressing nicely. But this site is always on the list to "return to when I get a chance".

1 Feb 2015 [comment_44372]
Back when sites like Bonus, sess and ArcadeTown were around, and Random Thoughts was still a big deal, the young "gaming generation" didn't have much of a choice on the internet, while at the same time the amount of games was often overwhelming. However, most free online games lacked quality or polish, and in such an enviroment MR1 really stood out in being novel and most importantly fun.

At least, that's the kind of impression I have. It's also very highly likely that I just didn't know where to look, but as I recall, back then homepages were all the rage and most of the current big communities were just starting out.

1 Feb 2015 [comment_44375]
That's my memory too. There was no Facebook or even MySpace back then. Online games tended to be quite limited and I reme thinking I wanted to make a "proper" game. However things have moved on a lot since then and the quality of modern online games is staggering to me.

1 Feb 2015 [comment_44376]
Especially with the advent of HTML5 and Unity, some really amazing things have been coming forth in the realm of online gaming, huh. The extent to which social gaming has grown into is also very commendable, even though they generally copy each other and often lack depth.

I recently checked out Ludum Dare, and was kinda surprised to find that many games are made using Game Maker. I recall that Yo Yo Games bought it, but looks like there's a possibility to compile Game Maker games into HTML5 now... Sounds pretty nifty. Sure, there are a bunch of game development libraries for traditional programming as well, but GM always astonished me with how powerful and quick to use its simple drag-and-drop design is.

1 Feb 2015 [comment_44377]
If I remember right, I was actually nine when I first stumbled on MR on Bonus. I failed miserably at the first one, but MR2 was absolutely fantastic. I waited until I got an email account when I entered sixth grade to make an account, but before then, I was always super excited to get to a computer after school each Friday to see the Big Friday Update.

2 Feb 2015 [comment_44378]
It's Fun to remember such times as those which have passed so quickly.

17 Feb 2015 [comment_44383]
> It's so cool to hear how the twelve year olds who played this game are now going to college

Graduating, actually!

... and I think I'm going to graduate twice this year, once from mechanical engineering for a BEng in june, then again in November with a BSc in Computer Science :)

23 Feb 2015 [comment_44388]
Fantastic!! Congratulations!!

24 Feb 2015 [comment_44390]
So there's actually been a bit of an update since then. I found out Wednesday that I've been advertised into none other than Harvard University, which is absolutely completely insane. I can definitely say that The Metal Box was really instrumental in exposing me to new ideas when I was that awkward little middle schooler. It was always a place to have fun but great conversations with fantastic people. I really do love this site.

6 Mar 2015 [comment_44393]
That's amazing! I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors!

Also... Hey everyone!

6 Mar 2015 [comment_44394]

18 Mar 2015 [comment_44396]
Omg !! That is just astounding! Brilliant! Amazing! Well done and congratulations!

Let us all know how it goes, what its like, when we can all come visit etc :)

18 Jun 2015 [comment_44417]
Although things are much more quiet these days, it still amazes me that the membership system and Suggestions DB have been around since 2004!

24 Jun 2015 [comment_44418]
Yes the time has flown. 11 years!

24 Jun 2015 [comment_44419]
Even now, it feels like a fairly modern system, the UI is clear and having plenty of features for managing the suggestions... I was always wondering what you used to create the SDB and the scaled-size "most popular" -icons on the front page? Parts of it seem to be php, at least.

10 Jul 2015 [comment_44420]
Wow! the comments though... March to June to July...

11 Jul 2015 [comment_44421]
I tend to check back almost daily, though! :)

12 Jul 2015 [comment_44422]
I check by at least monthly

22 Jul 2015 [comment_44423]
Yeah Sounds about right.

11 Aug 2015 [comment_44424]
I check whenever I can. It's been a while. Thanks for compliments on the UI (or "UX" as they're calling it these days).

Everything is done in PHP, html and css. There is not much javascript as it was to-be-avoided during most of the period this site was being made. lol seems funny to think that now.

So yes the scaling icons are done in php based on how many views each page has.

11 Aug 2015 [comment_44425]
Just upgraded to windows 10. Seems good so far anyone have any thoughts on it?

20 Aug 2015 [comment_44426]
After Windows 8 happened I haven't had any thoughts regarding Windows apart from "don't upgrade from seven" - what do you feel like are the major upsides?

...And I wonder whatever happened to Windows 9.

21 Aug 2015 [comment_44427]
I liked 8, and 10 seems fine.

The changes are all to things I dont really notice, considering I mostly am using my computer through a command line, sublime text, or chrome.

22 Aug 2015 [comment_44428]
I wouldn't say there are major upsides. It's just that the messiness of windows 8 feeling like two operating systems in conflict is gone. In other words it's more like windows 7 lol.

I still prefer Linux mint though. :)

26 Sep 2015 [comment_44431]
Through the past few years, I've sort of switched back to using Windows. I do miss Linux quite a bit, but the convenience of Windows became too tempting as I got busy. Also, my Surface Pro 3 is seriously the best college computer I can imagine. It's fantastic having a digitizer and stylus so that I can write and draw, while also having a keyboard to type.

4 Oct 2015 [comment_44432]
Hey everyone! It's been awhile.

I'm an Uncle now, and it's amazing! My older brother and sister-in-law had a little girl this August. They both work so I've been helping them take care of her for about a month now, it's so much fun!!

Anyway, I thought I'd pop in share that, and see how everyone else is doing.

15 Oct 2015 [comment_44433]
The cycle of life indeed is very amazing, to say the least!

15 Oct 2015 [comment_44434]
Well, I've recently contracted some lovely pneumonia. It's been less than pleasant, but on the plus side, it is making me miss my physics midterm. No complaints about that!

30 Oct 2015 [comment_44435]
pneumonia Hope you get past that soon.

And Whoa An Uncle you say Hobbes Cool!

10 Nov 2015 [comment_44436]
The master of wizards
Oh windows 10, I shall await the day I finally decide to download you (which will probably be the day before it starts to cost something). I see you are all in rather deep discussions, so pardon me simply dropping in unannounced. University tends to make me forget to say hello to the old chaps over here.

11 Nov 2015 [comment_44437]
It still blows my mind how a bunch of elementary school kids are suddenly all in universities or jobs. Or both.

11 Nov 2015 [comment_44438]
The master of wizards
I mean I was like 12 or 13 when I first joined this community.

Ah those were the days. Getting into fights with firestorm.

11 Nov 2015 [comment_44439]
"like i said i blocked up the hole to hell so im not in it and i made one underneath u so ur in spam hell and i closed it up"

- The master of wizards, 2009

Yeah those were the days.

11 Nov 2015 [comment_44440]
And like, who the heck goes along with a lame username like "megaman4ever", anyway?? :D

20 Nov 2015 [comment_44441]
The master of wizards
Yea, good ol twisted logic that didn't make any sense if you understood any actual logic.

23 Nov 2015 [comment_44442]
Congratulations on becoming an Uncle, Hobbes!

Thinking about getting an Apple Watch - any thoughts?

24 Nov 2015 [comment_44443]
Far too expensive for too little gain in terms of long-lasting happiness is my opinion regarding most Apple products. In five years, there will be all sorts of knock-offs anyway, and the price will be cut in roughly half.

Well, I'd say that being content or even thrilled about consumer tech that's considered outdated is much better in a lot of ways than purchasing every new widget that comes out.

25 Nov 2015 [comment_44444]
The master of wizards
Well at least those google glasses are not half bad.

Not that I am ever going to buy them unless required.

25 Nov 2015 [comment_44445]
That's the exact same stance I had toward Facebook back in 2011, but look at me now, checking my messages at least twice per day!

Maybe one day I'll even be supportive of Apple in terms of investing in their products. The notion feels laughable now, but I guess you never know.

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