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Site back up after downtime...

8th Jun 2010

So yeah, for those who noticed...the site's been down for a while. Back up again thanks to steve though, as you're obviously reading this. We're still alive, no one's going anywhere...simply put:

Disaster's over, everyone's alive, go back to using the site as you wish.

Will leave it to steve if he wants to clarify why it was down though.

Thank you and have a nice day,

(Yes, I'm still alive.)

New roadmap page

5th May 2010

The roadmap page now shows all roadmapped suggestions for all projects. Previously, it only showed roadmapped suggestions for MR4.

Clicking on the *In Roadmap* link will now also work for other games besides MR4.

Duplicate Comment Blocker now online

2nd May 2010

The suggestion page will now block you if you try to say the same thing twice on a suggestion. This should mean no more duplicate comments, but it may also mean using more variation in your speech if you genuinely want to say the same thing twice.

You'll know if the comment was blocked because you'll see a massive red box politely telling you so.

Indexed the tables!

2nd May 2010

I finally got around to adding indexes to the database tables! When I made the site I didn't know what indexes were or what they were for. Then I found out but I didn't want to mess with something that was already working. Then I DID want to mess with it, but didn't have time.

Finally got around to it this morning. What do they do?

Speed things up! You should find the website is a good bit snappier.

Duplicate Comments removed

1st May 2010

I uploaded and ran my duplicate comment remover script today.

It removed 61 duplicate comments on suggestions (not that many from nearly 32,000).

You can still post fresh dupes for the time being if you wish and I'll be able to remove them.

Suggestions of Comment Approvers Now Auto Approved.

10th Apr 2010

The title says it all really.

If you're a comment approver, your suggestions will also appear automatically.

Have fun!

Merlin Open 22 - Editable Data, Code, Shrouders Maps and more!

5th Apr 2010

Wow! There is a lot of new stuff in this latest MR.

First there are two new maps. They are polar opposites in their approach.

Scrub Fort from cjfcjfjc is all about the power of the c-blast you quickly become mega powerful and destroy screenfuls of enemies with ease.

Citadel from on the other hand gives you the heal blast and a few troops and pitches you against a fortress featuring never-before-seen background graphics (steps).

has also added more stuff for you to play with in the map editor there are Lizard Soldiers, Shrouders, Maxikits and more.

I have also been working hard. For the first time, you can now edit the programming and character data without needing director. A new folder called casts contains all the text members that would usually reside in those cast inside the .dir file.

To edit, you can simply open up the text file in gedit or notepad, edit and save.

When you next run merlin_open.exe it will automatically load in your changes and (fingers crossed) merge them seamlessly into the game.

I have only tested this on Ubuntu so if you get any problems please let me know.

Here's the direct link:

Any comments or bug reports, please post here:


Tightening up security

26th Mar 2010

If anything stops working, let me know.

Server Outage

21st Mar 2010

There was a server outage today. I dunno exactly what happened, but everything to do with lunarpages (the hosting company where this site is hosted) was down so I take it the problem was at their end.

Anyway everything seems to be back up and running now!


24th Feb 2010

Wow. I don't ever remember there being that many before!

Well done everybody!

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